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How to Find the “ACK” Number on La-Z-Boy Furniture?

August 16, 2021

How to Find the “ACK” Number on La-Z-Boy Furniture?

La-Z-Boy furniture is built with quality and care. A piece of La-Z-Boy upholstery is typically an investment that is intended for enjoyment for many years to come.


In order to prolong the life of your La-Z-Boy products as long as possible, La-Z-Boy furniture comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects certain aspects of the product for life. More specifically, the La-Z-Boy warranty covers the repair or replacement of mechanical parts, spring assembly, and the frame for a lifetime.  


Great news, right ?!


This manufacturer’s warranty provides many clients with peace of mind but what happens when you need to put that warranty to use? 


Our customer service team at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston is here to help you with any problems that arise in your La-Z-Boy products. More specifically, the service team can help you make claims on your warranty plan and take action on the repair or replacement of parts. Customers can also purchase parts this way, even outside of the warranty.


All they need from you is the “ACK Number”, otherwise known as the Acknowledgment Number.


Many of our clients at La-Z-Boy have trouble finding the ACK Number on their furniture in order to make a claim on their warranty. In fact, if you are reading this article, you may be struggling with this as we speak. 

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Not to worry! This article will guide you in finding the ACK number on your La-Z-Boy furniture, as well as other important information on the Product Identification Tag.

What is an “ACK” Number?


Before we start looking for the ACK Number, it is important to know what we are looking for. 


What is an “ACK” Number?


As previously mentioned, the ACK Number is short-form for Acknowledgement Number. This is a serial number that is found on the Product Identification Tag of all La-Z-Boy furniture. 


Every product that is made in the La-Z-Boy production plant has a Product ID Tag and an ACK Number, among other information.

Why is the ACK Number Important?


The ACK number is the most important number on the Product ID Tag because it is the number used to register the product and track down necessary parts from the manufacturer. Without the ACK number, you will not be able to utilize the Lifetime Warranty by claiming replacement parts or the labour for repair. 


Once you have successfully found the ACK Number on your product, you can now make a claim on your Warranty. With this being said, the process of making a claim is different depending on whether you live in Canada or in the United States.


In Canada, more specifically our clients at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston, you need a member of our service team  to access the La-Z-Boy portal. The customer service representative will log in to the La-Z-Boy portal and use your ACK Number to identify your product and order the necessary parts. 


Alternatively, La-Z-Boy clients in the United States have access to the La-Z-Boy portal themselves and are not required to make a claim through a La-Z-Boy store. Instead, they can access the La-Z-Boy portal online and register their product themselves using the ACK number. This eliminates the need to go through customer service in making claims on the warranty.

Where to Find the “ACK” Number on La-Z-Boy Furniture?


Now that we know what we are looking for, and why it is important, let’s discover where to find the ACK Number on your La-Z-Boy Furniture.


The ACK Number is found on the Product Identification (ID) Tag located on the bottom of each piece of La-Z-Boy manufactured furniture. More specifically, the ACK is located in a box labeled “ACK Number”, on the second row from the bottom. 


To find the Product ID Tag and the ACK Number, carefully tip your La-Z-Boy product forward to reveal the underside of the unit. Take care to ensure that there is plenty of space, avoiding walls and other objects. 


For sofas or other large pieces of furniture, it is a good idea to situate one person on either end of the product for extra support as the unit is turned over.



For recliners, the Product ID Tag is on the underside of the front right upholstered rail.

Motion Sofas


For motion sofas, the tag is on the back-side of the front right upholstered rail.

Stationary Chairs, Chaise Lounges, & Sectionals


For stationary chairs, chaise lounges, and sectionals, the tag is on the underside of the right side rail.

Stationary Sofas, Loveseats, and Sleeper Sofas


For stationary sofas, loveseats, and sleeper sofas, the tag is on the underside of the right side rail.

What Other Information is on the Product Identification Tag?


Aside from the ACK Number, the Product Identification Tag has several other informative pieces of information about your product. 


Generally speaking, the tag will describe where the unit was manufactured, typically Dayton, Tennessee, and when it was manufactured.


Towards the top of the tag, you will also find the dealer number and the product sku


The tag will also indicate the style number of the unit, located in the bottom left corner. 


To the right of the style, the number is the Upholstery Cover Number. For fabric, you will see one letter and 6 digits. For leather, you will see two letters and 6 digits. 

Moreover, to the right of the upholstery cover number, you will find the Wood Finish. This is not represented by a number, but instead by the name of the finish. For example, the tag shown below indicates a Mahogany Finish.

ACK Number

The Product Identification Tag of a custom order slightly differs as it includes the Purchase Order Number or Bill Number. In the case of receiving an incorrect custom order, this number allows the dealer to investigate and track down the correct unit.

ACK Number

What’s Next?


After reading this article, we hope that you have a better understanding of the Product Identification Tag, the ACK Number, and how to find this information on your own piece of La-Z-Boy Furniture. 


If you are experiencing problems with your La-Z-Boy product and are seeking the repair or replacement of a part, our customer service team is here to help. To get in touch with our service department, Email or call 613-749-0001 OR 1-866-684-0561.


With damaged or worn furniture, you may be weighing your options between repairing or replacing your furniture


If you decide that repairing may not be worthwhile and it is time to replace an old unit, our team at La-Z-Boy would be thrilled to help you find a new piece of furniture for your home. 


As you get started, consider some of our best-sellers at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston:



Our skilled consultants can help you find the right furniture that suits your space, style, and budget. Further, consider taking advantage of our complimentary design services. Our talented and expert interior designers can bring your home decor vision to life and ensure that the furniture you choose fits seamlessly into your space.


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We look forward to meeting you and helping you either repair or replace your furniture!


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