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Questions about furniture? Read articles on everything you want to know about furniture, interior design and home décor. Watch the video to find out more!

Review of Canadel's Downtown Collection
March 25, 2022
  Est. Reading Time: 6 Mins When it comes to furnishing a house, everyone looks at what’s trending and what’s in style. From contemporary...
Review of Canadel's Gourmet Collection
March 21, 2022
  Est. Reading Time: 8 Mins Dining room furniture looks different all around the world. If you were to look at a European dining room...
Review of Canadel's East Side Collection
March 18, 2022
  Est. Reading Time: 6 Mins Everyone knows what a dining room looks like. There’s always a table, a chair, and maybe a buffet to add some...
Rocker Recliner vs. Glider Recliner: Similarities & Differences
March 14, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 7 Mins So you are in the market for a new recliner chair!  As you begin your search for the perfect chair, you will...
Tutorial of How to Use Canadel's Custom Dining UDesign Tool
March 11, 2022
  Est. Reading Time: 9 Mins The dining room is the most communal place to socialize in a house, besides the living room.  It’s the place...
Pantone Colour of the Year 2022
March 7, 2022
  Est. Reading Time: 7.5 Mins It seems that nowadays, everyone is looking for furniture from the same tired colour pallet. A lot of...
Is La-Z-Boy Furniture Toxic: Common Toxins in Furniture & How to Stay Safe
March 4, 2022
  Est. Reading Time: 11 mins For over 90 years, La-Z-Boy has been committed to creating high-quality, sustainable, and safe furniture,...
The Brick vs. La-Z-Boy: Accent Chairs
February 28, 2022
  Est. Reading Time: 9 mins When you think of a living room, what are the main pieces of furniture that you would find? People usually say...
How Much Does a Mattress Cost?
February 25, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 11 mins We don't think about it often, but mattresses are essential to our everyday lives. Providing the perfect amount...
Review of the La-Z-Boy Norris Furniture Family: Recliner, Loveseat, and Sofa
February 21, 2022
Est. Reading Time: 9 mins Looking for pieces of furniture that stand out from the rest of the crowd? The Norris Furniture Family might be...

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