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Review of the La-Z-Boy Greyson Furniture Family: Recliner, Loveseat, & Sofa

April 9, 2021

When you think comfort, think Greyson!


Racha Pharoan, a design consultant at La-Z-Boy, says that “the Greyson furniture is the Cadillac of comfort”. 


Exquisitely designed, products from the Greyson products features pillow top arms, an extra-deep chaise seat, and legrest that creates a continuous zone of relaxation in the reclining position. 


When a client comes in looking for a product that prioritizes comfort, without hesitation, Racha recommends the Greyson collection. She says that “the Greyson is the most top-of-the-line, luxurious comfort that we offer at La-Z-Boy”. 


When it comes to style, Racha warns clients that they will either love or hate the Greyson. Putting comfort first, the Greyson may appear big and bulky in contrast to a sleek and minimalist interior design. With that being said, “the comfort is truly like nothing else!”


If you are seeking a recliner, loveseat, or sofa that provides you relief at the end of a long day, you may find exactly what you are looking for in the Greyson. 


Read on to find out if the Greyson furniture family is for you. This article will review the Greyson products based on the following …

Greyson Family (Available Styles)


The Greyson family offers comfort in a variety of shapes and sizes for both individuals and shared relaxation. At La-Z-Boy, we offer a Greyson recliner, a Greyson reclining loveseat, and a Greyson reclining sofa. 


Greyson Recliner


Exceptional comfort and exceptional detailing are the hallmarks of the Greyson Recliner. You can enjoy individual leisure in the Greyson Recliner. 


The Greyson Recliner is offered as either a Wall Recliner or Rocking Recliner. The Wall Recliner option allows you to recline mere inches away from the wall. Alternatively, the Rocking Recliner offers a soothing rocking motion while you lay back into the chair. 


Both recliners are also available in both manual and power. Either recline back with the pull of a handle or the press of a button to smoothly and effortlessly lay back.

Greyson Review

Greyson Loveseat


With lush curves and inviting cushion support, the Greyson Reclining Loveseat is destined to be everyone’s favourite spot for relaxation. Cuddle up with a loved one and recline together in the loveseat. 


The Greyson loveseat is also offered in both manual or a power recline option.

Greyson Review

Greyson Sofa


Finally, you also have the option to share the comfort of Greyson with multiple others in the Greyson Reclining Sofa. The alluring curves and inviting cushions will draw everyone onto the Greyson Sofa. 


The sofa is offered in both manual and power. The power options allows you to smoothly and effortlessly recline with just the touch of a hidden release button.

Greyson Review

Unique Features


Products from the Greyson collection offer an ultra-comfortable place to sit back and recline. 


With deep and wide bucket seats, Rach says sitting in a Greyson product is comparable to visiting a luxurious cinema. The chaise seat and leg rest create a continuous zone of rest and relaxation in the reclined position.


Padded pillow top arms and a tall back only enhance the pleasure of the Greyson. Further, Racha says that the Greyson products have built-in lumbar support to put your lower back at ease.


Moreover, Greyson products are manufactured with high-grade foam seat cushions that maintain their comfort and appearance over time. More specifically, the Greyson collection is made with hybrid bucket seat cushions


For more detailed information on cushions, take a look at the Review of La-Z-Boy’s Chair and Sofa Seat Cushions


In the Greyson recliners, the hybrid bucket seat cushions consist of 27 lb ILD top polyurethane foam fillers that extend to the front of the seat and 36 lb ILD bottom foam fillers. 


In the Greyson loveseat and sofa, the hybrid bucket seat cushions consist of supportive 36 lb ILD/2.5 density foam wedge fillers that sit on top of a contoured-cut polyurethane foam core. 


Filled with double-picked blown fiber, the fill improves the overall shape retention of all the Greyson products.


Offered in a wide variety of premium fabrics, the Greyson products can be customized to coordinate with your current home decor. 


The Greyson is also offered in high-end leather options. According to Racha, the leather for the Greyson is unique with its soft and buttery feel. 


Additionally, select leather and fabric comes standard with heavy gauge single-needle topstitching on the wings, arm posts, arm pads, chaise, and outside arms. 


In manual, you can enjoy the Greyson leg rest in three locking positions.

Greyson Review

Sizes & Dimensions


Generally speaking, Racha describes the size of the Greyson products as “big and bulky” compared to some of La-Z-Boy’s more sleek models. 


The plush cushions and padded arms enhance the overall comfort of the chair, but it also takes up a considerable amount of space. With this, any of the Greyson products will require a fair bit of room to fit seamlessly with your current furniture arrangement.


