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What Furniture Styles are Available at La-Z-Boy?

January 18, 2021

What Furniture Styles are Available at La-Z-Boy?

From what you wear to where you live, your style says a lot about you. Regarding interior design, your home should reflect your personal taste and style. 


At La-Z-Boy, we have four main style collections to choose from.

  • Classics Revisited
  • Modern Retreat
  • Family Favourites
  • Comfortably Casual


Whether you love the classics, the latest trends, or you prioritize comfort, we have something for you. 


There are no rules when it comes to style preferences. These four styles are meant to inspire, not dictate, your interior design style.


In fact, it is encouraged to mix and match these collections. Use the collections as a starting point, a guide to creating your very own look. 


This article will go into more detail about each of the four main styles offered at La-Z-Boy and what each style says about you. Let your imagination go wild and embrace the styles that speak to you the most.


Further, with the help of Magaly del Castillo, the talented interior designer at La-Z-Boy Cyrville, a description of each design style will be followed by specific furniture recommendations. This will show you exactly how you can achieve each style using La-Z-Boy furniture.

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In This Article ...


1. Classics Revisited Style

2. La-Z-Boy Furniture from Classics Revisited Collection

3. Modern Retreat Style

4. La-Z-Boy Furniture from Modern Retreat Collection

5. Family Favourites Style

6. La-Z-Boy Furniture from Family Favourites Collection

7. Comfortably Casual

8. La-Z-Boy Furniture from Comfortably Casual Collection


*Is it important to note that the following video was posted on March 31st, 2021, meaning some of the content might be outdated.*


Classics Revisited


Trends come and go, but the classics will always be in style. The Classics Revisited collection is just that, classic. 


Inspired by fashionable and elegant designs, this collection honours the past without being stuck to it. While remaining classic, the Classics Revisited collection presents a ‘new classic’ that has adapted to how we live today.


Distinctive details like rolled arms, button-tufting, and nailhead trim pay homage to timeless designs while still remaining up-to-date. In fact, the Classics Revisited collection takes this new classic to the next level by incorporating modern touches, like bold colours and unique textures.


The combination of classic details with twists of modern design offers a sophisticated look that blends into a variety of environments. This style can be arranged to look either casual or elegant, depending on the accessories you choose to pair it with.

LZB Design Styles

What Classics Revisited says about you …


If you prefer the Classics Revisited collection, it is likely that you are drawn to the structure, symmetry, and sense of order in all things. With this, you also gravitate towards the beauty and timeless power of European and American design and detail.


La-Z-Boy Pieces from the Classics Revisited Collection


If the Classics Revisited collection speaks to your style, watch out for these suggestions from Magaly in the La-Z-Boy showroom.


Mackenzie Sofa


LZB Design Styles

The Mackenzie Sofa is not only timeless, but it is also on-trend. The rolled pleated arms and decorative legs add a touch of tradition to a comfortable look.


The Mackenzie is also available as a chair, a Loveseat, a queen sleep sofa, and a matching ottoman. To learn more about the Mackenzie Furniture Family, take a look at this article.

Bennett Duo Reclining Sofa


Bennett Sofa

If you prefer a sofa that reclines, the Colby Duo Reclining Sofa is the perfect Classics Revisited option. This sofa features cigar arms, a subtly scalloped back, decorative wood legs, and a refined look. The best part is, that this stylish sofa has the unexpected ability to recline.


The Bennett is also available as a Duo Chair and a Duo Loveseat. To learn about the Duo Furniture Collection, check out this article.

Carleton High-Leg Recliner

Carleton High-Leg Recliner
Another furniture product with the unexpected ability to recline, the Carleton is known as one of our Secret Recliners.
Carleton has a strong profile, and bold brass nail head trim yet isn’t afraid to embrace its soft side with sumptuous cushions and lavish covering options. 
The Carleton High-Leg Recliner is available in both manual & power options. You can learn more about the difference between Manual vs. Power Recliners by checking out this article.

Modern Retreat


With streamlined silhouettes and geometric prints, the Modern Retreat look is both chic and sophisticated. 


