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Loveseat vs. Sofa: Size, Cost, Function, & How to Choose

August 17, 2020

Loveseat vs. Sofa: Size, Cost, Function, & How to Choose

When furnishing a home, you are faced with a spectrum of choices. You must decide on a budget, a style, and finally, you must choose the furniture that will fill your space. 


More specifically, when furnishing a living room, homeowners often face the choice between a traditional sofa or a loveseat. While both options serve as a place to rest comfortably, there are actually some key differences that set these two pieces of furniture apart. 

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A sofa and a loveseat differ in size, cost, and purpose in the home.


Further, purchasing a loveseat can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to arranging your living room, especially when pairing both a loveseat and sofa together. 


This article will teach you everything you need to know about making the distinction between a loveseat and a sofa to help you choose the right fit for your home. 


In this comparison...


1. Size

2. Cost

3. Purpose/Function in the Home

4. How to Arrange a Loveseat in the Living Room

Loveseat furniture arrangment

Size of a Loveseat vs. Sofa


The most obvious difference between a loveseat and a sofa is the size! 


When it comes to size, a loveseat is true to its name: ‘loveseat’. It is a small, comfortable surface perfect for cuddling up with your loved ones. 


A standard loveseat at La-Z-Boy is made smaller than your average sofa and runs approximately 60 inches long. Meanwhile, a sofa is made much larger from 75 to 91 inches long.


It is always a good idea to measure your space in order to determine whether you have room for a loveseat or sofa. 



Loveseat MeasurementLoveseat Measurements 2

The most discernible way to differentiate a loveseat from a sofa would be the number of cushions. The number of cushions acts as a visual for where you can sit. 


With only 1-2 cushions, a loveseat is meant to sit one to two people. The size of each cushion may vary from loveseat to loveseat, but it is unlikely to find a loveseat with more than two full cushions. Ideally, a loveseat with two cushions should be able to sit two people comfortably. 

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Alternatively, a single-cushion loveseat acts more like a comfortable chair and a half for one; or a cozy spot for two. 


A sofa, on the other hand, is made larger than a loveseat with an average of 2-4 cushions. The cushions themselves are often larger in length and depth. With more cushions, a sofa is inviting for multiple people to rest and relax comfortably.


Keep in mind that a 2-seater sofa is not to be confused with a loveseat. A 2-seater sofa is no different from a regular sofa other than the fact that it features 2 seat cushions instead of three. 


Cost of a Loveseat vs. Sofa


When considering cost, loveseats and sofas are sold at quite similar price points. On average, a loveseat is sold for about $20 – $50 less than a relative sofa. 


At La-Z-Boy, a sofa ranges from $2,299 to $7,449 + depending on the type, features, and upgrades selected. Similarly, a loveseat at La-Z-Boy ranges from about $3,229 to $7,449+


*All La-Z-Boy prices listed in this article are subject to change. We aim to update all cost-related articles twice per year. This article was last updated in October 2022. Please visit and select an Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy store location to view the most up-to-date pricing. 


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While a sofa requires slightly more fabric and materials compared to a loveseat, the major cost component of both products is labour. It takes about the same amount of time to build a loveseat as it does a sofa. Therefore, the similarity in labour brings the cost of both products close to equal.  

For more information about sofa pricing, check out the article How Much Does a Sofa Cost?

Purpose / Function of a Loveseat vs. Sofa


Everyone knows what a sofa is for! It is for sprawling out and relaxing. 


A sofa is typically placed in a large space of the house such as the living room or basement. This is where you gather with multiple members of your family and friends. With several seats, a sofa can be used to lay down, relax, and watch movies. A large sofa can also be used to host multiple people at a get-together. 


A loveseat, on the other hand, has a slightly less traditional purpose in the home compared to a sofa. Believe it or not, a loveseat can actually serve multiple purposes in your home. 


“Always consider the loveseat when you are trying to add comfortable seating for the maximum number of friends in a small space. The fun-sized sofa can offer several advantages over its larger-sized sibling.” 

– Mary-Lee Smyth, Interior Designer at La-Z-Boy Kingston


Given that loveseats are made smaller, they are great for maximizing small spaces and still give off the feeling of a sofa. In fact, placing a loveseat in a small space can actually make a small room appear larger.

