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Review of the La-Z-Boy Easton Furniture Family: Recliner, Loveseat, and Sofa

April 8, 2022

Review of the La-Z-Boy Easton Furniture Family: Recliner, Loveseat, and Sofa


***Please note that the Easton Recliner is currently discontinued. However, other Easton products are still available. If you like this review, go to for all the latest Recliners available.***

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Looking for modern furniture but having no luck finding your perfect match? 

Consider the Easton furniture family as a potential option for comfortable and modern furniture. With a stylish and inviting design, the Easton family is a great example of furniture with clean lines and a chaise seat that creates continuous reclining pleasure.

Barbara Patton, a design consultant at La-Z-Boy Kingston, says the Easton furniture “is extremely comfy and has lots of good leg support even if it’s lower to the ground.”

While the Easton furniture sounds stylish and comfortable, is this the right furniture family for you? 

This in-depth review will cover everything you need to know about the Easton furniture family, from available frame options, unique features, customization options & upgrades, cost, and customer reviews so you can make a more thorough buying decision.


In This Article…

  1. Easton Furniture Family (Available Frame Options)
  2. Unique Features
  3. Sizes & Dimensions
  4. Options & Upgrades
  5. Cost
  6. Warranty
  7. Customer Reviews
  8. Is the Easton Furniture Family Right For You?

Easton Furniture Family (Available Frame Options)

The Easton furniture family is a collection of La-Z-Boy furniture that comes in three different frames: a recliner, loveseat, and sofa.  While each frame shares the same style, they slightly vary in size, features, and available options & upgrades, which we will dive into later. 

Easton Recliner

The Easton recliner is offered in two different options. You can choose between the Rocking Recliner or go for the Wall Recliner.

The Easton Rocking Recliner can recline by simply using the handle on the outside arm to raise the legrest for doing any leisure activity you please. You also rock in this recliner in a smooth and graceful motion when you are not reclining, something the Wall Recliner cannot do.

Speaking of Easton’s Wall Recliner, this recliner functions the same as the Rocking Recliner, except for the slight difference that it cannot rock (hence the difference in name). Instead, you can place this recliner mere inches from any wall, while still being able to effortlessly recline.

Easton Recliner

Easton Loveseat 

The Easton Reclining Loveseat is a stylish and inviting seat that features tall, split backs, flared padded arms, chaise seats, and legrests that give users continuous reclining enjoyment, while also being able to snuggle up to that special someone. 

Similar to the Rocking and Wall Recliners, simply pull the latch located on either side of the Loveseat to easily adjust both backs and legrests for personalized reclining comfort.

Easton Loveseat

Easton Sofa

The last option is the Easton Reclining Sofa, which is a great choice for a living area, thanks to its irresistible curves and comfortable seats. 

This sofa has three cushions in its design, which includes two reclining end seats, inviting the whole family to relax in style. The latches used to recline on the Loveseat are also featured in the Sofa’s design as well.

Easton Sofa

Unique Features

While each Easton furniture frame varies, they share the same style and unique features.

The Easton furniture brings modern comfort into any living area you wish. Its casual-yet-clean design, with a tall back, top-stitched detailing, and ultra-plush padding combines comfort with style.

In fact, Barbara tells us that there are many enticing features included in the Easton furniture family. The main feature, she mentions, is the firm seats with padding included. 

“The [flat-padded] seats are nicer to lay on rather than the bucket seats,” she says. With bucket seats, the user will sink right into the furniture and will experience more bounce in the springs. Alternatively, even seats are less bouncy but still offer quality comfort. 

The arms of the Easton are also unique because they have a slightly rounded shape, unlike other modern furniture styles. Typically, modern furniture features a square or very flat arm shape, but Easton portrays a round shape while still appearing crisp. 

Sizes and Dimensions

When considering the size of the Easton furniture, you want to ensure that it will comfortably fit in your space. Prior to analyzing the Easton furniture’s dimensions, it is crucial to measure your room.

The scale of the Easton is a little bigger than the average piece of furniture, mostly due to the fact that each option has the ability to recline. Reclining furniture pieces will typically take up more space than stationary furniture simply because the reclining mechanism can require the frame to be bulkier.

However, when compared to some plush La-Z-Boy recliners, like the Morrison Furniture Family, the Easton has slimmer dimensions.  

