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Best Stores to Buy Dining Furniture in Kingston, Ontario

June 18, 2021

Home of the best freshwater sailing harbor in North America, Kingston, Ontario is full of vibrant arts, entertainment, recreation, and leisure communities. Not to mention, a hub of knowledge as it holds thousands of mature students attending Queen’s University


Kingston is a warm and welcoming place for the youth, growing families, and couples settling into retirement. With such beautiful neighborhoods and a variety of homeowners, Kingston offers a variety of excellent furniture stores to choose from.


More specifically, Kingston holds several stores that offer dining room furniture catering to a range of styles and budgets.

Kingston Dining Stores

As a reputable furniture retailer ourselves located in Riocan Centre in Kingston, we are often asked our opinion on the best dining furniture stores in the area. 


While La-Z-Boy is known for our quality and comfortable upholstery furniture, we also offer dining products from our brands American Drew, Kincaid, and Hammary. We also offer a range of quality custom dining furniture at our Canadel Custom Dining Store, located in Kanata, Ontario.  


With this, we realize that we are not for everyone. To that end, we have identified the top 8 stores that sell dining room furniture in Kingston. 


In alphabetical order, the following Kingston furniture retailers will be compared based on the following:


  • Products Offered
  • Price Range
  • Services Offered


Kingston Dining Stores

1. Ashley HomeStore

2776 Princess St, Kingston


Ashley HomeStore is an American furniture store chain that sells Ashley Furniture products. Opened in 1997, the chain comprises over 2000 locations worldwide. The chain has both corporate and independently owned and operated furniture stores.


Dining Products


Ashley HomeStore sells a variety of products suited for the dining room such as dining tables, dining chairs, barstools, benches, and storage. Further, you can also purchase complete coordinated dining room sets at Ashley. 


Price Range


Products sold at Ashley HomeStore are considered to fall within the mid-price range on the furniture market.


To get a better idea of the cost of dining furniture at Ashley, dining room tables range from about $250 to $1,299.



  • Delivery Service: Doorstep Delivery
  • Furniture Financing

2. Bennette’s Furniture & Mattresses

2376 Princess St, Kingston


For over 90 years, Bennett’s Furniture & Mattresses has been a reputable furniture retailer with a fairly new location in Kingston. Bennett’s has a large showroom with a wide selection of high-quality and comfortable home furniture for all tastes. 


Dining Products


When it comes to dining room furniture, you can find a variety of dining tables, dining chairs, and barstools at Bennett’s. For a coordinated look, you can also shop for full dining room sets at Bennette’s. 


Price Range


Furniture sold at Bennett’s falls within the mid-high price range on the market today.


When it comes to dining furniture, a dining room table ranges from about $269 to $2,599.



  • Delivery: White-Glove
  • Interior Design (No certified Interior Designer on staff. Decorators only)
  • Custom Furniture
  • Furniture Financing 
  • Room Planner

3. The Brick

770 Gardiners Rd #1, Kingston


The Brick has operated as a well-known furniture retailer since 1971, first established in Edmonton, Canada. With over 209 locations across Canada, the Brick is known as a long-lasting and growing retail chain. The Brick showroom in Kingston takes a warehouse-style approach to sell furniture. 


Dining Products


The Brick offers a wide variety of dining furniture such as dining tables, dining chairs, benches, buffets, accent chairs, and barstools. The Brick also sells complete dining room furniture sets.


Price Range


Furniture sold at The Brick falls within the low to mid-price range on the market.


For reference, dining tables offered at The Brick range from about $140 to $1,599.




  • Delivery: Contactless, Room of Choice, Premium
  • Furniture Financing

4. Countrytime Furniture & Home Decor

1245 Midland Ave, Kingston


Countrytime Furniture & Home Decor was first established in 1999 and opened a 30,000 square foot showroom in Kingston in 2007. Countrytime is a local, family-owned, and operated furniture business that places an emphasis on Canadian-made furniture products. They specialize in handcrafted, solid wood, and Mennonite furniture.


Dining Products


Countrytime offers a range of rustic style dining furniture such as dining tables, mainly non upholstered dining chairs, sideboards, and buffets.


Price Range 


Products sold at Countrytime fall with the mid to high price range on the market. 


A dining table sold at Countrytime ranges from $995 to $3,995.



