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2-Seater Sofas at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

September 1, 2021

2-Seater Sofa Featured Image

Are you looking for spacious and sleek comfort for two? 

While a loveseat might be too cramped and a sectional too roomy, a 2-seater sofa is the perfect option for two loved ones. 

2-seater sofas offer each individual their own spacious cushion, eliminating the unnecessary barrier of a third middle seat. This is ideal for shared activities such as watching a movie or chatting over a glass of wine.

Beyond the comfortable seating arrangement, 2-seater sofas knock out the clutter by portraying sleek style with two clean lines. 

At La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston, clients often ask us about our 2-seater sofa selection. From stationary to reclining, La-Z-Boy has several 2-seater sofas to choose from in a variety of styles. There is something for everyone. 

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This article will answer your questions about 2-seater sofas and help you narrow down your selection by outlining our collection of 2-seater sofas at La-Z-Boy. By the end of this article, you will be able to identify which 2-seater sofa is right for you or perhaps that it isn’t what you are looking for after all.

In this Article ...

1. What is a 2-Seater Sofa?

a) Average Dimensions of a 2-Seater Sofa

b) Difference Between a 2-Seater Sofa and a Loveseat

2. 2-Seater Sofas at La-Z-Boy

a) The Paxton

b) The Laurel


What is a 2-Seater Sofa?

Before we dive into the 2-seater sofa selection at La-Z-Boy, you may be wondering what exactly a 2-seater sofa is? How does a 2-seater sofa differ from a regular sofa?

A 2-seater sofa is no different from a regular sofa other than the fact that it features 2 seat cushions instead of three. 

A traditional sofa is constructed with three seat cushions catering to 3-person seating. Alternatively, a 2-seater sofa is better suited for the shared comfort of two.


Average Dimensions of a 2-Seater Sofa

A common misconception about 2-seater sofas is that they are smaller than regular 3-cushion sofas. 

This is not true. In fact, 2-seater sofas are about the same length and width as regular sofas. 

A 2-seater sofa simply features two longer seat cushions compared to a regular sofa that features three shorter seat cushions. Regardless of the number of cushions, the total seating surface area typically remains the same. 

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On average, the length of a 2-seater sofa is about 82.5 inches. The seat cushions tend to be about 40 inches long, give or take a couple of inches for the arms of the sofa. 

In comparison, the seat cushions on a regular sofa are about 26 inches long.

Difference Between a 2-Seater Sofa & a Loveseat

2-seater sofas may appear similar to loveseats, especially when browsing for furniture online as you are unable to assess the true size of a unit. At a glance, they both have two seat cushions, ideal for the shared comfort of two love birds.

In reality, the 2-seater sofa is much larger than a loveseat. 

With less surface area and smaller cushions, the loveseat remains true to its name. The two individuals that share a loveseat have no choice but to snuggle up to one another. Alternatively, a 2-seater sofa is actually quite spacious. Allowing two individuals lots of room to sprawl out on the same piece of furniture.

2-Seater Sofas at La-Z-Boy

Now that we are clear on exactly what a 2-seater sofa is, let’s take a look at the quality and comfortable 2-seater sofas offered at La-Z-Boy. 

Amongst this selection, you will find options that vary in size, style, and cost. Some of these frames have the ability to recline, while others remain stationary. Each 2-seater sofa is customizable in cover options and upgrades to match your unique needs and preferences. 

It is also important to note that all 2-seater sofas at La-Z-Boy are constructed with Premier Construction. Premier construction includes quality-crafted frames padded to enhance the style’s design lines. More specifically, premier construction includes …

  1. OSB, hardwood solids, and laminated hardwood frame construction
  2. Fully padded outside back, outside arms, and front posts
  3. No-Sag Sinuous wire seat and back springs
  4. La-Z-Boy non-skid Logo Decking
  5. ComfortCore®  Seats
  6. Toss Pillows
  7. Self-Healing Zippers


The Paxton

The stationary Paxton Sofa is the casual and relaxed sofa that invites you to kick back and get cozy. But, its clean lines and crisp welt trim give it a neat and structured silhouette. Paxton features deep, T-shaped seat cushions, low-profile wood legs, and chamber-filled back cushions that maintain their shape and support over time. Patented ComfortCore® cushions provide just the right amount of support for a long or short sit. 

Product Details:

  • Deep and roomy sofa
  • Patented ComfortCore® cushions
  • Wide arms
  • Welt trim on the arms
  • Low profile wood legs
  • Matching ottoman available separately
  • Double-picked blown fiberfill for improved cushion loft and shape retention
  • High-grade foam seat cushions that maintain their comfort and appearance
  • Premium grade fabrics tested to resist wear and fading


  • Body Depth: 44.0”
  • Body Height: 38.0”
  • Body Width: 88.0”

The Paxton is also available as an ottoman, chair & a half,  loveseat, and sectional. Read an in-depth Review of the Paxton Sectional.


The Laurel

The Laurel Sofa is a stationary piece that loves to welcome with a relaxed and eclectic look. Button details, gently rolled arms, and tapered wood legs add to this sofa’s unique and sophisticated style. 

Product Details:

  • Decorative wood legs
  • Welt trim
  • Includes two 18” stylish accent pillows
  • Double-picked blown fiberfill for improved shape retention
  • Patented ComfortCore® cushions
  • High-grade foam seat cushions maintain their comfort and appearance
  • Premium grade fabrics and leathers tested to resist wear and fading
  • Customizable with your choice of fabrics and other upgrades


  • Body Depth: 38.0”
  • Body Height: 39.0”
  • Body Width: 80.0”

The Laurel is also available as an ottoman and chair & a half.



What's Next?

So, is a 2-seater sofa something you fancy? More specifically, are you interested in one of the 2-seater sofa styles that we offer at La-Z-Boy?

Our expert consultants at La-Z-Boy can help narrow down your search further by ensuring you find a 2-seater sofa with your exact requirements. Not only will they help you find the exact style and comfort you are looking for, but they will also see that the 2-seater sofa you choose is the ideal size for your space and your body type

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Further, you may consider taking advantage of our complimentary interior design services at La-Z-Boy. Our talented designers will help you customize your sofa to fit seamlessly with your desired home decor. 

Perhaps after reading this article, you’ve decided that a 2-seater sofa is not for you. Not to worry because we have a variety of traditional sofas and loveseats to choose from as well. Take a look at our best sellers:

To continue your quest for the perfect sofa, visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston location to get started today. If you prefer to plan in advance, schedule an appointment online.

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