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Power Recliners with Heat & Massage Upgrade at La-Z-Boy: A Review of Functionality, Cost, & Benefits

June 11, 2021

Power Recliners with Heat & Massage Upgrade at La-Z-Boy: A Review of Functionality, Cost, & Benefits

As the inventor of the original reclining chair, La-Z-Boy has continued to evolve as a leader in furniture innovation, style, and design. 


With seven patented recliner features, consisting of quality-manufactured frames, top-of-the-line mechanisms, and supportive cushioning, La-Z-Boy remains the #1 leader in reclining comfort. 


Such reclining comfort is taken to a whole new level with the heat and massage upgrade available on select power and lift recliners at La-Z-Boy.


While making a visit to the spa and treating yourself to a Swedish massage is undoubtedly a heavenly experience, imagine being able to transport yourself to such levels of relaxation at any time without having to leave your home. 


A power recliner with the added heat and massage feature might be exactly what you need, not only to unwind and relax but to finally loosen those stubborn knots caused by day-to-day stress.


Read on for an in-depth review of the heat and massage upgrade on La-Z-Boy power recliners.


The Functionality of the Heat & Massage Upgrade?


The heat and massage upgrade is offered on select power recliners at La-Z-Boy. 


If you are looking for enhanced comfort from your power recliner, especially for those who suffer from a tired or overworked back, the La-Z-Boy heat and massage feature might be exactly what you need. 


The heat and massage feature on La-Z-Boy recliners targets the lumbar spine, otherwise known as the lower back. Even with this targeted function, you’ll feel the heat and vibration throughout the chair, just at a lower intensity.


New call-to-action


Navigated by an attached remote control, the upgrade offers two massage duration times, three types of massages, two levels of heat, and three levels of intensity. 


When the unit is off, the buttons of the remote appear blue. As you select your preferences in length, massage, heat, and intensity, each choice is reflected by either a green, amber or red on the remote.

Length of Massage

  1. 15 minutes (green light)
  2. 30 minutes (amber light)


*must allow the unit to rest for 30 minutes after a 30-minute cycle. 

Types of Massages

  1. Constant Massage (green light)
  2. Wave Massage (amber light)
  3. Pulse Massage (red light)

Levels of Heat

  1. Low (amber light)
  2. High (red light)

Levels of Intensity

  1. Low (green light)
  2. Medium (amber light)
  3. High (red light)
Heat & Massage

Types of Massages


With three types of massages available, each setting has something different to offer. 


The constant massage consists of a variety of consistent and versatile massage techniques and motions. Alternatively, the wave massage is more specific in that it only moves side-to-side in a wave-like motion. The pulsing massage simply turns on and off to simulate a pulsing action.


Levels of Heat


Everyone has unique preferences and tolerance levels when it comes to heat therapy. That is why La-Z-Boy recliners with the heat and massage feature offer two distinct heat settings.


The low heat setting reaches 41 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit) while the high heat setting reaches 47 degrees Celsius (116 degrees Fahrenheit).


Levels of Intensity


Much like heat, everyone also has their own preferences and tolerance when it comes to the pressure of a massage. 


Your choice between a low, medium and high levels of intensity will depend on whether you are going for a light relaxation massage or a deep tissue massage. This may vary from day to day so it is encouraged to play around with each setting until you find the pressure that is just right.

Heat & Massage

La-Z-Boy Power Recliners with Heat & Massage Upgrade


So, the heat and massage feature is starting to sound pretty appealing. While you may be sold on wanting a recliner with heat and massage, you will now have to choose a recliner to upgrade.


La-Z-Boy has a wide selection of recliners to choose from, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. With this being said, not every recliner sold at La-Z-Boy is offered with the heat and massage upgrade.


As previously mentioned, the heat and massage upgrade is available on select power recliners. 


More specifically, heat and massage is available on 5 Power Rocker Recliners and 3 Lift Chairs.


Rocking recliners feature an independent back reclining action so you can recline and still rock. Further, select power lift recliners are also available with heat and massage, allowing you to be lifting in and out of the chair with ease. 


Let’s take a look at your choices …

Talladega Power Rocking Recliner


Sink into Talladega’s ultra-plush, sculpted seat and put your comfort on cruise control. Clean lines, sleek padded arms and racing stripe topstitching on the lower back give Talladega a modern edge. For a winning finish, upgrade to Select Leather with decorative heavy-gauge double-needle topstitching on the lower back, arm posts, and wings.

Heat & Massage
Heat & Massage

Forum Power Rocking Recliner


Create your own modern retreat with the Forum Power Rocking Recliner with Massage and Heat. It features a tall foam back for extra head support, plus a chaise seat and footrest for continuous comfort. The slim, contemporary silhouette is on-trend and ideal for smaller spaces.

