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Canadel Dining Tables: Legs vs Pedestals

May 9, 2022

Canadel Dining Tables: Legs vs Pedestals

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When you think of the perfect dining room table, what does it include?

Does it have a round or a rectangular shape? A clean look, or distressed? A leg base or a pedestal base?

Canadel has been specializing in creating custom dining room furniture for 40 years now, handcrafting high-quality furniture pieces for many to enjoy. With over 9 million customization options to choose from, dining tables come in all shapes and sizes.  

Among a variety of choices, you will likely choose between a leg base or a pedestal base for your dining room table.

This article will cover all of your burning questions about dining table legs and pedestals at Canadel, allowing you to figure out which option is best for your dining room. 

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In This Article…

  1. Dining Table Leg and Pedestal Selection at Canadel
  2. Factors to Consider when Purchasing Legs or Pedestals
  3. Pros and Cons of Dining Table Legs and Pedestals
  4. Which Dining Table Option is Right for You?


Dining Table Leg and Pedestal Selection at Canadel

Canadel has 6 dining collections: Canadel, East Side, Gourmet, Downtown, Champlain and Loft. Each collection offers a unique twist to the traditional styles we all know and love.

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Under these 6 collections, there are many different styles and options regarding dining table legs and pedestals. 

Types of Legs and Pedestals Offered at Canadel

When it comes to dining table legs, Canadel has a lot to choose from. Within each collection, Canadel showcases several styles, such as

  • Bulky;
  • Round
  • Square;
  • Curvy;
  • and Ornate.


With dining table pedestals, it’s almost the same story. However, because pedestals have more shape to them than slim legs, they are able to have more unique designs to them. 

Some pedestals come as a single pedestal, but bigger dining room tables have the option to have double pedestals, which basically serve the same function as a single pedestal, except there are now two pedestals supporting the length of the table.

Some larger single pedestals are used for bigger tables, but can only hold so much before they lack the necessary support. Double pedestals can support more out of a table and can come connected or detached from one another.

Canadel Dining table pedestals also have several styles, including

  • Spherical;
  • Cubic;
  • Rectangular;
  • and Ornate.

*These also include double pedestals.

Leg Pedestal Options with Each Canadel Collection

Now that the leg and pedestal options at Canadel are listed, let’s see which collections offer what, in terms of variety and styles.

Canadel Dining Table Legs

Canadel Dining Table Pedestals


Canadel’s flagship collection, simply named Canadel, is the biggest collection that the company has. The reason being is that this collection has four different styles within it, which is something that the other collections do not have. 

Canadel’s four styles include Farmhouse, Classic, Core, and Modern, which incorporate rustic, traditional, contemporary and modern styles, respectively.

Given that Canadel has the most variety within its collection, this unsurprisingly means it has the most table leg and pedestal options available out of all the collections.

The Rustic Collections

East Side, Loft and Champlain all have a rustic style to them.

While Champlain has a more niche rustic, french-country look, East Side and Loft display industrial aesthetics in their dining pieces. East Side is more woodland compared to Loft’s more modern touch.

East Side’s legs and pedestals have a live edge option that makes the dining tables take on a woodland aesthetic, almost making it look like it was cut off from a tree. Live edge is featured more prominently in pedestals than legs.

Champlain displays very ornate and unique-looking legs and pedestals within their options, each being drastically different than the last.

Loft has bulky wooden leg and pedestal options within its collection. While it only has one leg option, it does display 5 different pedestal options, which is more than some other collections. Each pedestal option is bulky and cubic in shape.

Contemporary Collections

As for Gourmet and Downtown, they display contemporary twists on their dining room furniture. 

Gourmet is inspired by dining rooms from around the world, while Downtown has a more modern and simplistic design, especially with its glass dining tables.

You can learn more about glass dining tables, in general, by checking out this article about the benefits and disadvantages of Glass Dining Tables.

Gourmet and Downtown are limited in dining table leg and pedestal options, compared to other Canadel collections. Gourmet only has two styles of dining table legs and pedestals, and Downtown similarly has one pedestal option and many different leg options for glass tables. 


Dining Tables Legs vs. Pedestals: 4 Factors to Consider

When discussing dining table legs and pedestals, you might be thinking, is there a better option out of the two? This section will cover 4 factors to consider when choosing between a dining table with legs or pedestals.

1. Style

For vanity purposes, pedestals can feature more designs and styles to them, because they are made from larger pieces of wood than table legs. With more real estate comes more creative liberties for artisans, allowing them to create ornate and complex designs. 

