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Custom Furniture at La-Z-Boy: What to Expect

June 1, 2020

Custom Furniture at La-Z-Boy: What to Expect

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Everyone knows the common phrase: “home is where the heart is.” At La-Z-Boy, we encourage you to put your heart into the home design by offering customized furniture to match your personal tastes and preferences. 


What better way to settle into your space than by customizing it to express your own uniqueness and individuality? At home, you will experience the utmost comfort and freedom to be yourself. 


While this all sounds great, the process of purchasing customized furniture may seem daunting. You may be wondering, “how long does custom furniture take?” Or “what is the process of customizing furniture at La-Z-Boy?”


Not to worry, because, like the concept of custom furniture itself, the timeline of this process is almost completely dependent on you. While some might visit a store and choose their custom furniture in two hours, others might prefer to do so over multiple visits.


With that being said, this article will provide you with a detailed overview of the process of customizing furniture at La-Z-Boy and will give you a better understanding of how long this process might take for you!

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What Can Be Customized?


At La-Z-Boy, anything offered online or in the showroom can be custom ordered to be uniquely yours. From a choice of hundreds of options in fabrics and styles, you can make any piece of La-Z-Boy furniture your own.


These are just a few of the customization options offered at La-Z-Boy:


  • A range of textile options to choose from
  • Contrasting welt trim
  • A variety of accent pillows
  • Cushions to suit your comfort
  • Nailhead trim options
  • Choice of wood finishes
  • Leg design options
  • Recliner options & add-ons for your preference

Custom Furniture

Style Options


With a range of options to choose from, each piece of furniture can be adapted to suit your style. Everything listed below is made with La-Z-Boy’s Premier Construction.

Fabric & Leather 


Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose from the latest colours, patterns, and textures in our cover options. 


You can also Mix and Match these upholstery covers if you like more and one! If you’re spilt between one, however, make sure to check out the article What is the Best Fabric for Your Sofa? (Fabric vs. Leather) to help make your decision.


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The perfect way to make a room your own is to decorate it with some accent pillows. Whether you want your pillows to seamlessly blend in or provide the room with a pop of colour, the sky’s the limit when choosing from our range of colours and patterns.


To learn more about How to Accessorize Your Pillows, check out this article.

Nailhead Trim


Believe it or not, nailhead trim is making a comeback! By customizing the size and finish, the trim you choose can accentuate the unique design of your furniture. 


  • Platinum
  • Brass
  • Black Nickel

Welt Trim


Welt trim provides the seams of pillows and cushions with a tailored look. Customizing the trim can really accentuate the lines of the piece and give your furniture some personality.

Pillows Customizations

Wood Finish & Leg Design


To either match your current decor or provide contrast to the room, choose from a variety of wood finishes to complete the custom design on your fabric or leather sofa. 


You can even adapt the leg design by choosing from:

  • Tapered
  • Turned
  • Conical

Wood Leg Customization

Comfort Options 


To match your own comfort preferences, you have the choice between three contrasting cushion types.



All standard furniture at La-Z-Boy is made with ComfortCore cushions. The 7-layer zoned cushion technology offers added support for the spine, hips, and behind the knees. This proprietary design features four different foam densities distributed to provide the best comfort and support level for various seat areas.

Stationary Cushion Upgrade


At an additional cost, firmer seat cushions are available for stationary furniture if you feel as though your cushions feel too soft. 


Please note that furniture purchased before January 2021 had the option to upgrade to ComfortCore® GEL cushions. In addition to the standard ComfortCore® zone 1 and zone 2, it included a casing made of 1.5”, 3.7 density airformTM responsive foam and a gel-infused 1" casing, 2.4 density memory foam to distribute pressure and give the body extra support.

Motion Cushion Upgrade 


Similar to the optional stationary firm seat upgrade, you can also opt for an upgraded firmer seat option for motion furniture. This option includes any recliners, swivels or gliding furniture items.


Please note that reclining furniture purchased before January 2021 had the option to upgrade to airform cushions.  It included a two-inch layer of premium quality memory foam added on top of the standard foam base within the seat, chaise and leg rest of the unit.


To learn more, take a look at the article A Review of La-Z-Boy’s Chair and Sofa Seat Cushions.


Sofa Mattress Options 


If you’re looking for something to sleep on, La-Z-Boy also has sofa bed mattress options to choose from. Customers can choose between three different sofa bed mattresses.