Heat & Massage
Heat & Massage

Read an In-Depth Review of the La-Z-Boy Forum Power Recliner


Shop the Forum Power Rocking Recliner with Heat & Massage

Clayton Gold Power Lift Recliner


Functionality and rugged good looks make Clayton prepared to be noticed. The one-piece seat and back move together, eliminating gaps and providing full-body support in all reclined positions.

Heat & Massage
Heat & Massage

Easton Power Rocking Recliner


Love to lounge? Then the Easton recliner is the perfect choice for you thanks to its irresistible curves, amazing comfort and smooth rocking and reclining motion. Sink back and enjoy a soothing massage with two heat settings and three massage speeds. As stylish as it is inviting, with clean design lines and a chaise seat that creates one continuous reclining surface for added leg support.

Heat & Massage
Heat & Massage

James Power Rocking Recliner


James does so much and asks so little in return. Let’s see: It rocks, reclines, and lets you raise and lower your back and legs independent of each other. It can also massage and heat your back, all together or one at a time. Many thanks, James!

Heat & Massage
Heat & Massage

Stratus Power Rocking Recliner


Designed for tall users, the Stratus Power Rocking Recliner with Massage and Heat elevates your comfort and style to a whole new level. Stratus features a tall foam back, padded arms and a tall base for oversized luxury. The deep bucket seat contains an extra layer of contoured high-density foam wedges for extra support when you sit or recline.

Heat & Image

Astor Power Lift Recliner


The Astor Platinum Power Lift Recliner with Massage and Heat makes life easier, and a lot more comfortable. Designed especially for larger users, Astor features a deep, wide seat and comes standard with our tall base. The tall pillow back features three separate cushions that can adjust to your body’s contours, while the chaise seat and padded flared arms provide the ultimate in comfort.

Heat & Massage
Heat & Massage

Pinnacle Power Lift Recliner


The Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner with Massage and Heat makes life easier, and a lot more comfortable. Just press a button to get in or out, or fully recline — all the way back to the zero-gravity position. The one-piece seat and back move together, eliminating gaps and providing full body support in all reclined positions.

Heat & Massage
Heat & Massage

Cost of Heat & Massage Upgrade


A quality, comfortable, and stylish recliner is no small investment, let alone a power recliner with a heat and massage upgrade.


Generally speaking, a La-Z-Boy power recliner costs between $1,779 to $3,799, and a La-Z-Boy lift chair costs between $2,149 to $3,729. 


Once you have chosen a recliner model, the cost is subject to an increase based on customization and upgrades. The massage and heat feature is considered an upgrade that can be added at an additional cost.


 Power rocking recliners with heat and massage upgrade starting from $2,559As for lift chairs, the prices start from $3,229.


Although a power recliner with heat and massage may take a toll on the pocketbook, it can be thought of as a valuable and long-lasting investment in your comfort and lifestyle. Not to mention, you may save in the long run by making fewer trips to the massage parlour.


*All La-Z-Boy prices listed in this article are subject to change. We aim to update all cost-related articles twice per year. This article was last updated on October 3rd, 2022 Please visit and select an Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy store location to view the most up-to-date pricing. 



It is no secret that power recliners with the massage and heat upgrade are expensive. With this, you can rest assured that the value of your purchase is protected by La-Z-Boy’s manufacturer warranty. 


The La-Z-Boy manufacturer warranty covers the mechanical parts, spring assembly, and frame parts for the power recliner chairs for a lifetime. The frame parts of lift recliner chairs are also covered for a lifetime. 


When it comes to the heat and massage components, electrical issues in recliners are covered for up to 3 years.


For more detailed information on the Manufacturer’s Warranty at La-Z-Boy, take a look at the article Are La-Z-Boy Recliner Chairs Guaranteed for Life?


If you wish for more peace of mind, you may consider purchasing La-Z-Boy’s 5 Year Comprehensive Service Plan. 


This plan covers the labour and repair of the heat and massage electrical components for up to 5 years. 


Take a look at the article Is La-Z-Boy’s Extended Warranty Service Plan Worth it?

Benefits of Heat & Massage


With the technical information out of the way, let’s discuss the benefits of owning a recliner with a heat and massage feature. 


As previously mentioned, enhanced comfort and relaxation is the obvious benefit of owning a recliner with heat and massage. But believe it or not, there is a long list of ways a heat and massage recliner can improve your health and quality of life


Below are just a few of the benefits of heat and massage recliners …


1. Massage Improves Venous & Lymphatic Flow


The massage chair manipulates muscles and increases blood flow. Increasing blood flow facilitates the circulation and absorption of nutritional elements into the muscles and tissues. This increased circulation clears toxins from these areas. 


2. Massage Therapy Decreases Tension & Improves Flexibility 


Massaging helps loosen tight and strained muscles. Stretching and kneading problem areas contribute to overall muscle relaxation.


