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Premier Construction at La-Z-Boy: Features, Products, and How it Affects Cost

February 8, 2021

Premier Construction at La-Z-Boy: Features, Products, and How it Affects Cost
For over 90 years, La-Z-Boy has continued to make its mark in the furniture industry. Founded in principles of comfort, innovation, and craftsmanship, La-Z-Boy is consistently reinventing itself. 

While La-Z-Boy is traditionally known for being the #1 manufacturer of recliners and reclining furniture, the brand is also becoming recognized for the design and style of Stationary Furniture. 

For most non-reclining frames, La-Z-Boy has developed a Premier method of construction.  These stationary styles of sofas and chairs are built with premier features targeting the frame, spring system, cushion and padding.  

This method is also used in the making of La-Z-Boy’s duo® furniture, a collection that looks stationary but provides a motion concept.

But what is Premier Construction? It sounds great, but what does this really mean? How does Premier Construction differ from standard construction?

This article will answer all of your questions about Premier Construction. Learn about the standard features of premier construction, options & upgrades available to Premier furniture, as well as the Limited Lifetime Warranty offered. Additionally, take a look at La-Z-Boy’s top-selling Premier constructed products. 

You may even wonder how Premier Construction may impact the final price tag? This article will let you know exactly what you are paying for and why it is a worthwhile investment.

In this article …

  1. What is Premier Construction?
  2. Standard Features
  3. Options & Upgrades
  4. Limited Lifetime Warranty
  5. Premier Constructed Products at La-Z-Boy
  6. Top Sellers from the Stationary Collection
  7. Top Sellers from the Duo Collection
  8. How Does Premier Construction Affect Cost & is it Worth it?

1. What is Premier Construction?


All La-Z-Boy furniture is manufactured with top-quality materials and innovative methods to not only ensure comfort but to also ensure the longevity of your furniture for years to come. 


With this, Premier furniture takes standard La-Z-Boy construction to the next level. To put it simply, Premier construction includes quality-crafted frames padded to enhance the style’s design lines. 


These Premier construction methods are used in the making of stationary sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and chairs, as well as select items from the La-Z-Boy Duo Collection.



Let’s dig deeper into understanding exactly what makes this furniture ‘Premier’ …


2. Standard Features:

1. OSB, hardwood solids, and laminated hardwood frame construction


La-Z-Boy frames are made with an exclusive engineered hardwood jointed together. A frame of such high-quality ensures the longevity of the sofa and supports regular use.

2. Fully padded outside back, outside arms, and front post


The padding on La-Z-Boy sofas gives a finished appearance and supports the fabric and frame. It allows the sofa to hold its original shape without the fabric wrinkling or loosening over time.

3. No-Sag Sinuous wire seat and back springs


La-Z-Boy sofas are developed with a high-quality seat and spring mechanism that ensures added strength and support when seated. These sofas are also constructed with a mesh layer in between the springs, frame, and cushioning in order to avoid any wear over time.

4. La-Z-Boy non-skid Logo Decking


The raised La-Z-Boy logo keeps seat cushions in place when going from a seated position to standing.

5. ComfortCore Seats


For added comfort and optimal firmness, Premier La-Z-Boy sofas are made with patented ComfortCore cushions. The 7-layer zoned cushion technology offers added support for the spine, hips, and behind the knees. 


This proprietary foam features four different foam densities, each one providing the optimal comfort and support for various areas of the seat.

Zone One – Pressure Relief Core


This zone offers softer support at the front of the cushion to ease pressure behind the knees.

  • 3” thick, 27 lb ILD, 1.8 density high-resiliency foam 


Zone Two – Ultra-High Resilience Core


The rear core or posterior region has the heaviest and firmest foam. Given that this section of the cushion supports the bulk of your body weight, this zone is meant to provide firmer support offering softness without sagging. 

  • 3” thick, 36lb ILD, 2.5 density high-resiliency foam


Zone Three – High Resilience Casing


For an added layer of overall support, lasting comfort, and durability, a top and bottom layer (or casing) is added to the inner core.

  • 1” thick, 24lb ILD, 1.8 density high comfort polyfoam


Zone Four – Hypersoft Foam


This zone provides a layer of softness that allows for an exceptionally subtle initial sit. The cushion assembly is finished with a lofty ¾ oz batting wrap to protect the foam from direct contact with the chosen upholstery. 

