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5 Best Selling La-Z-Boy Living Room Ottomans

July 17, 2020

5 Best Selling La-Z-Boy Ottomans

Are you considering a La-Z-Boy ottoman for your living room or family room? Perhaps you’re looking to relax and put your feet up, but you don’t want a recliner. 


A living room ottoman adds a touch of sophistication and versatility that motion furniture can’t always provide. Whether serving as a footrest, extra seating, or a makeshift coffee table, Ottomans offer a myriad of uses while effortlessly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home.


At La-Z-Boy Ottawa and Kingston, we’ve helped hundreds of clients furnish their homes with the best ottoman footstools. Although there are several choices available, in this article, we’ll outline our top-selling La-Z-Boy ottomans and help you decide which one is right for you.

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  1. What is an Ottoman?
  2. Leo Ottoman
  3. Ferndale Ottoman
  4. Paxton Ottoman
  5. Montrose Ottoman
  6. Laurel Ottoman


What is an Ottoman?


Before we delve into the list of La-Z-Boy ottomans, it is important to know what an ottoman is and how it possesses multifunctionality in interior design. 


Also called a pouf or a footstool, a living room ottoman can serve many functions. It can serve as a coffee table, add extra seating for guests and provide an ottoman with storage! 


Typically characterized by a padded, upholstered top, ottomans offer a comfortable surface for resting your feet or sitting. Their diverse shapes and sizes range from square and rectangular to round and oval, allowing for seamless integration into any space. 


There are also ottomans with storage, offering secret compartments beneath the cushioned top, providing convenient solutions for stowing away blankets, pillows, or other items.


One of the most appealing aspects of a living room ottoman is its versatility in design. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern aesthetic, a cozy and traditional feel, or something in between, ottomans come in a vast array of styles, colours, and fabrics to complement any decor scheme.


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Top 5 La-Z-Boy Ottomans

1. Leo Ottoman


This multi-purpose square ottoman offers ample storage and a reversible top – one side with tufted fabric provides additional seating, while the other side converts to a wooden ottoman coffee table. With wooden feet or casters, Leo is perfect alone as a small ottoman and even better as a four-piece group turning into a large ottoman!



2. Ferndale Ottoman

This Ferndale square ottoman features an understated style and unlimited possibilities. Perfect alone or with its matching chair, this living room ottoman is designed to complement any décor, this versatile ottoman is also completely customizable. Create a look all your own with playful prints and pops of colour designed to be mixed and matched.  


The Ferndale is also available as a reclining chair, a swivel chair and a gliding chair. To learn more about the Ferndale Ottoman, as well as its chair, take a look at this article.


3. Paxton Ottoman


Paxton ottoman

Whether it’s used as a footrest, extra seating or a cocktail table, the Paxton Ottoman is hard to resist. This large ottoman is cozy and casual, yet with a clean and structured look. Pair it with any other Paxton furniture family product or virtually any other piece in your room.


Its versatile design allows you to customize it with your choice of fabrics and finishes to fit your style and decor. If you’re looking for a neutral choice, the Paxton looks great as a white ottoman.


The Paxton furniture family also includes a chair & a half, a loveseat, a sofa and a sectional. To learn more about the Paxton Furniture Family, take a look at this article.


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4. Montrose Ottoman


S33b_MONTROSE_240-668_DL159665One of the newest additions to our showroom is the Montrose Ottoman. Used in a multitude of ways, you can style this large ottoman any way you want with a number of fabrics. Used as a footrest, cocktail table, or extra seating, the Montrose Ottoman adds style and functionality to any room. Dressed up or down, its clean and simple lines fit well in any decor.
What's more, the Montrose is able to be clipped onto other pieces in its furniture family, combining into the Montrose Sectional. You can learn more about the Montrose Sectional with this article.

5. Laurel Ottoman


Last but not least on our list is the Laurel Ottoman, a traditional square ottoman with button tufting detailing. Attractive with its button details and comfortable luxurious cushioning, you can pair this large ottoman with the matching Laurel furniture frame of your choosing. A great size for relaxing and perfect to use as a coffee table or extra seating when needed.


The Laurel furniture family also includes a chair & a half and a sofa. To learn more about the Laurel Furniture Family, take a look at this article.

Honourable Mentions:


While our list included a lot of square ottomans, there hasn’t been much light shed on our round ottoman selection. 


Perfect for larger living room frames, A round ottoman is a great choice for a sectional in a family room. It provides access for everyone while adding a soft luxurious look to the space. It can also double as a coffee table.

La-Z-Boy’s most popular round ottomans are the Roundabout ottoman (shown above) and the Coronet storage ottoman.

What's Next?


These five best-selling living room ottomans offer a good overview of the best ottoman footstools La-Z-Boy has to offer. Some provide storage and extra seating, and some can be used as a cocktail table. 


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With contrasting welts and several wood finish options, a La-Z-Boy ottoman is the ultimate multitasker. our extensive line of living room ottomans provides opportunities to those who wish to improve comfort while still complimenting their design style.


The quality, style and variety La-Z-Boy has to offer will ensure you find the perfect match for your needs. We are happy to help you navigate all the options and tailor an accent chair that is just right for you at any one of our furniture stores in Ottawa and Kingston.

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