3. Massage Therapy Increases Endorphin Levels


This is likely the most beneficial aspect of massage. Endorphins are the ‘feel good’ chemicals that run through the body, ultimately increasing their feelings of happiness and positivity.


Among other benefits, increased levels of endorphins is correlated with quicker recovery, reduced pain, and reduced anxiety.

Customer Reviews


Generally speaking, La-Z-Boy clients who opt for the heat and massage upgrade are almost always satisfied with their purchase. 


Will Antoine, a design consultant at La-Z-Boy …Cyrville, says that in his experience selling the heat and recliner upgrade, “clients who have it, love it!” 


More specifically, Will shares that the heat and massage chairs are primarily sought after and enjoyed by male shoppers.


With this being said, he mentions that the most satisfied clients are those who are informed about the heat and massage feature at La-Z-Boy, compared to the typical massage chair.


Hear from some La-Z-Boy Clients who rated their massage & heat chairs 4 and 5 stars …

Pinnacle Platinum Power Lift Recliner with Heat & Massage


Great Recliner.

We have had this recliner for a few months now and love it! The heat setting has been very helpful to my sore back. The various settings for the legs and separate settings for the back are great. You can find the setting that works for you on any given day. Highly recommend.

Maggie W.


Tallageda Power Rocker Recliner with Heat & Massage


Tall men, take note before purchasing.

Great chair, but tall men beware! The massage part of the chair is near the rear, making it heavy there. When you recline, it can make it feel as though you are going to fall back, especially if you put your arms above your head, which adds more weight to the rear. My husband is 6’6″, and we bought the Talladega with heat and massage. If you are tall, you might want to try this on in showroom model before purchasing. Unfortunately, we did not. Love the chair otherwise.

Laura B.


James Power Rocking Recliner with Heat & Massage


Twin Power Recliners with Massage and Heat

Although it took a while to get them we now have two identical recliners that we are settling into quite comfortably. The power option is great. The massage and heat options sure do feel good on a tired and sore back. My wife is much more comfortable with the footrest extended as she is fairly short and her legs don’t touch the floor with the chair fully upright. Otherwise, we are both very satisfied with the recliner.

Blaine & Marion M.


Is the Heat & Massage Upgrade Right for You?


It is no doubt that recliners with heat and massage are not only comfortable, but offer several health and lifestyle benefits. But is the heat and massage upgrade right for you?


According to Kim Wade, the store manager of La-Z-Boy Hunt Club, the heat and massage upgrade is a great choice for anyone seeking added comfort and relaxation to their recliner chair. 

recliner product page cta

Further, Kim suggests that the heat and massage upgrade may be enjoyed by clients who suffer from ongoing back pain or injury.


When it comes to the appearance of the chair, Kim recommends the heat and massage upgrade for someone who prioritizes comfort over style, looking just to kick-back and relax. 


Kim says this because the La-Z-Boy recliner models that offer the heat and massage upgrade are large, bulky, and plush. With this, the heat and massage upgrade may not be suitable for someone who is looking for a modern or sleek looking recliner frame. 


On the same token, a recliner with the heat and massage upgrade is best for someone who has a sufficient amount of space to comfortably fit a large recliner frame. Moreover, unless the client intends on going cordless by purchasing the rechargeable battery pack, the recliner will need to be placed near a power outlet. 


In turn, someone with minimal space or an open-concept furniture arrangement will likely not want a recliner with the heat and massage upgrade. 


When it comes to functionality, Will mentions that he often has shoppers come into La-Z-Boy looking for futuristic, full-body massage chairs. Much like something you would find coin-operated in a mall. These clients imagine the massage chair to roll up and down the spine and legs, essentially offering full body treatment. As a result, Will says these customers do not find what they are looking for in our heat and massage upgrade offered at La-Z-Boy.


It is important to emphasize that La-Z-Boy recliners with the heat and massage upgrade are much more discreet and focus treatment only on the lumbar region. Moreover, La-Z-Boy heat and massage offer a more vibration-based massage, compared to typical massage chairs. 


Finally, to ensure long-term satisfaction, this upgrade is ideal for someone who intends on incorporating heat and massage therapy into their daily relaxation routine.


To some, this can be an impulse and novelty purchase that only gets used a couple times once it has entered the home … much like a hot tub. As a result, these clients may experience buyers remorse or find little use of their purchase as time goes by.

Heat & Massage

What’s Next?


If the heat and massage upgrade is for you, what are you waiting for? Why not start experiencing enhanced reclining relaxation today?


Before you make your final decision, it is important to perform a final sit test to ensure that your chosen recliner fits your unique body shape. Further, work with a design expert to customize your power recliner with a variety of fabric and leather options to choose from.


Visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston location or schedule a visit online. 


We look forward to meeting you and helping you find exactly what you are looking for!


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