  • 1”thick, 12lb ILD, 1.5 density conventional foam

Premier Construction

For more information on La-Z-Boy Cushion technology, take a look at the Review of La-Z-Boy’s Chair and Sofa Seat Cushions.

6. Toss Pillows


La-Z-Boy sofa toss pillows are lined with accordion fabric for added loft. This helps the pillows stay fuller, longer, needing less maintenance.

7. Zippers


La-Z-Boy upholstery is made with self-healing zippers fixed effortlessly by zipping and unzipping past the point where it has popped open with usage.

Premier Construction

3. Options & Upgrades


At La-Z-Boy, everything is customizable, including Premier Furniture. 


There are several customization options and upgrades available to make any piece of Premier Furniture uniquely yours. 


Specialty Fabrics


The cover chosen for upholstery furniture is a crucial decision in determining the look and feel of your furniture. 


The options are limitless at La-Z-Boy with over 900 colours and fabrics to choose from. You may even opt for leather upholstery depending on what you prefer. 


To learn more about the fabric vs. leather, take a look at the article, What Fabric is Best for your Sofa?


Additionally, all Premier Constructed upholstery products are offered in specialty fabrics that are manufactured for your everyday needs. Superior stain and fade resistance properties make these fabrics easy to clean and incredibly durable.


  • Stain Resistant


Innovative iClean technology surrounds each fabric fiber, creating a barrier that repels spills before they turn into stains.



Tested to simulate the scratches and wear pet can cause, to ensure a durable and easily washable fabric. 


  • Antimicrobial *New


Antimicrobial properties surround each fiber to protect against mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria. 


  • Performance


Superior stain and fade resistance properties make these fabrics easy to clean and incredibly durable. 

  • Eco Friendly


Conserve Sustainable Fabrics are soft, durable, and made from recycled water bottles. 


If you are customizing a piece from the stationary furniture collection, you create a unique look by using contrasting fabric. A combination of two different upholstery fabrics or a fabric/leather combination can be used on select stationary styles. 


Additionally, additional yards of fabric or complete leather hides can be ordered for use in decorative detailing or to be kept on hand in the event that a repair is needed.

Premier Contruction

Premier Construction

ComfortCore Gel

If you wish to raise your comfort level beyond what is offered by the ComfortCore cushioning, consider upgrading to the ComfortCore Gel cushions. This upgrade is available on any Premier sofa, loveseat, or chair style. 


In addition to the standard ComfortCore zone 1 and zone 2, you will also enjoy …


Zone Three – Airform


A casing of airform responsive foam conforms to your every curve allowing muscles to relax and rejuvenate. Airform features superior durability, remains cool & comfortable, offers soothing pressure relief, and provides contoured support. 

  • 1.5” thick, 3.7 density airform


Zone Four – Gel-Infused Foam


The Gel-infused density memory foam distributes pressure and lessens the initial “firmness” of the Airform and provides a soft yet supportive foundation. 

  • 1”thick, 2.4 density gel-infused memory foam

Premier Construction

Mattress Upgrades (Stationary Collection Only)


Within the Premier Constructed Stationary Collection, there are select sofa beds that come with built-in mattresses. 


With this, you have the option to upgrade the quality of the mattress: 


  • Slumberair Mattress


Upgrade standard sleep sofa mattress with the SlumberAir mattress system offered in Queen, Full, and Twin sizes. 


  • Memory Foam Mattress


The 0.5” quilted top features a circular knit bamboo polyester cover, a rayon polyester flame retardant barrier, and a 0.5” layer of gel foam. The mattress core is a 3” 1.8 lb polyurethane foam base, topped with a 1” layer of 2.5 lb memory foam. 


This comes in Queen, Full, and Twin sizes.

Premier Construction
Premier Construction

Finish Options


Transform the look of your Premier Constructed sofa by uniquely customizing the wood finish on the sofa legs.


  • Brown Mahogany


The medium brown patina of this finish is a classic that easily mixes with other finished in a room for an enduring look that never goes out of style.


  • Coffee


A deep rich finish with dark brown undertones, this sophisticated hue creates a contemporary vibe and an up-to-the-minute-look. 


  • Driftwood (Stationary Collection Only)


This textured, lighter natural wood tone produces a more casual finish that is mixable within any room environment. 


  • Graphite 


With understated gray tones that project a style that is both dramatic and modern, this finish makes a powerful design statement in any room.

Nailhead Trim & Contrasting Welt


Commonly used on more traditional pieces, nailhead trim is making a comeback in home design. To accentuate the lines of your Premier Constructed sofa, customize the nailhead trim. 


