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Your dining options are endless! At Canadel, you can customize every aspect of your furniture: materials, size, shape, leg design and wood finish. We even have drop leaf and extendable dining tables for those special occasions when you need extra seating.

Want to have one-of-a-kind dining furniture that will fit your unique dining room? Reach out to us now and we can help you customize exactly what you want!



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A beautiful dining area – one that reflects your taste and style – makes the experience even sweeter. At Canadel, we believe many of life’s special moments take place in this room. 

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Dining Furniture from Canadel

If you think about it, the kitchen and dining rooms are truly the heart of a home for many of us. These are the spaces where we share good times with family and friends, and indulge in everything entertaining, from cooking delicious meals to enjoying lively conversation.  

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Try UDesign Tool!

You might have already come across Canadel’s UDesign tool if you are a former Canadel customer, but you might not have learned everything there is to know about what you can do with this virtual program.

UDesign is an interactive design tool to help you customize your furniture as you wish!

Here is our tutorial on everything you need to know about navigating Canadel’s UDesign Tool to curate your ideal dining furniture selection.





Buffets & Barstools

Canadel has many different barstool and buffet configurations to choose from, thanks to its many customization options.

Armless barstools pulled up to a kitchen island keep things casual and provide extra seating when guests arrive for the weekend.  

Canadel offers a large buffet selection across each collection. With that in mind, each collection offers unique buffet styles with some collections having more to choose from than others.


Dining Chairs and Benches

At Canadel, you can customize every aspect of your chair or bench: colour, fabric, leg design and wood finish. 

Each collection under the Canadel brand has a different selection of dining furniture to choose from. You can venture into a more french country style with the Champlain collection, or stay in the big city with the industrial Loft and East Side collections.

Within these collections, you will find a wide variety of dining chairs and benches to choose from each with varying styles and features. 

Canadel Dining Collection

Some of the most meaningful experiences happen around the dinner table. Even with a busy schedule, after a long day, we enjoy sharing a meal with our loved ones and hearing about their day. 

Watch the video or read our in-depth review to learn more about the Canadel Custom Dining Collection.

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More About Canadel

For more than 30 years Canadel has staked its reputation on high-quality dining tables, chairs, sideboards and benches. Feel good about buying Canadian-made dining furniture made of the highest quality materials, custom-made for you and your family.

Since 1982, the Canadel vision has endured, offering personalized products tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer’s home. 

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