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Five Best Selling La-Z-Boy Sofas in Ottawa

November 19, 2020

Five Best Selling La-Z-Boy Sofas in Ottawa/Kingston


No home is complete without the most comfortable sofa.  Whether your style is contemporary, sophisticated or all about home entertainment, the modern sofa you choose defines your space.


When shopping for sofas in Ottawa people often ask us, “What are your top-selling sofas?” Buying from furniture stores in Ottawa can be a significant investment. If your goal is to make your next purchase a staple in your home, you’ll want to make sure you make the right choice.

At La-Z-Boy Ottawa and Kingston, we’ve helped thousands of clients find the perfect sofa for their needs. Many La-Z-Boy sofas are available, but which one is right for you? To get you inspired we’ll review our top-selling La-Z-Boy sofas.


1. The Trouper Reclining Sofa

Top five La-Z-Boy Sofas

The first best-selling sofa on our list is the Trouper Reclining Sofa. With this La-Z-Boy leather sofa, you can easily turn casual evenings at home into cozy family nights with its comfortable seats.


The Trouper modern recliner sofa seats are sculpted bucket seats meaning you sink right into the cushions without worrying about feeling uncomfortable. The split back cushion provides soft support for your head, neck and lumbar, and the dual-sided reclining allows both the right and left arm seats to recline with a simple latch release.


You can adjust the back and chaise legrest for personalized reclining comfort, or lean back without raising your feet.


The Trouper is also available as a recliner, a loveseat and a sectional. You can learn more about the Trouper Sofa by checking out this article.


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2. The Piper Stationary Sofa


La-Z-Boy Sofa



The next modern sofa on our list is the Piper stationary sofa, being our top selling stationary sofa by a landslide. With casual comfort at its finest, this small sofa is clean, informal, and welcoming. With its optional pillow accents, contrasting welt trim and the option to add a chaise, you can make the Piper right for you however you choose.


The Piper is also known for being one of the best sofas for small spaces. You can learn more about Sofas for Small Spaces with this article.


The Piper is also available as a loveseat, a queen sleep sofa and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Piper Furniture Family by reading this article.

3. The Bexley Stationary Sofa

Top five La-z-Boy Sofas


The next sofa on this list is the Bexley stationary Sofa. The Bexley Sofa is designed for an easy mix-and-match ability. Whether you’re designing a whole new room, or adding a sofa to existing pieces, Bexley blends right in, with its clean, tailored lines and multiple sofa covers. Slightly flared, key-shaped arms frame its three roomy seats for a unique, yet uncomplicated silhouette.


The Bexley is also known to be well-used as a mid-century modern sofa. To learn more about Mid-Century Modern Sofas, take a look at this article.


The Bexley is also available as a loveseat and a sectional. You can learn more about the Bexley Sofa by reading this article.


4. The Paxton Stationary Sofa


La-Z-Boy Sofa

The next frame on our list of bestsellers is a 2-seater sofa. It’s the Paxton Stationary Sofa! With its sleek and casual look, this modern sofa is also known for being our best-selling sectional.
It has a combination of clean lines, wide track arms, welt trim and decorative low-profile wood legs that give it a transitional style. The Paxton is also known for its deep cushions, being the deepest and biggest cushions available on a La-Z-Boy sofa.
The T-shaped cushions are also unique, as there are only two of them involved in the construction of the piece. Normally La-Z-Boy sofas come in pairs of three cushions, meaning the Paxton shows off less but makes up for its lack of cushions with comfortability.
The Paxton is also available as a chair & a half, a loveseat, a sectional and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Paxton Furniture Family with this article.

5. The Laurel Stationary Sofa


La-Z-Boy Sofa



Last but not least on our best-selling list is the Laurel Sofa. Casual with a touch of traditional detailing, the modern sofa is the only sofa, other than the Paxton, to be a 2-seater sofa.


Decorative wood legs and slightly flared arms with welt trim add character to Laurel’s clean silhouette, while the button-tufted back cushions offer an elegant, eclectic and relaxed furniture frame.


The Laurel is also available as a chair & a half and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Laurel Furniture Family with this review article.


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The Meyer Sofa (Honourable mention)

Top five La-z-Boy Sofas

As an honourable mention, the Meyer sofa is considered a customer favourite, which is why it is considered on this list. With three deep seat cushions and an extra wide stance, this small sofa is comfortable enough for a crowd with a style that makes an impression.


Welt detailing enhances the crisp but casual look of Meyer’s box border seats and backs, as well as its updated track arms. Decorative wood legs add to its appeal. The Meyer is also a great leather sofa option, for anyone interested in leather.

The Meyer is also available as a chair, a loveseat, a sectional and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Meyer Sofa by checking out this article.

The Jay Reclining Sofa (Honourable mention)


La-Z-Boy Sofa


The Jay is another up-and-coming reclining sofa frame that has caught the eye of some customers. Being in the reclining family at La-Z-Boy for quite some time now, the Jay recliner has a unique stature in which the back of the arms is more curved than the front, making it a great choice for a recliner sofa for small spaces.


Known as a modern recliner sofa, complete with detailed flange stitching, gives Jay a casual look perfect for family-friendly rooms, while pillow-soft seats and chaise legrests are an inviting place to kick back and relax.


The Jay is also available as a rocking & wall recliner, and a reclining loveseat. You can learn more about the Jay Furniture Family with this review article.

Next Steps


Although these five sofas are our top sellers in our furniture stores in Ottawa, there are many other choices available. Have a look at our honourable mentions, the Meyer stationary sofa and the Jay reclining sofa. Whether you choose one of these couches or something completely different, you now know which sofas are our most popular.


La-Z-Boy has over 90 years of experience in furniture.  The quality and variety of La-Z-Boy sofas will ensure you find the perfect match for your needs. If you’re not sure which sofa is right for you visit us in-store in our furniture stores in Ottawa and Kingston or schedule a visit in advance and one of our design consultants will help fit you to your perfect sofa.


We know that functionality is essential in building a comfortable life, not just a stylish one. That is why we offer a complimentary in-home design service should you need help designing the room of your dreams!  


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