This style screams urban living as it combines comfort with sleek designer details. One may describe Modern retreat as “comfort with some attitude.” 


It all comes together in the details like angled arms, classic button-tufting, and sleep legs while remaining comfortable with comfortcore cushioning


Not to mention the bold patterns and pops of brights colour all paired with rather neutral pieces. You may even find accents of wood and metal paired with texture and warmth to create a modern yet overall cozy space.

LZB Design Styles

What Modern Retreat says about you …


If you gravitate towards the Modern Retreat look, you likely get a sense of excitement and feeling of well-being from beauty. With this, you typically prefer to skip the decorative fluff and find style in exotic shapes emphasizing clean and crisp lines. When it comes to a colour pallet, you value neutrals but love a bold statement.  


Overall, you have a sure sense of your vision, making you decisive in what you want.


La-Z-Boy Pieces from the Modern Retreat Collection


Why not explore pieces from the Modern Retreat collection right now? Take a look at Magaly’s Modern Retreat recommendations.


Talladega Reclining Sofa




Up first is the Talladega Reclining Sofa, the first of two reclining choices in the Modern Retreat collection. Featuring three ultra-plush, sculpted seats offer room for a crowd, while dual-sided reclining provides individualized comfort. Simply release the convenient latch on the right or left outside arm to adjust the back and full chaise legrest, or recline without raising your feet.


A streamlined design with sleek padded arms and exposed wings gives Talladega a modern look, while racing stripe topstitching on the lower back adds extra flair. Upgrade to Harmony Leather, featuring decorative heavy-gauge double-needle topstitching on the lower back, arm posts and wings for added distinction.


The Talladega is also available in power with Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar, and also comes as a rocking & wall recliner, and a reclining loveseat. You can learn more about the Talladega Furniture Family with this review article.

The Finley Reclining Sofa


Finley Sofa
The Finley Sofa seemingly fits the bill with its modern lines, sleek track arms and a tall foam back that gives it a neat and structured look. Finley's specialty is the fact that it is a wall reclining sofa, a unique kind of sofa at La-Z-Boy that allows users to place this furniture item mere inches from a wall while still being able to fully recline.
The Finley is also available as a rocking, wall & gliding recliner and a reclining loveseat. You can learn more about the Finley Furniture Family by checking out this article.

The Brentwood High-Leg Recliner


Furniture Styles



As an individual reclining option, Magaly recommends the Brentwood.This retro inspired chair is easily mistaken for a couple of things, one of them being a vintage piece, and another being a stationary piece. Push back on the arms and reveal a legrest that pops from underneath the seat.


The Brentwood features hallmark details of mid-century design, it adds unmatched style and unexpected comfort to any room. It also features flared arms with welt trim frame the box border seat cushion, while a tall tufted back and attached headrest provide soft support as you sit or recline. Exposed wings and tall conical legs add extra flair.


You can learn more about the Brentwood High-Leg Recliner with its product page.


Family Favourites


The Family Favourites collection is designed to cater to family functions without having to sacrifice style. 


This collection comprises stylish and versatile pieces that value comfort for a crowd. Even better, this style is all about durability so that you can rest easy as your family lives on this furniture. 


From luxurious and durable leather to the convenience of built-in USB ports, pieces from the Family Favourites collection offer you and your loved ones an upgraded family experience. 


Whether you score the spot with the hidden cup holder or stash your snacks in the hidden storage unit, everyone in the family will find something to love about this style.

What Family Favourites says about you …


If you love the Family Favourites collection, your home likely reflects your personality and lifestyle. It would be no surprise that you are a family-oriented person. 


You enjoy a unique mix of design elements, and this says a lot about you and your family’s varied interests.


La-Z-Boy Pieces from the Family Favourites Collection


If you want to achieve the Family Favourites look, Magaly has a few suggestions for you. Can you envision your family enjoying any of the following pieces from this line? 

Leah Sleep Sofa


Leah Sleeper Sofa

Family is often all about functionality. The Leah Sleep Sofa can turn any stylish room into a functional guest room. By day, the sleeper is a stylish sofa with curved rolling arms and welt trim. But by night, the Leah transforms into a comfy bed perfect for the kid’s sleepovers.


