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Michelle MacLellan

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Design Consultant

Michelle MacLellan

La-Z-Boy Kanata, Ontario Location

A graduate of the Algonquin College Interior Design program and has been in the furniture industry for over 30 years. She has worked for other prominent furniture stores such as  Van Leeuwen and Luxe Home Interiors.

Michelle has a well-trained eye for quality, craftsmanship, furnishings and textiles. She creates timeless interiors including living room, bedroom and custom dining.

Michelle has a passion for developing 3 D floor plans and help her clients visualize their dream rooms.  She loves creating timeless interiors that remain fresh year after year.

She brings a warm and engaging attitude to every assignment and encourages direction and input from her clients. Michelle pays close attention to details taking into account the unique needs and budget of her clients.



Questions & Answers with Michelle MacLellan


1. What are your tips for customers looking for a new furniture piece? 

Have a plan; furniture is an investment. Make sure the pieces you purchase are timeless anchor pieces. Buy the best quantity that fits your budget and offers you the comfort you need.


2. What is the design tip you just can’t stress enough? 

Determine your space’s primary function; this means it is essential to plan for the people and purpose before you even think about colour schemes, fabrics, and accessories. While these things are fun and exciting to put together, without understanding how the room will be used, there is no way to choose the right accents. Allowing form to follow the function results in a perfect room design.


3. How do you determine the right style for your customers? 

I ask lots of questions. I also want to see pictures of their dream room or spaces they love. This is a great way to see exactly what they like; a picture is worth a thousand words.


4. What is your favourite part of designing a client’s home? 

My favourite part of designing a client’s home is creating a functional floor plan and then adding all the layers to give it that WOW look.


5.Where do you go to find inspiration? 

I love looking through designer magazines to get inspiration. I also google images all the time.


6. Name one thing that is on your bucket list and tell us why?

To visit Newfoundland, I have travelled to every other province and Territory.


7. What made you choose a career in interior design? 

I always built Forts as a child; my mother’s living room was continually being transformed into some sort of Fort. I still love to be creative; Interior Design was a perfect fit.


8. What is a common question you get from customers regarding the design process? 

Clients always want instant solutions to their design dilemmas. I always say that I am more like percolating coffee than instant coffee; I need time to think and be creative. Designing is a process of asking questions and making decisions based on needs and wants.

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