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Questions about furniture? Read articles on everything you want to know about furniture, interior design and home décor. Watch the video to find out more!

Top 5 Home Nursery Ideas To Help You Create the Perfect Baby Room
June 15, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 6 Mins Having a baby is tough. I mean, everyone knows that… but something you might not be thinking about initially if...
Review of La-Z-Boy’s Jasper Recliner: Rocking & Wall Recliner
June 13, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 8 Mins For almost a century, La-Z-Boy has revolutionized the furniture industry with the invention of the reclining...
6 Tips On How to Design a Guest Room
June 8, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 7 Mins When furnishing a home, most of the time there will be a room that you have no idea what to do with. You’ve...
Does La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston Price Match?
June 6, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 3 Mins When shopping, we as individuals are always looking for the best deals. Since furniture shopping can be...
How Much Does a Loveseat Cost?
June 1, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 9 Mins When furnishing your living room, you want to ensure you get the right-sized furniture for your space. Sometimes...
The Pros and Cons of a 3-Piece Living Room Set
May 30, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 7 Mins Selecting new furniture can often be a daunting task, as the uncertainty of how each piece will fit in the room...
Best Furniture Frames For Families with Kids at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston
May 25, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 4 Mins Choosing furniture for a family can be challenging - it often feels like you have to sacrifice your personal...
Review of La-Z-Boy’s Clover Swivel Chair & a Half
May 23, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 7 Mins ***Please note that the Clover Swivel Chair is currently discontinued. If you like this review, take a look at...
Discover the Best Fabric for Your La-Z-Boy Furniture: A Complete Guide to Upholstery Grades
May 18, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 7 Mins Choosing the perfect furniture for your home involves more than just considering its shape and design – the...
Best Furniture Items to Sleep or Nap in at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston
May 16, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 8 Mins As you know, sleeping is a fundamental part of everyone’s daily routine. In fact, almost a third of our lives is...

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