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Sectional Sofas in Ottawa

Watch the video to find out if a La-Z-Boy sectional in Ottawa, Ontario is right for you.

Sectionals Ottawa

Are you Searching for the Perfect Sectional Sofa in Ottawa, Ontario?

Stationary Sectional
If you love maximizing seating capacity and frequently host guests, a stationary sectional is an excellent choice. These non-reclining sectionals often boast a more contemporary style, adding a sleek and modern touch to your living space. Their fixed configuration provides a structured and tailored look, making them a versatile option for various room layouts and design preferences.

Reclining Sectional
For those moments when you crave extended relaxation, a reclining sectional proves to be the ultimate choice. This type of sectional offers soft and adjustable support for your head, neck, and lumbar region, enhancing your comfort during prolonged periods of sitting. Ideal for movie nights or unwinding after a long day, a reclining sectional brings an extra level of comfort to your living space, creating a cozy haven for relaxation and leisure.

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Explore Durable Leather Sectionals for Timeless Elegance

Create a room that brings everyone together with a customizable leather sectional from La-Z-Boy, perfect for adding comfort and style to your living space. Whether you're looking for a sectional sofa in Ottawa or any other location, our stationary sectionals offer versatile seating options, while our reclining sectionals let you relax with ease.

La-Z-Boy takes pride in providing a personalized experience with the Select Leather Program, allowing customers to choose their desired leather quality. This program includes both real and faux leather options, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your preferences.

Customers can select from three distinct leather options at La-Z-Boy Ottawa:

1. Select Leather (included in the base price).
2. Custom Leather (higher quality, at an extra cost).
3. Custom Leather Plus (highest quality leather available).

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The Perfect Place to Begin Your Sectional Research

There are many sectional options available in Ottawa, but which one is right for you?

While La-Z-Boy has a wide selection of sectionals to choose from, we understand that we may not be for everyone. To that end, our hope is that much of the information in this sectional sofa guide is helpful regardless of what brand you end up choosing.

Best Sellers at La-Z-Boy Ottawa



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Paxton Sectional Ottawa

Our Most Versatile and Comfortable Sectional at La-Z-Boy Ottawa

Paxton Sectional Sofa

Are you looking for a sectional sofa that calls out for you to sink in and get cozy? Do you want flexible seating options, ideal for entertaining guests or family TV viewing? If so, you may not need to look any further than the Paxton sectional!

The Paxton sectional has earned a spot among our top 5 sectionals in Ottawa, thanks to its growing popularity. Featuring an inviting design and plush comfort, it provides the perfect setting to unwind and enjoy moments of relaxation in your living space. Its versatile configuration makes it well-suited for different settings – whether you're hosting friends for a lively gathering or settling in for a cozy family movie night.

Read our in-depth review of the Paxton sectional.

Sectional Sofa Bed

Need Extra Space for Guest? Consider a Sectional Sofa Bed!

Are you looking for a comfortable place for your guests to sleep? Do you lack the rooms in your home for an extra bed? What about a sectional sofa bed? It can maximize your space and make guests feel right at home.  

 La-Z-Boy is the top sectional sofa-bed manufacturer in North America. At La-Z-Boy Ottawa, we’ve helped hundreds of clients find the perfect sectional sofa bed for their specific needs.

There are many options available, but which one is right for your home? 


Best Selling La-Z-Boy Sectionals in Ottawa

Are you looking for the most popular La-Z-Boy sectional couches in Ottawa? You've come to the right spot. To find your perfect match it comes with research! Watch the video or read our blog article that outlines our 5 best-selling sectionals.

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