  • Customizable
  • Deliver: Doorstep 
  • Furniture Financing

5. Leons 

2730 Princess St, Kingston


Operating for over 100 years, Leons is one of Canada’s largest retailers, selling not only furniture but a wide range of merchandise. To this day, the company continues to be run by the Leon family. The business has expanded across Canada with a location in Kingston, Ontario.  The retailer now characterizes itself as a “Big Box” retailer as it carries a wide range of quality brand-name furniture and appliances. 


Dining Products


Leon’s sells a range of dining room furniture including dining tables, dining chairs, barstools, and benches.




When it comes to cost, products sold at Leon’s fall within the low to mid-price range on the market. 


Dining tables sold at Leon’s range from about $450 to $2,000.



  • Delivery: Standard Delivery Service
  • Furniture Financing
  • Custom Furniture (on select pieces)

6. James Reid Fine Furniture

252 Princess St, Kingston


Believe it or not, James Reid Fine Furniture is technically older than Canada itself as it was first established in 1854. The store was first created by the Reid family when they first settled in Kingston, Ontario. The Reid’s took the family business to a new level in 1979, making Reid’s Fine Furniture what it is today. The historical store is still located on Princess Street and is known as a downtown staple, offering dining furniture from various manufacturers. 


Dining Products


James Reid sells a variety of dining tables and dining chairs.


Price Range


Furniture sold at James Reid falls with the mid to high price range on the market.


A dining room table at James Reid costs between $1,300 to $6,000.



  • Customizable
  • Design your own Dining Collection
  • Delivery: In-Home
  • Furniture Financing
  • Interior Decorating Advice (no certified Interior Designer on staff)

7. Structube 

616 Gardiners Rd Unit 5, Kingston


First established in Montreal in 1974, Structube now has multiple locations across Canada, including Kingston, Ontario. What started as a Canadian family business has now established into a growing furniture retailer offering trendy furniture at affordable prices.


Dining Products


Structube sells a variety of dining tables, dining chairs, barstools, counter stools, buffets, benches, bar tables, and bar carts, lamps and accessories.


Price Range 


Structube aims to offer a great furniture style at low prices. With this, Structube furniture falls within the low to mid-price range in the market. 


For comparison, a dining table sold at Structube ranges from about $69 to $999. 



  • Delivery: Doorstep, In-Home
  • Designer Program
  • Limited finance programs

8. Urban Barn

656 Gardiners Rd Unit 18, Kingston


In 1990, Urban Barn was established by a Canadian couple in Cambie, Vancouver. The furniture retail store now has stores spanning across Canada in over 50 communities, including Kingston, Ontario. Urban Barn aims to offer a variety of furniture that caters to all different styles of living across the country.


Dining Products


Urban Barn has a vast selection of dining furniture such as dining tables, dining chairs, stools, benches, sideboards, cabinets, bar carts, and storage. For design assistance, Urban Barn also offers coordinated dining furniture collections. 


Price Range


Urban Barn products fall within the mid to high price range. 


A dining table sold at Urban Barns ranges from about $599 to $2,199. 



  • Delivery: White-Glove, Threshold
  • Virtual Services
  • Design Services

What’s Next?


After visiting the Kingston Public Market, you will have all the fresh and local ingredients necessary to make a delicious homemade meal. It is equally as important to have a beautiful dining room table to sit around and enjoy.


Luckily, you are now equipped with the basic information on the best retailers to buy dining room furniture in Kingston, Ontario. You are one step closer to choosing a furniture retailer that best suits your dining style and budget.


While you can’t go wrong with these mentioned furniture retailers, we are also here for you at our La-Z-Boy Kingston Store. 


La-Z-Boy Kingston is one of our four local and family-owned Ontario locations. We offer American Drew, Kincaid, and Hammary are divisions of La-Z-Boy incorporated that sell a variety of quality and stylish dining room furniture. 


Although you may not find a full comportment of dining room in the La-Z-Boy Kingston showroom, there are simple pieces and colour samples available to view. 


Our expert designers would be thrilled to help you browse our dining furniture selection from a range of detailed catalogues.

Kingston Dining Stores

Further, our primary dining selection in Kingston is from our Canadel Custom Dining store. Canadel specializes in high-quality, hand-crafted, and customizable dining room furniture manufactured in North America. 


Take a look at our 2021 Review of the Canadel Dining Collection (+ Canadel Design Tips).

Kingston Dining Stores
Kingston Dining Stores

As you decide on dining furniture for your home, take advantage of our complimentary design services to ensure that your new additions fit seamlessly with the rest of your home decor. 


We look forward to meeting you and helping you find exactly what you are looking for! 


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