In addition to fitting in your space, it is important that the Greyson recliner, loveseat, or sofa, is the right size for you. The tall back and bucket seats featured in the Greyson collection are best suited for taller individuals that are 5’10” and up


Nevertheless, Racha says that a smaller individual can still find comfort in the Greyson products as the large bucket seats can be a great place to curl up in rather than recline.

Greyson Recliner Dimensions (inches)

Body Depth: 41.000000

Body Height: 43.000000

Body Width: 38.5

Seat Depth: 23.000000

Seat Height: 20.500000

Seat Width: 20.000000

Greyson Loveseat Dimensions (inches)

Body Depth: 39.000000

Body Height: 41.000000

Body Width: 62.5

Seat Depth: 21.500000

Seat Height: 21.000000

Seat Width: 43.500000


Greyson Sofa Dimensions (inches)

Body Depth: 39.000000

Body Height: 41.000000

Body Width: 85.0

Seat Depth: 21.500000

Seat Height: 21.000000

Seat Width: 66.500000

If you are still unsure about these products being the right fit for you, take a look at these articles about Recliner Fit and Sofa Fit to learn more.

Options & Upgrades


Everything at La-Z-Boy is customizable, including the Greyson collection. 


Whether you are purchasing the Greyson Recliner, Loveseat, or Sofa, you have the ability to make it uniquely yours with a variety of options and upgrades. 


Upholstery/Cover Options


First and foremost, the upholstery cover that you choose for your Greyson product has the ability to determine its overall look and feel. 


At La-Z-Boy, we have over 800 fabric options offering something for every style and budget.


In addition to a wide fabric selection of many colours, patterns, and textures, the Greyson collection is also offered in premium-grade specialty fabrics. 


Stain Resistant

Innovative iClean technology surrounds each fabric fiber, creating a barrier that repels spills before they turn into stains.


Pet Friendly

Tested and formulated to withstand the scratches and wear that a pet can cause, to ensure a durable and easily washable fabric. 



Antimicrobial properties surround each fiber to protect against mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria. 



Superior stain and fade resistance properties make these fabrics easy to clean and incredibly durable.


Eco Friendly

Conserve Sustainable Fabrics are soft, durable, and made from recycled water bottles.

Greyson Review
Greyson Review

Seat Cushions


Raise the bar on comfort even higher by upgrading the seat cushions of your Greyson product.


Firmer seat options are available at an additional cost. For more information view our Motion Furniture Collection catalogue and our in-depth Review of La-Z-Boy’s Chair and Sofa Seat Cushions.


Please note that reclining furniture purchased prior to January 2021 had the option to upgrade to airform™️ cushions.  This cushion includes a two-inch layer of premium quality memory foam added on top of the standard foam base within the seat, chaise and leg rest of the unit.

Handle Options (on Manual)


Recliner Handle


The manual Greyson recliner reclines back with the pull of a handle. This handle can be customized exactly the way you like it.


  • Standard Handle
  • Elongated Handle
  • Arc Handle
  • Left Side Handle


Further, you have the choice to opt out of the standard handle finish and choose a brown mahogany finish instead.


Sofa & Loveseat Reclining Mechanism


The Greyson Sofa and Loveseat do not have a handle. Instead, they feature an easy-to-reach hidden trigger activator conveniently placed to allow trouble-free operation. This mechanism is not customizable.

Swivel Base or Tall Base Option


If you would enjoy the ability to swivel from left to right while simultaneously enjoying reclining comfort, you may consider the swivel base option on your Greyson Recliner.


Additionally, upgrade your Greyson Recliner with a tall base option in either a standard brown mahogany or coffee finish.

Power Upgrade


As previously mentioned, the Greyson Recliner, Recliner Loveseat, and Recliner Sofa are all available in power.


By upgrading to power, comfort becomes effortless as it only takes the touch of a button to recline back. This includes a silver-tone-2-button with an outside mounted controller with USB. Further, the power options allow you to customize your comfort every time you use your reclining product as it will freeze in whatever position you choose.

Greyson Review
Greyson Review

Headrest & Lumbar Upgrade


Although the products from the Greyson collection already provide exceptional head and lumbar support, there is no limit on comfort!


If you enjoy reclining back and having your head propped up as you read a book or watch TV, you might find it worthwhile to upgrade the headrest on your Greyson product.


Further, if you suffer from back pain or live with mobility issues, a lumbar upgrade may be exactly what you need for superior rest and relaxation.