Supreme Comfort Mattress 


The Supreme Comfort Mattress is similar to the comfortcore cushion because it is the most standard option at La-Z-Boy. 


This mattress selection comes with a high-quality innerspring system underneath the foam padding, which is designed to conform to the body and offer added support for optimal sleeping comfort. 

Slumber Air Mattress 


The Slumber Air Mattress is an optional mattress selection that comes at an additional cost. 


This mattress comes with a 4” innerspring base, which softly contours to your every curve and supports you from head to toe. The inflatable cushion can be as thick as 6”.


Simply use the hand-held air pump to inflate the mattress to whatever size you wish to snooze in. You can adjust the inflation to be as firm or as soft as you choose. The power is in your hands!


Firm Mattress


Finally, the Firm Mattress is the newest addition to La-Z-Boy’s sofa bed mattress selection, which is also considered an upgrade.


This mattress option includes a high-resiliency memory foam base that provides great comfort while reducing pressure points. The memory foam on this firm mattress also evenly distributes support for deeper relaxation. 


To learn more about the Sofa Mattress Selection at La-Z-Boy, check out this article.


Sofa Construction

Recliner Options


With options in design, power, and add-ons, your recliner can be fitted and designed to suit you. To learn more about Power Recliners, check out this article.


Recliner CustomizationsChoose Between:



Custom Ordering Furniture


When ordering custom furniture, you may not know about the process customers have to go through to order these furniture products. Here are the steps you have to take!

Step One: Meet a Consultant


To begin the furniture customization process, you can either walk into a local store or book an appointment with a La-Z-Boy consultant in advance. 


In either case, a personal consultant will begin by getting to know you, understanding what it is that you are looking for, and learning about your style and taste preferences. 


The consultant will then guide you through the showroom and highlight multiple displays of furniture options.

Step Two: Find a Frame


After taking a showroom tour, something will likely catch your eye. This is the time to choose a frame. 


The frame you choose can be any piece of furniture, whether it be a sectional, love seat, recliner, or coffee table. This piece will be the starting point of your design, from which you can tweak and transform it into your own.

Step Three: Choose Your Style & Design


Once you have chosen a base to transform, you will begin to adjust the elements of the piece based on your own style and comfort preferences. This is when your creativity and individuality can come to life with the choice of multiple customizing options mentioned above.

Step Four: Preview Your Choice with 3D Rendering


With the completion of your custom design, it would be helpful to visualize this new piece of furniture in your own space. With the help of your consultant, you can preview your custom furniture within your home by using La-Z-Boy’s 3D rendering room planning technology. 


This complimentary part of the process is optional but can be extremely useful in ensuring that the furniture you take home fits seamlessly into the size and style of the room. 


Throughout this stage of the process, you are welcome to make any adjustments to the style and design as you see necessary. 


The 3D rendering appointment can take between 45 minutes to an hour.

Step Five: Place Your Order


When you are completely satisfied with your new custom piece of furniture, it is time to place the order. Your personal consultant will walk you through this process, ensuring that you are comfortable with your purchase.

Step Six: Choose Between Delivery & Pickup


Here comes the not-so-fun part … waiting for your furniture to arrive! This is the longest part of the process. On average, it takes approximately 8-10 weeks for the furniture to arrive at the local La-Z-Boy warehouse.  


Learn more about what to expect when it comes to the lead time for custom furniture in this article.


Upon arrival, you have the choice between either pickup or delivery. If you choose to pick up, you will be notified once your order has arrived and are welcome to pick up your furniture from the warehouse at your own convenience. 


If you decide on the delivery option, for an extra fee, the La-Z-Boy delivery staff will provide a white glove delivery service in which they will handle your package with care, set up the furniture in your home, and remove any waste.

Step Seven: Enjoy Your Custom Furniture in Your Home!


With the new piece of furniture set up in your home, you can finally enjoy your design! This is the time to kick up your feet and relax in your very own customized space.

Custom Furniture

Online Options


If you find yourself looking to customize furniture but are unable to make it into a local La-Z-Boy location, not to worry! La-Z-Boy offers several custom design and home planning services online as well. 


All styles and fabrics are provided online. You can also check out the 3D Room Planner to view inspiration, view templates, and create your space virtually.


Need Inspiration?


If this is your first time designing custom furniture or decorating a home, you may find yourself in need of some inspiration. 


Take a look at La-Z-Boy’s Before & After Design Inspiration online to get started, and don’t hesitate to request Free Design Services to help guide your creative home decor choices.


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