 For example, instead of putting a large sofa in a small apartment, it is often best to maximize the space by furnishing it with a compact loveseat. In this case, the loveseat serves the same purpose as a sofa but frees up more space in your home. 

A pull-out loveseat is also an awesome option in a multipurpose room, such as a den or guest room. You may not have enough space in your home to have a spare bedroom, but a pull-out loveseat offers the option of expanding into a bed when needed and takes up minimal space. When this loveseat isn’t being used for guests, it may be the perfect space to curl up with a coffee or a book.


Sleeper Loveseat


If your spare bedroom cannot accommodate a pull-out loveseat, you may consider a murphy bed instead. Check out the article Murphy Bed vs. Sofa Bed: a Detailed Comparison.

 Aside from a living room and den, you may be surprised to find that loveseats can serve a purpose in the kitchen as well! Instead of installing a stiff bench, you may consider placing a small loveseat under a window in your kitchen.
This loveseat can be a nice place for family or visitors to sit and keep you company while you prepare food in the kitchen. It may also be a cozy place to rest while browsing cookbooks or waiting for a timer to go off. 

Finally, a small loveseat can serve as a stylish and comfortable accent in a master bedroom. This may be placed near the dresser as a place to comfortably put on your socks, or placed by a window to rest and enjoy the view of your backyard.

Loveseat in Kitchen

If you have minimal space but would still prefer a traditional sofa over a loveseat, check out The Best La-Z-Boy Sofas for Small Spaces.

How to Arrange a Loveseat in a Living Room


We now know that a loveseat can serve a purpose in multiple areas of the home, but traditionally, a loveseat is meant for a living room. 


In the living room, the condensed size of a loveseat offers an array of possibilities for unique furniture arrangement and design. Moreover, when space allows for it, pairing a loveseat with a sofa can also enhance a living area.

Focal Point


It is helpful to consider a focal point when arranging a loveseat in a living area. It is aesthetically pleasing to place a loveseat facing a focal point such as a fireplace, window, or architectural feature. 


Placing a loveseat perpendicular to a fireplace is a great choice because it really highlights the cozy and intimate feel that a loveseat brings to the home. Alternatively, when using a window as the focal point, positioning two loveseats in an L shape can create an open feel and offer an unobstructed view to the outdoors. 


It is optimal to place the loveseat 10 ft. from the focal point. This allows enough space to move comfortably around the furniture.



Another great way to arrange loveseats in your home is by placing three loveseats in a U-shape. In this case, three two-seater loveseats can replace the practicality of a six-seater sofa or sectional.


By replacing a large loveseat with three small loveseats, you also create more seamless traffic flow in the living room as you can weave in and out of the furniture placement. Not to mention that the U-shape also brings a unique shape to the room. 


When bringing a sofa into the mix, the U-shape arrangement can be enhanced even further. You might consider creating an L-shape using a sofa and a loveseat. Then center a small accent table across from the couch followed by two small accent chairs to complete the U.

U-Shape U-Shape 2



A square seating arrangement is a great option when trying to create an intimate conversation space. 

Do so by placing a loveseat and sofa facing each other and pairing with two lounge chairs on either side to complete the square shape. A large, round ottoman fits nicely in the middle of this space as a centrepiece. The ottoman can serve as a comfortable place to place snacks or drinks while also being a convenient place to kick up your feet.

Square Shape

 Loveseat as an Accent Piece 


Finally, furnishing with a loveseat offers a great opportunity to bring an accent, pop of colour, or pattern into the room. 


A loveseat with a bright or patterned upholstery can bring a stylish element to the room without being too overpowering, as the surface area is small and confined. In comparison, a bright or patterned sofa might appear too loud and overpowering in a room.

What’s Next?


Now knowing the distinction between a loveseat and a sofa, it is time to unleash the possibilities of arranging both pieces in your home!


At La-Z-Boy, we offer a wide variety of power and stationary loveseats and sofas in multiple styles and textures. Further, everything at La-Z-Boy is customizable so you have the opportunity to create exactly the look you are going for in your home arrangement. Take advantage of our complimentary design services to ensure that the size and look of the loveseat or sofa you choose fit seamlessly into your home. 


Start shopping today and join us at one of our local Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy locations. You can also book an appointment in advance and meet with one of our personal consultants who will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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