The Leah is also available as a twin sleeper chair for smaller spaces. You can learn more about the Leah Queen Sleeper Sofa by checking out this article.


Morrison Reclining Sofa


Morrison reclining Sofa


Next, as a reclining option for those long relaxing TV binge sessions, the Morrison Sofa has you covered. With dual reclining end seats, it’s as stylish as it is inviting, with clean design lines and chaise seats that create a continuous reclining surface for added leg support.


The Morrison is also available as a rocker or wall recliner and a reclining loveseat. You can learn more about the Morrison Furniture Family by checking out this article.

Pinnacle Recliner


Pinnacle Recliner

The Pinnacle Recliner is an easygoing style that is perfect for resting and relaxing. The chaise seat and leg rest create a zone of comfort for your body, not to mention the convenient handle to recline.


The Pinnacle is available as a rocking, wall, gliding & lift recliner, as well as a wall reclining loveseat and a wall reclining sofa. You can learn more about the Pinnacle Recliner by checking out this article.


Comfortably Casual


Last but certainly not least, the Comfortably Casual collection is refined yet relaxed. This collection is meant to create beautiful spaces that are meant to be lived in. 


With playful pallets, cozy sectionals, and functional storage units that can double as a cocktail table, this collection disguises comfort as chic. When it comes to Comfortably Casual, every room is warm. Whether it be an area rug or a decorative lamp, the overall look is relaxed.

LZB Design Styles

What Comfortably Casual says about you …


Comfortably Casual sounds pretty appealing, right? If this style speaks to you, it means that you likely approach space with a wonderful mix of passion and purpose. 


You are much like a talented chef! You can blend unexpected ingredients together to create a delicious new dish. When it comes to interior design, you balance tradition with a fresh contemporary furniture design.


Your casual environment exudes warmth, welcome, and a sense of ease.


La-Z-Boy Pieces from the Comfortably Casual Collection


Are you interested in furniture that will accomplish a Comfortably Casual look in your home? Here are some ideas from Magaly to get you started. 


Laurel Stationary Sofa


Laurel Sofa

Magaly starts this category off by recommending the Laurel Stationary Sofa, which features a button-tufted back, gently rolled arms, and tapered wood legs adding to its uniqueness. 


Not only is the Laurel available as a sofa, but it is also available as a chair & a half and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Laurel Furniture Family by checking out this article.

Ava Reclining Sofa



As the reclining alternative for Comfortably Casual, Magaly chooses the Ava Sofa. With its clean lines and contemporary styling, the Ava Reclining Sofa brings comfort and versatility to your contemporary decor.
Designed with single-needle topstitched detailing on the inside arms, legrest, seat and back, Ava features a pub-style back and pillow top arms to create the ideal spot for relaxing or watching TV.
The Ava is also available as a Recliner, a loveseat and a sectional. You can learn more about the Ava Furniture Family with this article.

Roxie Chair


Roxie Swivel Chair

Although she may appear casual, the Roxie Chair is great for complimenting bold decor pieces. The Roxie is a comfortable and versatile chair with a deep T-cushion, welt trim, and defining structure.


The Roxie is available as a swivel chair or a swivel gliding chair, which you can learn more about in its review article.

What’s Your Design Style?


There you have it! You have now discovered the four unique and stylish collections offered at La-Z-Boy. 


So which style spoke the most to you? 

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With a knowledge and understanding of our styles and your own personal preferences, take your interior design vision to the next level by working with one of our interior designers at La-Z-Boy.


In addition to these four main style categories, our interior designers can help you achieve several other design styles using La-Z-Boy furniture. Magaly del Castillo has used La-Z-Boy furniture to achieve several alternative design trends, such as Modern Farmhouse and Bohemian Industrial.


Design services at La-Z-Boy are complimentary with your purchase. Why not take advantage of the eye for detail and knack for creativity offered by our in-house talent? 


Get started by visiting a local Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy showroom.


We look forward to helping you bring your design style to life.

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