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Questions about furniture? Read articles on everything you want to know about furniture, interior design and home décor. Watch the video to find out more!

Top 5 Furniture Staff Picks at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston
February 16, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 5 Mins At La-Z-Boy, we value what our customers have to say about our furniture. It is so important to us we have a...
Where to Buy a Swivel Chair in Ottawa & Kingston
February 14, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 5 Mins Not to be confused with office swivel chairs, living room swivel chairs are a form of motion furniture that look...
Review of the La-Z-Boy Draper Furniture Family: Chair, Loveseat & Sofa
February 9, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 9 Mins Whether you love it or you hate it, leather furniture loves to attract attention. From top stitching to bold...
Bouclair vs. La-Z-Boy: A Comparison of Furniture Retailers
February 7, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 10 Mins Change is inevitable for everything. Sometimes you don’t even know change has happened until you look back on...
Review of La-Z-Boy’s Liam Furniture Family: Recliner, Loveseat & Sofa
February 2, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 11 Mins Out with the old, in with the new… at least, that’s how the saying goes. Although this can apply to physical...
Review of the La-Z-Boy Joel Furniture Family: Recliner, Loveseat, Sofa
January 31, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 10 Mins According to Nameberry, the popular baby name website, only one popular baby name in 2022 started with the...
8 Best Chairs at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston for Pregnant Women
January 26, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 8 Mins If you are someone reading this who is pregnant, congratulations! You are now one step closer to having a child....
What Are the Most Affordable Loveseats at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston?
January 24, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 8 Mins Sometimes, sofas can feel too large for a room, and chair & a halfs can feel too squished. The perfect...
IKEA vs. La-Z-Boy: A Comparison of Living Room Furniture Retailers
January 19, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 10 Mins When you look at your living room, what do you see? Do you see a temporary layout and style or something that...
Review of La-Z-Boy’s Fletcher High-Leg Recliner
January 17, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 7 Mins When choosing between stationary and reclining furniture, one may often find themselves torn between choosing...

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