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Top 8 Leather Sofas at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

August 17, 2023

leather reclining sofa

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Are you interested in purchasing a furniture piece that you know will definitely last a long time? Trying to look for something that is easily timeless, authentic and luxurious? Well, leather might be your best shot.

Leather has stood the test of time while still being able to look stylish in most rooms. “It also has a luxurious feel and lasts much longer than fabric furniture,” explains Racha Pharaon, a design consultant at La-Z-Boy Kanata. 

In fact, genuine leather is able to last 5 times longer than fabric furniture, reducing the need to replace your furniture. 

At La-Z-Boy, our leather selections are made with authentic and synthetic materials to create a sustainable and reliable furniture piece. However, with so many selections to choose from, it might be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

To help you out, we will outline 8 of our best leather sofas at La-Z-Boy, with one half covering stationary and the other covering reclining pieces. 

In This Article…

  1. The Greyson Reclining Sofa
  2. The Trouper Reclining Sofa
  3. The Finley Reclining Sofa
  4. The Pinnacle Reclining Sofa
  5. The Paxton Sofa
  6. The Meyer Sofa
  7. The Draper Sofa
  8. The Mackenzie Sofa


1. The Greyson Reclining Sofa


Starting off with our leather recliner sofa selection is the Greyson. Described as the “Cadillac of furniture.”The Greyson is an exceptionally comfortable furniture piece that ensures a comfortable seating experience for extended periods. It's perfect for those seeking lasting comfort during their sitting sessions. 

This leather sofa is mostly comfortable due to its channelled cushioning. “Almost the entire piece is covered in a plushy separated seat, designed mainly to center your body within the frame,” says Racha.

This means that you’ll be in the middle of your seat whenever you sit in it. Greyson also features bucket seats, meaning you will sink right into this comfortable furniture effortlessly. 

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The Greyson sofa can be upgraded to Power with Headrest & Lumbar Support, which you can learn more about with this article. 

The Greyson is also available as a rocking or wall recliner and a reclining loveseat. You can learn more about the Greyson Furniture Family with this article.


2. The Trouper Reclining Sofa


Up next is the Trouper leather reclining sofa, which has a casual appearance with a cozy seat. Its three sculpted bucket seats allow you to sink right into this comfortable recliner. What’s more, the split back cushions provide soft support for your head, neck and lumbar area. 

The Trouper also features dual-sided reclining seats, which allows you to recline both the right and left seats with a simple latch release.

Racha highlights that while the Trouper is renowned for its wide array of faux leather options, she suggests considering the leather choices for a more genuine look, as they are particularly preferred by those seeking an authentic aesthetic.

The Trouper is also available as a rocking or wall recliner, a reclining loveseat and a sectional. You can learn more about the Trouper Sofa with this article.


3. The Finley Reclining Sofa


Third on our list of leather reclining sofas is the Finley. Among the more slender options available at La-Z-Boy, the Finley is recognized as a wall recliner. This type of furniture piece enables you to position it near the wall without concerns about hitting it when fully reclined, offering a practical and space-saving solution.

This makes the Finley one of the only recliners at La-Z-Boy perfect for small spaces. If you’d like to explore more of our pieces that are great for this issue, check out this article. 

Built with contemporary components, this furniture features sleek track arms and a tall foam back that gives it a neat and structured look. The ultra-plush chaise seat and legrest cradle the body in a continuous zone of comfort for reading, relaxing or watching TV.

Racha notes the difference between the fabric and leather choices between the Finley. “The leather frame has vertical topstitching in its design whereas the fabric version is plain in appearance.”

The Finley is also available as a rocking, wall or gliding recliner, and a reclining loveseat. You can learn more about the Finley Furniture Family with this article.


4. The Pinnacle Reclining Sofa


Wrapping up our reclining sofa section is the Pinnacle leather sofa. Also known as a wall recliner, the Pinnacle is more plush than the slim Finley, as mentioned above. 

Described as an easygoing style that’s just right for resting and relaxing, the Pinnacle allows you to sink in and enjoy its plush pillowed tall back and padded rolled arms. The chaise seats and legrests help cradle your body in a continuous zone of comfort.

Racha says that this furniture frame may be more considered as a traditional furniture piece, due to its rolled arms and padded cushioning. She also says that it looks great as a brown leather sofa.

The Pinnacle is also available as a rocking, wall or gliding recliner, a lift recliner and a rocking or wall reclining loveseat. You can learn more about the Pinnacle Furniture Family with this article.

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5. The Paxton Sofa


Moving over to our stationary leather sofa section, we start off with the popular Paxton. While not shown in leather in this photo, the Paxton is a recent addition to the leather furniture family at La-Z-Boy.

Our new Paxton Leather Sofa is a casual and relaxed couch that invites you to kick back and get cozy. “The Paxton was always just a fabric sofa, but now it’s available in leather with unique topstitching designs,” she says.

Paxton still offers clean lines and crisp welt trim that gives it a neat and structured silhouette. Paxton features deep, T-shaped seat cushions, low-profile wood legs and chamber-filled back cushions that maintain their shape and support over time.

The Paxton is also available as a chair & a half, a loveseat, a sectional and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Paxton Furniture Family with this article.


6. The Meyer Sofa


Up next is the Meyer leather sofa, which is another structured look with a nice touch when it comes to its leather appearance. 

Featuring three deep seat cushions and an extra wide stance, the Meyer sofa offers an exceptional level of comfort, making it perfect for accommodating a crowd. Its stylish design also leaves a lasting impression. Welt detailing enhances the crisp but casual look of Meyer’s box border seats and backs, as well as its updated track arms. 

The track arm takes inspiration from the now-discontinued Makenna Duo Sofa. What’s more, decorative wood legs add to its appeal.


The Meyer is also available as a chair, a loveseat, a sectional and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Meyer Sofa with this article.


7. The Draper Sofa


Next is the Draper, which is the latest furniture frame to hit the showrooms in Ottawa & Kingston. Taking on the nickname, Don Draper, the Draper shares its name with the popular Mad Men character. 

The leather-only furniture frame features clean lines and mid-century modern angles, which blend beautifully with the sophisticated look of fine leather. What’s more, t-shaped cushions and sleek track arms add a contemporary feel to an inviting lounging spot that will become a favourite retreat.

Racha also points out the inverted key-shaped cushions that give it a more unique look than other sofas.

The Draper is also available as a chair, a loveseat, a matching ottoman, and most recently, a sectional. You can learn more about the Draper Furniture Family with this article.


8. The Mackenzie Sofa


Last but not least, we have the Mackenzie Sofa. Normally, the Mackenzie is displayed as a fabric piece in Ottawa & Kingston showrooms. However, Racha believes that this leather selection is a great traditional look for anyone looking for a classic-inspired item.

This leather sofa features rolled, pleated arms, foam back and ComfortCore® cushions that deliver just the right amount of comfort and support for a short or a long sit. Decorative wood legs add a touch of tradition to complete the look. 

The Mackenzie is also available as a chair, a loveseat, a queen-sleep sofa and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Mackenzie Furniture Family with this article.

What's Next?

We hope this list has guided you in the right direction for choosing your next leather sofa for your home. 

If you're still contemplating the perfect sofa for your space, visit any of our stores and see them for yourself! La-Z-Boy has these sofas and others available to try out at any of our local Ottawa & Kingston locations. You can also schedule an appointment online before coming in.

Our design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand, so do not hesitate to ask any questions while in-store. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to utilize our interior designers, who can assist you in creating a design project that harmonizes seamlessly with the rest of your home.

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