As mentioned before, East Side’s collection, for example, features a live edge option on dining tables with pedestals, not legs. 

Legs can still have interesting designs to them, but may not offer the same aesthetically pleasing style as a pedestal does.

2. Price

Dining Table w/ PedestalInterestingly enough, dining table legs are significantly less expensive than dining tables with pedestals. 

If you were to compare the price of a leg table compared to a pedestal table, there would be about a $600 price difference. This is all depending on the materials and the labour that goes into creating the piece of furniture.

With that being said, if you are looking for a less expensive option, dining tables with legs would be a more affordable choice. 

If you remain on the side of pedestals, you may be able to find a dining table with a simple-looking pedestal at an affordable price. 

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3. Space & Comfortability

When it comes to space, dining tables with pedestals have more of an advantage over dining table legs. 

Say you are going to be hosting a dinner party and are expecting more guests than what your table can handle. Dining tables with a pedestal can fit more people comfortably than dining tables with legs. 

This is because pedestals support the middle of the table, out of the way of your guests' legs and feet. Alternatively, dining table legs can get in the way of extra chairs and limbs, especially for someone sitting in a corner spot. 

According to multiple sources, dining table legs take off a full foot of seating space on average. This, of course, depends on the thickness of the table legs. Regardless, up to a foot of space is a lot to sacrifice.

With dining table pedestals, you will ultimately be able to get more space and seat more people at your table. 

Spacing aside, dining tables with pedestals may pose some discomfort, depending on the person. Some people might find it uncomfortable to sit at a table with pedestals because they might bump their knees against the pedestal edge. 

You also might find it hard to fully tuck your dining room chairs into the table with a pedestal. 

4. Support

Supporting the overall base of the table is another important factor to consider when weighing out your leg vs. pedestal decision. 

Dining tables with a pedestal typically support the centre of the table, whereas dining tables with legs support the edges. 

If there is too much weight placed on one side of a dining table with a pedestal, the table may not withstand the weight and could tip over. Dining tables with legs, on the other hand, do not have this problem because the support is already at the edges. 

Now you might be thinking, what about double pedestals? Yes, double pedestals do have more support than single pedestals. However, they still have the same risk as a single pedestal because they are still supporting the centre of the table.


Dining Table Legs vs. Pedestals: Pros & Cons

After considering these factors, here is a summary of the pros and cons of each dining table option:

Dining Tables with Legs

Dining Tables with Pedestals


  • Less expensive

  • Support the edges of the table


  • Lose one foot of seating space

  • Less creative stylish freedoms


  • Able to seat more people

  • More creative liberties


  • More expensive

  • Supports the centre of the table (can cause balancing issues)


Which Dining Table Option is Right For You?

We have covered important factors to consider, as well as the pros and cons of each dining table option. But you might still be wondering, which one is right for you? To answer this question, we must take a look at the functionality, price, and style of each option.

When it comes to functionality in your dining room, it is known that dining tables with pedestals can take up more space.

With that being said, dining tables with legs might be a better option because these types of dining tables do not take up as much space as dining room pedestals.

Aside from the space of your dining room, dining tables with pedestals are ideal for those who like to have large gatherings for dinner. Pedestals offer an extra foot of space underneath the table, so you are able to have more people sit within your space. This makes everyone happy as they don’t feel squished.

Measurements are key to finding out if a furniture piece is right for your space. To learn more about this, take a look at this article on How to Measure a Room to Buy the Right Furniture

Speaking of dining tables with legs, they are also better for those on a tighter budget. As mentioned before, pedestals are more expensive because they require more materials to be made. 

Regardless of whether you purchase a dining table with legs or a pedestal, high-quality furniture is always going to be more expensive.

Finally, when it comes to style, dining tables with a pedestal base offer more ornate and unique designs compared to dining tables with legs.

What's Next?

At the end of the day, dining tables with legs or pedestals are both great choices. It all depends on what you are currently looking for as a homeowner. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the comparison between dining table legs and pedestals, why not take a look at some dining room tables yourself?

La-Z-Boy and Canadel have been furniture partners for quite some time now, meaning you can shop for all things Canadel by visiting any of our La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston locations. You can also visit Canadel’s flagship store at our Kanata location.

Canadel isn’t the only dining room furniture partnership La-Z-Boy has. We also have dining room furniture from American Drew, Kincaid, and Hammary to choose from, which you can learn more about through their respective review articles.

While you’re at a La-Z-Boy showroom, you can also check out La-Z-Boy’s selection of high-quality furniture items we have in store for all your living room needs. 

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