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What to Expect From La-Z-Boy's Interior Design Services

January 4, 2021

What to Expect From La-Z-Boy's Interior Design Services

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Sometimes, visualizing a room can be hard. Making sure your furniture matches your overall look and keeping your room colours consistent can be tough. Not everyone can tell what’s too little in a room or what’s too much.


Thankfully, many furniture stores are implementing interior designers in their customer journeys. Interior designers have an eye for choosing what is right and wrong for a specific room. They get into your thoughts, so your personal style can shine through.


Whether it's creating a Parisian-inspired living room or a mid-century modern apartment, La-Z-Boy’s Interior Designers have you covered. 


But you may be wondering, how does the interior design process work at La-Z-Boy? Can you meet with them in-store? Book a virtual appointment? Have them come into your home? 


This article will walk you through the interior design service at La-Z-Boy step by step. After reading, you will know exactly what to expect when you book an appointment.

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In This Article…


  1. Make a List of Important Details
  2. Speaking with a Design Consultant
  3. First Conversation with Interior Designer
  4. The In-Home Appointment
  5. Floorplan & Final Presentation
  6. Design Consultant Places Order for Furniture


Step 1: Make a List of Important Details We Should Know About


Before booking an appointment with our local team, it is helpful to do some preparation on your own. The first thing you should do is find some interior design Inspiration. 


Take a look at your space and ask yourself, what are you looking to get out of the interior design services at La-Z-Boy?


What are you looking for? What room are you designing? What kind of furniture do you need? What style are you looking for?


Consider looking online to curate some ideas. Pinterest can be a great place for finding creative interior design inspiration. Further, get acquainted with the work of our talented interior designers at La-Z-Boy by looking at our Before & After projects. That way, you can meet our designers through their work.


Save the photos of the designs that you like. These will come in handy in your virtual design appointment.

Measure Your Room


When you start working with one of our interior designers, they will need to know everything, including room dimensions.


In preparation for your appointment, it is helpful to take specific measurements of your room. This way the interior designer will know more about the logistics of the space they are working with. They will also be able to make a more accurate room model in their 3D Planner.


Measuring a room can be tricky. Take a look at the article How to Measure a Room for some helpful tips.

Take Pictures of Your Room


Finally, take pictures of the room we will be designing. With a camera or phone, take pictures of your room from multiple angles. The more pictures, the better!


It is also a good idea to make note of any pieces that you intend to keep in the room. This will be helpful for the designer.


Step 2: Speaking with a Design Consultant


Once you have done all your homework, it is time to get the ball rolling and speak to one of our specialists. The first person you'll speak to is not an interior designer, but a design consultant. These workers help gather initial information about your situation in order to see if you qualify for interior design services. 


But what does it mean to be qualified? Well, the best way to qualify for interior design services is to know for certain if you like the products from our stores and know you will absolutely make a purchase with us.


The main reason why purchasing La-Z-Boy furniture is required is because this process is time-consuming and can take a long time to finish a project. La-Z-Boy is also paying for this service at all times, which is why the process is only qualified for customers who are committed to spending money on our products, and who have furniture frames in mind already.


Another thing that Design Consultants will do is help you find the right furniture frame for you. They will help choose the colour you want, the style, and the type of upholstery. They will also help out with a budget that best suits your situation so that you don't go over what you are planning to spend.


Once all of that is settled, and you are sure of your purchase, you can choose to require the help of an interior designer. Interior designers will help with putting together a room that will go well with your new furniture frames.

Booking an Appointment


If you cannot come in-store, you can also book a design consultation through our online website.


Depending on where you live or your health condition, you might not be inclined to come in person for an appointment.

Many retail companies are updating their virtual platforms so that we can do just that! Even furniture shopping can now be done online. 


Not to worry,  at La-Z-Boy, we offer complimentary virtual interior design services. With virtual appointments seeming new, it might feel foreign to speak to an interior designer online. No need to worry because our virtual appointments work the same way as if being in-person. 


After submitting your request for a virtual appointment, you will be connected with one of our design consultants.


In a preliminary appointment, a design consultant will get to know you and ask you basic questions about your style inspiration and what you are looking for.


Step 3: Your First Conversation with an Interior Designer


Once you're finished speaking with a design consultant, you are ready to talk to an interior designer!