Choose from …


  • No nailhead trim
  • Black 
  • Platinum
  • Brass


In addition, welt trim provides a tailored look to sofa seat cushions. You can opt for contrasting welt trim on your Premier Constructed sofas from the Duo Collection to add some personality and decorative detail.



Not only are Premier sofas constructed with quality in mind, but also style. Sofas from the Duo and Stationary collection come with matching accent pillows. 


These accent pillows have options for upgrades and customization, allowing for another opportunity to make your premier sofa your own. 


  • Featherlite Pillows


Upgrade accent pillows to the luxurious comfort of 95% duck feathers, 5% duck down, encased in a 100% cotton down-proof ticking (DPT) fabric for additional support and comfort. 


  • Contrasting Pillows


The fabric on accent pillows can be changed. For a bold and eye-catching look, select contrasting pillows.


  • Fringe


A fringe accent can be added to primary or secondary (accent) pillows on most styles. 


  • Cord


Cord accent can be added to primary or secondary (accent) pillows on most styles.

Premier Contruction

Leg Change (Stationary Collection Only)


On premier sofas from the stationery collection, changes can be made from the standard leg to a different leg design. 


Left Hand Power Activator (Duo Collection Only)


On select reclining styles from the Duo Collection, change the location of the 2-button mounted controller with USB for operating the power recliner from right-side to left-side sitting.

4. Limited Lifetime Warranty


At La-Z-Boy, furniture is built to last and product made with Premier Construction is no exception. 


That is why Premier Constructed products are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty assuring the protection of your investment and overall satisfaction. 


The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the repair or replacement of the frame, spring systems, and the mechanism, given that they are quality-crafted and built for long-lasting comfort. 


While still quality-crafted, other aspects of the product, such as fabrics, leather, and cushion, are not meant to last a lifetime. These parts are still covered by the La-Z-Boy Manufacturer’s Warranty for a given period of time.  


With this in mind, consider extending the longevity of your product by selecting from La-Z-Boy’s specialty fabrics. All La-Z-Boy fabrics are wear-tested in a lab before being La-Z-Boy certified, but if you have children and/or pets, performance fabrics are durable and made to last longer. 


You can rest assured that your Premier Furniture purchase will have lasting comfort and longevity for many years to come. 


For a more specific breakdown of the Premier Construction Limited Lifetime Warranty and what it covers, take a closer look below …



Stationary Collection

La-Z-Boy Premier Sofas, Sleep Sofas, and Sectionals

1 Year

3 Year

5 Year

Limited Lifetime Warranty



Show Wood


Springs & Spring Systems


Supreme Comfort Mechanism


Slumber Air Motor


Polyurethane Foam Cushioning


ComfortCore Cushion



ComfortCore GEL Cushion





iClean and Conserve Fabrics



iClean Fabrics



Conserve Fabrics


iClean and Antimicrobacterial Fabrics



Antimicrobacterial Fabrics


Stationary Select Leather

1 Year

3 Year

Limited Lifetime Warranty



Show Wood


Springs & Spring Systems


Seat Cushions






Duo Collection

duo Premier Sofas, Sectionals, Loveseats, and Chairs

1 Year

3 Year

5 Year

Limited Lifetime Warranty



Show Wood


Springs & Spring System


Electrical Components



duo Mechanism


ComfortCore Cushion



ComfortCore GEL Cushion





iClean & Conserve Fabrics



iClean Fabrics



Conserve Fabrics


iClean and Antimicrobacterial Fabrics



Antimicrobacterial Fabrics


For information on the additional protection plans available at La-Z-Boy, read Is La-Z-Boy Extended Warranty Plan Worth It?

5. Premier Constructed Products at La-Z-Boy


La-Z-Boy offers a wide variety of Premier constructed products from both the stationary and Duo Collection. This includes stylish and comfortable sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and chairs. 


To give you a better idea, take a look at the top-selling Premier Constructed products below …


6. Top Sellers from the Stationary Collection


1. The Bexley


The Bexley is designed for easy mix-and-match-ability. With its clean, tailored lines, and welt trim detailing, the Bexley blends right in. It features slightly flared, key-shaped arms that frame its roomy seats and simple silhouette. 


The Bexley style comes in a stationary sofa, sleep sofa, and loveseat,. 


For more detailed information about the Bexley, take a look at the Review of the Bexley Sofa.