Greyson Review
Greyson Review

Console Upgrade


Finally, there is nothing more convenient than laying back and having your drink within arms reach. 


The console upgrade will provide that convenience as well as extra storage space, available for the Greyson Loveseat.



Cadillac comfort doesn’t always come cheap. 


The products in the Greyson collection fall within the high-end price bracket on the market, as well as within the high-end price bracket at La-Z-Boy


The Greyson Rocking Recliner starts at $2,679 in manual and $3,729 in power. The Greyson Wall recliner starts at $2,579 in manual and $3,799 in power. The Greyson Loveseat starts at $5,849 in manual and $6,599 in power. The Greyson and Sofa starts at $5,949 in manual and $6,699 in power.


These prices are subject to increase with customizations and upgrades, such as power. 


The costs of the Greyson products are determined by a variety of factors including the quality of materials and methods of construction.


*All La-Z-Boy prices listed in this article are subject to change. We aim to update all cost-related articles twice per year. This article was last updated on October 4th, 2022. Please visit and select an Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy store location to view the most up-to-date pricing.



The products in the Greyson collection are covered by a limited lifetime warranty at La-Z-Boy to ensure the protection and satisfaction of your investment. 


The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the repair or replacement of the frame, spring systems, and the mechanism, given that they are quality-crafted and built for long-lasting comfort.


While still quality-crafted, other aspects of the product, such as fabrics, leather, and cushion, are not meant to last a lifetime. These parts are still covered by the La-Z-Boy Manufacturer’s Warranty for a given period of time.


To learn more about the warranty at La-Z-Boy, take a look at the article Are La-Z-Boy Recliners Guaranteed for Life?


To further protect your purchase, La-Z-Boy offers an extended warranty plan at an additional cost.

Customer Reviews


The Greyson collection is enjoyed by many La-Z-Boy clients and highly acclaimed. 


Take a look at the Greyson products and how clients have rated them …

Greyson Wall Recliner (Manual)

4.7 Stars

Greyson Wall Recliner (Power)

5.0 Stars

Greyson Rocking Recliner (Manual)

4.9 Stars

Greyson Rocking Recliner (Power)

5.0 Stars

Greyson Loveseat (Manual)

4.5 Stars

Greyson Loveseat (Power)

5.0 Stars

Greyson Sofa (Manual + Power)

4.7 Stars

Star ratings can only tell you so much, find out what customers are saying about the Greyson products …

Very happy with this couch.

Love this couch. We got a set of this couch and 2 rocker recliner chairs. We love the soft leather in the dark grey. It goes well with our house and decor. It is very comfortable to lie down on or recline. We are medium build people and it fits us very well.



Compliments my room.

The Greyson recliner is easy to get in and out and very nicely compliments the decor in my room. Quality construction and comfortable. 

Octavia G.


Love, love, love our new loveseat recliner. It is extremely comfortable and the push button recline is very convenient. La-Z-Boy furniture is well made and lasts forever.

Dolores B.


Is Greyson Furniture Right for You?


The Greyson Recliner, Loveseat, and Sofa are all top-of-the-line furniture products, but are they for you?


According to Racha, the Greyson collection is best suited for individuals’ height at 5’10” and up. Further, the ideal Greyson owner is someone who prioritizes comfort and is ready to invest. 


They also have the right amount of space in their home that a Greyson product requires and they are ready to kick-up their feet, lay back, and relax. 


The Greyson collection may not be for you if you are shopping within a preliminary to mid-range budget. Not to worry, because La-Z-Boy offers a variety of comfortable and quality furniture in lower price brackets as well.


You may be interested in some of our top selling products:


Additionally, the Greyson is likely not for you if you are looking for something stylish and sleek to complement your home decor. Racha says that many women are not the biggest fans of the look of the Greyson Recliner, Loveseat, or Sofa. 


Perhaps the comfort of the Greyson collection is something to be enjoyed in the man cave?

What’s Next?


If the Greyson Recliner, Loveseat, or Sofa is what you are looking for, why not start shopping today. 


Although you may have learned all the necessary product information in this article, it is very important to have a final sit test before going forward with such a significant investment. 


Visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston showroom to see the Greyson collection in person. If you prefer to plan ahead, feel free to schedule a visit online.


If the Greyson collection isn’t for you, we are confident that our design consultants at La-Z-Boy can help you find the right product to match your needs and preferences. 


We look forward to meeting you and helping you find exactly what you are looking for.


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