The first designer conversation at La-Z-Boy can work in one of two ways--customers can go in-store to meet with the designer, or the designer can go to the client's home to see what the place looks like. This decision is up to you. Designers will recommend an in-home appointment first since it helps them see the space and visualize it better.


An interior designer will help you go over the process, starting with getting to know your space more and asking more specific questions regarding the room you need help with:

  • What kind of furniture do you have in this room?
  • Is the room big or small?
  • Do you frequently have guests come over for social events?
  • What colours are in your room?
  • What are some of your favourite colours and textures?


Interior designers ask questions to not only better understand your likes and dislikes but also in order to know what the purpose of the room is and how many people will frequent this room. That way, they have a clearer picture of what they should do.


This is where the pictures and measurements you took will come in handy! If you're in-store, these essential pieces of information must be brought to your first meeting, otherwise, your interior designer won't have a great visualization of your space.


By the end of the first meeting, you and your design consultant will have selected multiple pieces of furniture and created a design board.

Virtual Design


Step 4: The In-Home Appointment


The standard procedure for the interior design process normally requires an in-home consultation. As mentioned before, these appointments help with visualization and knowing fully what can and can't work in the space.


This appointment is possibly the most pivotal part of the process, since it is the starting point of all the pieces coming together for the interior designer to come up with a solid plan of attack.


Interior designers will bring as many visual samples and materials as possible to see what you will like in your room. These visuals can include fabric swatches, rug samples, leather colours, all ranging in different layers and textures. These samples will help both you and the designer see what materials will coordinate with existing furniture pieces in your home. They are also great for picking out accent colours, if this interests you.


If you are starting fresh with no furniture pieces in the home, interior designers will normally ask what the colour scheme of your room is, to help be better prepared and bring samples that will match the colour pallet.


During this process, the interior designer will ask you questions more oriented around your lifestyle. What do you mainly use the room for? How many people live with you? Do you have any pets? Do you have guests often? These questions will help with figuring out what kind of furniture pieces will go with the room and where.


By the end of the in-home meeting, you and the interior designer will have a clearer picture of what to expect in your home.


Step 5: Making the Floorplan & The Final Presentation


Virtual Design

Based on your furniture selection and the helpful in-home appointment,  the interior designer will afterwards create a detailed to-scale floor plan and a 3D model based on the room measurements you shared. 


Virtual Design

The floor plans created by the interior designer will be aligned with your preferences and style. 


The 3D model will allow you to visualize the space and how the design will look. Further, you will be able to see exactly how the furniture is paired together, how much space it will take up, and how the traffic will flow through the room.


Once the 3D floorplan is finished, the interior designer will then invite you to come back in-store (or virtually) for a final presentation of the project. This is where you can see how your final room will look after your conversation with the interior designer and your selections are all picked out.


Along with the 3D floorplans, you will also see the decor accessories sprawled across a presentation table, which is great for helping see what the decor item will feel and look like, with your furniture pieces.


Now, this is the most important step in the process, as the final decision is to go through with everything and make the purchasing decision. It is okay to be unsure in this process, as interior designers are flexible and can help with any concerns you may have. After all, this is your money being spent on this project.


If you are satisfied with the final presentation, you are ready to start ordering your items and pay for the products you purchased!


Step 6: Place Your Order for Furniture and Delivery


Once you and the Interior Designer are satisfied with all of the final selections, the Design Consultant you worked with initially will place the order. This is the longest step and can take up to 4 months for items to arrive at your house--this does not include delays, which can sometimes be unavoidable.  Custom furniture delivery also takes even longer, which you can learn more about in this article.


At La-Z-Boy, we have a white-glove delivery service in which our delivery team will unpack and assemble your furniture. They will place the furniture in the room based on the floor plan. To learn more about our delivery services, check out our Delivery Services page.

Interior Design

What's Next?


After reading this article, you now have a better idea of how our interior design services work at La-Z-Boy. 


We understand that designing a room in-person or virtually can be nerve-racking. We understand that you may be hesitant to place such responsibility in the hands of our interior designers.


Magaly del Castillo, the interior designer at our local Cyrville location, wants her clients to “have peace of mind and be able to trust her” when they work with her.


“I want to assure you that the interior design team is here for you throughout this process. We are your eyes in the showroom. Given that you may or may not be there to see the products yourself, we make sure that we are selecting the absolute right products for your preferences and design vision.”


So what is holding you back? We look forward to meeting with you virtually and bringing your interior design vision to life safely!

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Last Edited On October 5th, 2022

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