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Questions about furniture? Read articles on everything you want to know about furniture, interior design and home décor. Watch the video to find out more!

8 Best Area Rug Stores in Ottawa & Kingston
July 1, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 6 Mins Have you ever looked at a room in your house and thought, “there’s something missing here but I can’t put my...
How Much Does a Sofa Bed Cost?
June 29, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 11 Mins Sofas are a great place to lay down for a short nap, but after a while, you might feel a little uncomfortable....
How to Furnish and Design a Sunroom: 9 Tips From a La-Z-Boy Designer
June 27, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 9 Mins Furnishing and designing a room can be a difficult task. In fact, unconventional rooms like sunrooms might be...
Review of La-Z-Boy's Rheeves High-Leg Recliner
June 24, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 8 Mins You know that saying, “always keep people on their toes”? Well, that's what La-Z-Boy does best with some of our...
Cost of an Accent Chair at La-Z-Boy
June 22, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 8 Mins Accent chairs are a great addition to any living room! In fact, according to Magaly del Castillo, an interior...
Top 7 Best La-Z-Boy Chairs for Back Pain
June 20, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 9 Mins Many individuals suffer from back pain. In Canada. In fact, the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) reported...
4 Common Problems with Sofa Beds at La-Z-Boy (& Solutions)
June 17, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 7 Mins Whether it’s your bed frame having a creaky sound every time you move, a desk drawer not opening all the way, or...
Review of the La-Z-Boy Kennedy Furniture Family: Chair, Loveseat, Sofa & Sectional
June 15, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 12 Mins In this day and age, it seems as though everyone is looking for the next best thing for living room furniture....
Review of the La-Z-Boy Soren Furniture Family: Recliner, Loveseat, Sofa & Sectional
June 13, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 10 Mins When shopping for furniture, people are either looking for something plain and simple or something that is out...
Cuddler vs. Chaise: A Comparison of Sectional Pieces
June 10, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 10 Mins When it comes to sectionals, they are the quintessential piece of furniture for anyone who loves to have large...

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