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Top 5 Modern Furniture Frames at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

November 30, 2022

Top 5 Modern Furniture Frames at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

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Modern furniture has been around for a good part of a century now, and as time progresses, people seem to be more curious about this furniture style and newer furniture frames. 

Traditional and Formal Furniture frames may still be popular to some, but Modern and Contemporary furniture styles have taken a huge leap in popularity since their inception.

At La-Z-Boy, we offer many different furniture styles, and to the surprise of many, we carry furniture with a modern style. In fact, among our Top Selling Sofas and Sectionals, you can find furniture with a modern appeal. 

With the help of Mary Lee Smyth, the interior designer at La-Z-Boy Kingston, this article will list our 5 best-selling modern furniture frames at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston,  as well as some honourable mentions!

In This Article…

  1. What is Considered a Modern Furniture Frame?
  2. Paxton Sectional
  3. Alani Sectional
  4. Reegan Swivel Chair
  5. Cleo Chaise
  6. Kennedy Sofa
  7. Maeve High-Leg Recliner - HM


What is Considered a Modern Furniture Frame?

With so many furniture styles and frames to choose from, it can be difficult to distinguish one style from the other. So, how can you tell what constitutes a modern furniture frame?

Mary Lee explains that modern furniture carries “the idea that the furniture is distilled to its essence.” Essentially, what Mary Lee means is that furniture is made with the bare minimum of details and should be used for sitting and relaxing.

When modern furniture was taking shape, everything became minimalistic. 

Characteristics of Modern Furniture

  • Minimalist Design/Construction
  • Basic/Neutral/Warm Colours
  • Clean Straight Lines
  • Smooth Surfaces
  • Streamlined Shapes (i.e. square arms)
  • Materials that include wood and metal
  • Typically stationary furniture (or appears stationary)


This is what the basis of modern furniture looks like today. If you’re wondering what Modern Recliners look like, take a look at this article.


Top 5 Modern Furniture Frames at La-Z-Boy

Now that you’re familiar with the characteristics of modern furniture, let’s take a look at our list of the best modern furniture frames at La-Z-Boy. 

If you’re interested in some of the other Furniture Styles Offered at La-Z-Boy, check out this article.


1. The Paxton Sectional

paxton SectionalUp first on our list is the Paxton Sectional, which, according to Mary Lee, takes inspiration from the 1970s mid-century modern sofa styles

With its wide arms and deep seats, the Paxton Sectional calls for you to sink in and get cozy.

This modern sectional sofa is ideal for entertaining guests or relaxing on your own. It features comfortably casual modular pieces with clean lines and crisp welt trim for a look that’s neat and structured, like the characteristics mentioned above.

Paxton’s ComfortCore seat cushions provide optimum support for any configuration you want. The Paxton Sectional includes the following modular pieces:

  1. Left/Right-Arm Sitting Cuddler
  2. Left/Right-Arm Sitting Chair
  3. Left/Right-Arm Sitting Chaise
  4. 90-Degree Corner
  5. Armless Chair

The Paxton is also available as a chair & a half, a loveseat, a sofa, and a matching ottoman. To learn more about the Paxton Furniture Family, or specifically the Paxton Sectional, take a look at this article.


2. The Alani Sectional

Alani SectionalNext on our list is the Alani Sectional, which pulls traits from the aforementioned Paxton Sectional. 

This contemporary version of a mid-century modern sofa has informal styling, adapting the furniture to the body instead of the other way around, according to Mary Lee. “Instead of you complimenting the furniture, the furniture is complimenting you,” she says.

The Alani also features a loose pillow back and features a chaise and cuddler module piece. “Cuddler pieces on a sectional also make it more modern, since this sectional feature came out around that time,” she says.

The Alani Sectional includes the following modular pieces:

  1. Left/Right-Arm Sitting Cuddler
  2. Left/Right-Arm Sitting Chaise
  3. Left/Right-Arm Sitting Chair
  4. 90-Degree Corner
  5. Armless Chair

If you want to learn about the Alani Sectional, or a comparison of the Alani vs the Paxton Sectional, check out this article.


