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How to childproof your home

June 27, 2019

How to childproof your home

Are you ready for your new arrival?

Magaly del Castillo

The news is exciting, your first child, a grandchild, a new addition to the family, Fantabulous! And with it, a renewed look at the world and your home through fresh eyes and the perils and hazards it has waiting for your little one.

I remember, years ago, very early one morning, waking up eye to eye with my 14-month old son! What was happening? He’s supposed to be asleep in his crib, or at least cry out for me!? Stay tuned for the rest of the story…

They don’t remain in your safe arms for very long and then exploring begins: crawling, everything in their mouth, tentative steps while holding on to anything that they can grab. This followed by them toddling away, lured from your watchful eyes.


Ok, now that you get the fear we all feel, here are some simple ways for you to prepare and keep your baby safe.


Start early! You won’t have time to do it when the baby arrives, trust me. That means now, look at every room with the caution of a lioness.


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Begin with the nursery, you will need a safe environment for sleeping, a diaper changing space and supplies. Everything should be within easy reach so you can always keep your eyes on your precious little one


What will you need besides the crib and change table? This room is for sleep, the more sleep your baby gets the happier everyone will be.  A swaddle blanket has been shown to improve the sleep of newborns. Add blackout curtains or blinds to the room for better naps and consider a white noise machine. 

When it comes to designing your little human’s happy place, don’t forget to make it mom/dad-friendly as well. After all, you’ll be spending most of your time in there too, right?!


Include a comfy glider for those evenings when you will be staying up.  Gliders or rockers have been proven to regulate digestion and lull the Baby to sleep.


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The glider mechanism is smooth and quiet so as not to wake up your baby. Remember, it’s about your comfort as well, while you feed or soothe your child with an upset tummy. Make sure the glider chair is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Choose one you love and eventually, it will make its way to another room in your home.

EXPECT ANYTHING, prevent the unexpected…

Work your way through every room in the house. Room by room from a small person’s perspective, exploring every nook and cranny.

Here are some essential safety measures you can equip your home with now: 

(Grandparents, this is for you too if you plan on hosting your grandchild in your home)

  • Baby gates for the top and bottom of the stairs 
  • Plastic electrical outlet covers and corner guards for low tables 
  • Cabinets and bookcases secured to the walls (heavy items on the bottom) 
  • Televisions on wall mounts rather than on stands 
  • Safety latch on appliances, doors, drawers, and toilets!

Always store medicines, chemicals, and cleaners in higher cupboards and away from inquisitive hands. They WILL crawl up if these bottles are left out on the counter. 

Oh, yes, that was Matthew, my third child that climbed out of his crib, yes my third… I thought I had this baby safety thing licked!

Yes, children will surprise you but there are some preventative measures you can take to prevent toddlers from climbing out of their crib. 

  •  A sleep sack not only keeps Baby warm but also prevents them from lifting their legs up too high
  •  Make sure the crib mattress is at its lowest level and if they are still near escaping maybe it’s time for a big boy/girl bed
  • A baby monitor can also help keep an extra eye and ear on your child

Install cubbies for toy storage at the baby’s level. Easy & safe access to play, means more freedom and faster learning. Don’t forget to put away small toys that may be lying around from older children.


When designing your new environment, take the soft & comfortable approach.  Upholstered pieces such as ottomans work well and they are a much safer landing than the sharp corners of a coffee table.


The Cory ottomam has a hydraulic mechanism top to save little fingers and air holes in case the cat decides to hide in there.


Ottomans have a multitude of uses!

Extra seating in the living room or, with a set of nesting trays, a cocktail table on the ready. Not to mention a more comfortable way to stretch out your legs when the baby is finally asleep!

Ottomans are a great solution for storing diapers and supplies for infants, then later, for toy storage as the kids grow.


Leather or fabrics? We recommend leather or I-clean fabrics or a mix of both that are long-lasting and liquid resistant. 




Time for a bottle or solid foods? Test the temperature on your chin or on the inside of your wrist before feeding. 

Cords from electrical appliances are best avoided; if possible get battery packs for powered seating. Our powered recliners come with safety closures on footrests which is also a great idea. 


Blind cords should be cut back or safely hidden away from your child’s reach. Better yet, buy cordless blinds.

It’s best to buy new furniture rather than used, especially baby seats and cribs, as safety standards change over time.

Make sure to throw away any broken or incomplete chewing and teething toys.




Time for a bottle or solid foods? Test the temperature on your chin or on the inside of your wrist before feeding. 

Cords from electrical appliances are best avoided; if possible get battery packs for powered seating. Our powered recliners come with safety closures on footrests which is also a great idea. 

Yes, Matthew had climbed out and down from his crib; why? Because he was hungry and thought, “HMM, I could get out on my own! No need to wait for mom”. 

He still has that in him. Many escapades and years later, with his sister’s skateboard, and brother’s bike. Oh boy!


The risks are as diverse as every home is different. Each child is a new adventure and has their own unique way of experiencing the world.

Err on the side of caution, we all have our own stories of “wait, what?” or “what if?!

Find trusted sources of parental knowledge such as books, magazines, and websites:,, and Your pediatrician and their nursing staff are also great resources. Finally, family members and experienced mom friends can also be a wealth of information.

These are but a few pointers on keeping your home safe & secure for your baby. Get started early so you’re not overwhelmed by the time your new addition to the family arrives. Enjoy the process as you look forward to your brand new bundle of joy. Then relax knowing you’ve done a great job getting ready!

Any mom will tell you the best way to get your baby back to sleep after a late night feeding is a comfy rocking recliner or glider chair. As your child grows, the rocking chair will surely become a place to read, snuggle, and share life’s special moments.

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