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Top 5 Best Selling Swivel Accent Chairs at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

January 31, 2022

Top 5 Best Selling Swivel Accent Chairs at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

The living room has the ability to be a very serene space, yet also one of the busiest rooms in the home.  A swivel accent chair may be exactly what you need to ensure you are at the centre of all the action!

At any given time, you could have Mom watching her favourite show on TV, Dad whipping up a snack, the kids making a fort out of the sofa pillows, and a baby playing with blocks on the floor. Perhaps, you are entertaining and have some friends gathered around the coffee table, sharing a plate of charcuterie. 

With such commotion and so much to observe at once, imagine the ability to rest comfortably in a chair while being able to effortlessly take part in everything around you … at a full 360 degrees to be exact!

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At La-Z-Boy, we offer a wide variety of stylish, comfortable, and quality furniture, including a selection of swivel accent chairs. A swivel chair sits on a 360-degree swivel base in which you can turn to face any direction.

When looking for the perfect swivel chair, many of our clients at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston want to know which ones are most popular. To help narrow down your search, consider the 5 best-selling swivel chairs. Perhaps you will find exactly what you are looking for!


In this article ...

  1. What is a Swivel Accent Chair?
  2. Top 5 Best Selling Swivel Chairs at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston
  3. La-Z-Boy Swivel Chair Construction


What is a Swivel Accent Chair?

As previously described, a swivel chair is a chair with a seat that rests on a swivel base. At La-Z-Boy, our swivel chairs have a 360-degree swivel base. By swiveling back and forth, you have the ability to face any direction while remaining in a seated position. 

With this, you can swivel from watching a movie to engaging in a conversation in a smooth motion, without straining your neck.

A swivel chair can reduce the risk of neck problems such as stiffness in your shoulder and neck region. 


Top 5 Best Selling La-Z-Boy Swivel Accent Chairs

1. Reegan High Leg Swivel Chair

The Reegan is a popular choice. In fact, it is one of the Best Selling La-Z-Boy Accent Chairs.

The Reegan High Leg Swivel Chair is perched upon a 360-degree swivel base and elevated by tall tapered wood legs.  Its casual yet contemporary styling complements any décor. Flared arms frame the Reegan’s box border seat and soft pillow back as welt trim accentuates its tailored lines. 

When it comes to size, the Reegan features an average scale, best suited for those between the heights of 5’10” and 6’2”. 

For more detailed information, check out an in-depth Review of the Reegan High Leg Swivel Chair.

Reegan Swivel Chair

2. Midtown Swivel Chair

With clean lines, a tight back, and subtly curved track arms, the Midtown Swivel Chair boasts a streamlined stance perfect for smaller spaces. Further, the Midtown can rotate with ease as a 360-degree swivel base keeps you at the center of the action. 


Built on a petite scale, the Midtown is most comfortable for shorter individuals that are 5’3” and under. 

The Midtown is also offered as a Swivel Gliding Chair. With this, a 360-degree swivel base puts you at the center of all the action, while a gentle gliding motion helps you relax away a busy day.

The Midtown Swivel Gliding Chair is recognized as of the Best Chairs for a Nursery.  

Midtown Swivel Chair

3. Bellevue High Leg Swivel Chair

Similar to the Reegan, the Bellevue is one of the 5 Best Selling Accent Chairs at La-Z-Boy

Part of the Urban Attitudes® collection, this retro-inspired chair is reinventing mid-century style. The Bellevue High Leg Swivel Chair has a low-profile design featuring subtly flared track arms and a softly scooped, tight back. Welt trim along the outside arms and loose seat cushion highlight Bellevue’s organic lines, while angled wood legs add a vintage flair. 

Fun and functional, with a 360-degree swivel base, this playful chair ensures that nothing will escape your notice. 

Moreover, the Bellevue is built on an extra-tall scale, ideal for those with a height of 6’3” and up. 

For more information, check out an in-depth Review of the Bellevue High Leg Swivel Chair.

Bellevue Swivel Chair

4. Ferndale Swivel Chair

The Ferndale Swivel Chair is also a part of the Urban Attitudes® collection. The Ferndale puts a spin on sophisticated style. Its slightly flared arms, tight back, and crisp welt trim on a 360-degree swivel base will surely impress any way you look at it!

Built on a tall scale, the Ferndale Swivel Chair is best suited for tall individuals between the heights of 5’10” to 6’2”.

Further, the Ferndale is also offered as a Swivel Glider Chair. It swivels and glides with a smooth, graceful motion.

To learn more about the Ferndale Chair, take a look at its review article.

Ferndale Swivel Chair

5. Allegra Swivel Chair

Finally, the Allegra Swivel Chair has also made the list of the Top 5 Selling La-Z-Boy Accent Chairs

With Allegra, we’re putting a spin on casual style. It’s slightly flared arms, tight back and crisp welt trim on a 360-degree swivel base give a stylish perspective all around!

The Allegra Chair combines a streamlined look with subtle details to complement today’s comfortably casual furniture style. It features an inviting box seat, welt trim, slightly flared arms, and decorative tapered wood legs. 

On a tall scale, the Allegra offers optimal comfort for those between the heights of 5’10” and 6’2”.

It is also important to note that the Allegra is also offered as a Swivel Glider Chair in which you can swivel and glide simultaneously. 

For more information, take a look at an in-depth Review of the Allegra Accent Chair.

Allegra Swivel Chair

La-Z-Boy Swivel Accent Chair Construction

The La-Z-Boy Swivel Chairs listed above, are all manufactured with La-Z-Boy’s Premier Construction

Premier furniture takes standard La-Z-Boy construction to the next level by including quality-crafted frames padded to enhance the style’s design lines. 

More specifically, Premier Construction includes the following: 

  1. OSB, hardwood solids, and laminated hardwood frame construction
  2. Fully padded outside back, outside arms, and front post
  3. No-Sag Sinuous wire seat and back springs
  4. La-Z-Boy non-skid Logo Decking
  5. ComfortCore® Seat Cushions
  6. One 18” Accent Pillow with Welt Trim
  7. Self Healing Zippers

What's Next?

After reading this list, do any of these La-Z-Boy best-selling swivel chairs stand out to you?

Our design consultants at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston would be happy to help you select the perfect swivel accent chair that suits your space, style, and comfort preferences. 

Moreover, our swivel chairs at La-Z-Boy are customizable! An interior designer can help you select an upholstery cover and other customizations to ensure that the look of your chair compliments the design of your home. 

If a swivel chair is not what you are looking for, there are many other accent chairs available that you may prefer. Check out the following best sellers at La-Z-Boy:

Visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston location to get started today. If you prefer to plan in advance, schedule an appointment online.

Last Edited On May 2nd, 2022

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