3. The Reegan Swivel Chair

Reegan Swivel ChairOur third selection is the Reegan Swivel Chair, which is one of La-Z-Boy’s Designer’s Choice furniture pieces. Designer’s Choice features many different furniture frames that are easily customizable with a wider selection of upholstery covers. 

The Reegan Swivel Chair is also unique because it is considered a high-leg swivel chair, which is uncommon at La-Z-Boy.  Perched upon a 360-degree swivel base, the Reegan is a casual and stylish modern swivel chair.

Featuring flared arms, a box border seat, a soft pillow back, and welt trim, this swivel chair draws the eye. In terms of quality, the Reegan is built with Premier Construction.

The Reegan also works well as a Swivel Accent Chair, which you can learn more about by reading this article. To learn more about the Reegan Swivel Chair in detail, take a look at this article.

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4. The Cleo Chaise

Cleo ChaiseNext is the Cleo Chaise, which is a new product at La-Z-Boy. 

Usually, our Chaise Options at La-Z-Boy are paired with a Sectional configuration, which is why there are no two-arm chaise options. Instead, the Cleo Chaise exists as its own furniture piece. 

Essentially, this chaise is a chair with an extended seat so you can sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. 

With this, the Cleo furniture family is the first of its kind, being versatile in frame and functionality. It features fine lines, curved arms, storage space underneath the seat, and optional nailhead trims on the frame's border for that extra bling. 

Further, Mary Lee says you can put it in just about any room that needs extra seating. 

“I’ve put it in bedrooms to give someone a place to read a book if you want a dedicated space that isn’t in bed,” she says. 

The Cleo is available as a chair, a loveseat, a sofa, and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Cleo Furniture Family by checking out this article.


5. The Kennedy Sofa

Kennedy SofaOne of our more entry-level furniture frames is the Kennedy Sofa, which takes a twist on various furniture styles that you may find at La-Z-Boy. Not only is it known to be more of a traditional sofa, but it is also featured in our contemporary furniture styles. This means that the Kennedy is very versatile in the frame.

The Kennedy features clean lines, narrow track arms, welt trim and decorative wood legs that go well with any decor. Mary Lee also says that the Kennedy is good for those who love modern business casual and “tidy” furniture frames.

The Kennedy is also available as a chair, an apartment-sized sofa, a full/queen sleep sofa, and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Kennedy Furniture Family by checking out its review article.


6. The Maeve Recliner - Honourable Mention

As an honourable mention, Mary Lee also includes the Albany Motion Chair in her list of modern furniture frames. 

Showcased as another high-leg option, the Maeve is the latest addition to our list of high-leg recliners, which are also known as Secret Recliners. These recliners appear as stationary chairs but, when pushed back, have the hidden ability to recline.

It features a mid-century modern style that includes decorative wood legs, blown fiber loose back welt trim, and a clean and structured foam back. Simply push back on the arms of the chair to let the recliner out from underneath the frame.

Mary Lee also says that this high-leg recliner is unique due to its matching ottoman, which is oval-shaped and can add extra storage to your living room.

Along with the high-leg option, the Maeve is also available as a swivel accent chair.

modern furniture frames

What's Next?

After reading this article, you have a better idea of the modern furniture frames you can find at La-Z-Boy! 

As you can see, many of our modern furniture frames are stationary or appear stationary. If you’re looking for more stationary furniture items, make sure to check out our Best-Selling Stationary Loveseats article. 

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However, if you’re looking to compare stationary vs. reclining furniture, make sure to check out our Stationary vs. Reclining comparison article instead.

While you’re looking at our selection online, why not come in-store to get a closer and more personal look at our furniture?

You can start shopping for furniture products by visiting one of our local showrooms located in Ottawa or Kingston. You can also schedule a visit online before coming in.

Our design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand. Take advantage of our interior design services to see how modern furniture fits your home. 

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