Premier Construction

2. The Collins


The Collins offers a look that feels perfectly at home, in any home. The Collins style is classic, with simple lines and put-together tailoring. Featuring semi-attached pillow backs, over-scaled roll arms, and box seat cushions with welted trim. 


The Collins style is offered in a stationary sofa, sectional, loveseat, and chair. 


For more detailed information about the Collins, take a look at the Review of the Collins Sectional.

Premier Contruction

3. The Meyer


With deep seat cushions and an extra-wide stance, the Meyer is comfortable without sacrificing style. The welt detailing enhances the crisp but casual look of Meyer’s box border seats and backs, as well as its updated track arms. Decorative wood legs also add to its stylish appeal. 


The Meyer style is offered in a stationary sofa, sectional, ottoman, loveseat, and chair. 


For more detailed information about the Meyer, take a look at the Review of the Meyer Sofa and Review of the Meyer Sectional.

Premier Contruction

4. The Paxton


The new Paxton style is casual and relaxed that invites you to kick back and get cozy. Its clean lines and crisp welt trim give it a structured silhouette. The Paxton features deep, T-shaped seat cushions, low-profile wood legs, and chamber-filled back cushions that maintain their shape and support over time. 


The Paxton style is offered in a stationary sofa, sectional, ottoman, loveseat, and chair & a half. 


For more detailed information about the Paxton, take a look at the Review of the Paxton Sectional.

Premier Contruction

5. The Piper


With casual comfort at its finest, the Piper is clean, informal, and welcoming. With its optional pillow accents, contrasting welt trim and the option to add a chaise, you can make the Piper right for you how ever you choose.


The Piper is also available as a loveseat, a queen sleep sofa and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Piper Furniture Family by reading this article.


7. Top Sellers from the Duo Collection


1. The Edie


The Edie duo has clean and casual lines featuring padded outer arms, a padded back, tapered wood legs, and welt trim. Beyond the style, however, is the unexpected power to recline. With the tap of a side-mounted 2-button control panel to recline and kick your feet up. 


The Edie duo comes in a reclining sectional with multiple configurations.

Premier Construction

2. The Colby


The Colby duo is an easygoing favourite with the unexpected power to recline. Colby features graceful rolled arms, decorative wood legs, padded outer arms, and a padded outer back. The versatile frame can be dressed up for a formal setting or dressed down for a more casual family room. Dual controllers on the outside arms allow you to recline back and elevate your legs with ease. 


The Colby duo style comes in a recliner loveseat, reclining chair, and reclining sofa. 


For more detailed information about the Colby, take a look at the Review of the Colby duo Loveseat


For more a detailed description of our duo collection check out the review of the duo furniture collection.

Premier Construction

8. How Does Premier Construction Affect Cost & is it Worth it? 


Premier Construction is an elevated method of La-Z-Boy’s standard construction methods. With this, the making of these products requires top-quality materials, the expertise and labour of skilled craftsmen, and innovative technology. 


The quality and craftsmanship of this level are ultimately reflected in the overall cost of the product. 


More specifically, La-Z-Boy Premier stationary sofas range from about $1,499 to $2,100, and about $2,179 to $2,799 in signature leather styles. 


Please note that La-Z-Boy prices listed in this article are subject to change without notice. Information is current as of June 5, 2023. Contact your local Ottawa or Kingston location by phone or in person for up-to-date pricing.


In addition, customization options and upgrades will increase the final cost of the product. These price ranges are considered mid to high within the furniture industry. It is understandable that these price ranges may not fall within everyone’s budget. 


With this being said, La-Z-Boy ensures that Premier furniture is an investment in your comfort that will last long-term. In fact, many La-Z-Boy Premier furniture is built to last for many years. If you decide to invest in Premier furniture, its ongoing comfort and durability will be worth every penny.

What’s Next?


Hopefully, this article gave you a better understanding of Premier Construction and Premier products offered at La-Z-Boy. 


If you are ready to invest in a Premier sofa, sectional, loveseat, or chair, our talented team of consultants would be delighted to help you find the right piece for you. 


If you are worried about how this new piece of furniture will look with the rest of your home decor, not to worry. At La-Z-Boy, we offer complimentary Design Services. One of our interior designers would be happy to help you make customizations to your piece ensuring that it fits seamlessly in your home. 


Visit us at one of our local Ottawa or Kingston showrooms to get started shopping. If you’d prefer, schedule a visit in advance or schedule an appointment virtually


We look forward to helping you find the most Premier piece for you!


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