You will also notice that the backs in each of Easton’s products are lower than other furniture families, which causes fewer obstructions when placed in the middle of an open room, according to Barbara. The seating is also lower, which makes this couch easier to sit on for shorter people.

Not only is it important that the Easton furniture fits your space, but it is crucial that the size and dimensions suit your unique body type in order to experience ideal comfort. Generally speaking, the dimensions of the Easton furniture is best suited for those between the height of 5’4” to 5’9”.

To learn more, check out our article on How to Find a Recliner that is the Best Fit For You?

Ultimately, we recommend that you visit a La-Z-Boy showroom and take the Easton for a sit test, with the help of a La-Z-Boy design consultant. 

Easton Recliner Dimensions (Inches)

Body Depth: 38”

Body Height: 41”

Body Width: 36.5” (35.5” w/ Headrest & Lumbar)

Seat Depth: 21” (20.5” w/ Headrest & Lumbar)

Seat Height: 20” (19.5” w/ Headrest & Lumbar)

Seat Width: 22”


Easton Loveseat Dimensions (Inches)

Body Depth: 36.5” (40” w/ Headrest)

Body Height: 40.5” (41” w/ Headrest)

Body Width: 63” (78” w/ Console)

Seat Depth: 22”

Seat Height: 20”

Seat Width: 45.5” (45” w/ Headrest; 60.5” w/ Console)


Easton Sofa Dimensions (Inches)

Body Depth: 36.5” (40” w/ Headrest)

Body Height: 40.5” (41” w/ Headrest)

Body Width: 84.5”

Seat Depth: 22”

Seat Height: 20”

Seat Width: 68”


Options & Upgrades

All upholstery furniture at La-Z-Boy is customizable. Give the Easton furniture family your own personal touch by choosing from a range of options and upgrades.

It is important to remember that by selecting any options and upgrades in this section, the cost of any Easton product is subject to increase.

Fabric & Leather Options

La-Z-Boy has over 800 fabrics and leathers to choose from, making the experience of personalizing your furniture seemingly endless.

The Easton Family has 7 select fabrics to choose from. Customers can choose between belleame, cherry, buff, slate, pewter, otter, fawn, and stonewash. 

These specific fabric options are carefully selected to compliment the Easton frame. Further, the select fabrics offer the best value at starting prices.

Should you choose to purchase any fabrics or leathers that are not included as Easton’s select fabric selection, you will be subjected to an additional fee. 

Leather options, beyond the select leather selection, will always increase the overall cost. That’s why Barbara recommends going fabric. In fact, in Barbara’s opinion, the fabric looks better on the Easton furniture.  

Ultimately, the choice of choosing fabric or leather is up to you, if you’re willing to spend extra cash on leather products.

In addition to the cover options mentioned above, the Easton is offered in specialty fabrics that offer unique features and benefits …

Stain Resistant Fabric

Innovative iClean Technology surrounds each fabric fibre, creating a barrier that repels spills before turning into stains.

Pet-Friendly Fabric

Tested and formulated to withstand the scratches and wear that a pet can cause to ensure a durable and easily washable fabric.

Antimicrobial Fabric

Antimicrobial properties surround each fibre to protect against mould, mildew, and odour-causing bacteria.


Superior stain and fade resistance properties make fabrics easy to clean and incredibly durable.


Conserve Sustainable Fabrics are soft, durable and made from recycled water bottles.

Cushion Upgrade

At an additional cost, Easton’s cushions can also be upgraded to include firmer cushioning, meaning over time your furniture will remember your unique figure and enhance the comfort of your furniture.

For more information view our Motion Furniture Collection catalogue and our in-depth Review of La-Z-Boy’s Chair and Sofa Seat Cushions.

Please note that reclining furniture purchased prior to January 2021 had the option to upgrade to airform™ cushions.  This cushion includes a two-inch layer of premium quality memory foam added on top of the standard foam base within the seat, chaise, and leg rest of the unit.

Power Upgrade

The Easton recliners, loveseat, and sofa have the ability to be upgraded to power. Instead of using a handle or a latch, like on the manual furniture, the power furniture has control panels on the side of each furniture piece, allowing you to recline at the touch of a button.

The rocking and wall recliners have a side-mounted 4-button control panel used to recline in multiple positions, while the loveseat and sofa only have two buttons to control the legrests and backs. 

Each power upgrade also has USB ports next to the control panels in order to charge your electronic devices.

If you are unsure of how to use the Easton control panels, check out La-Z-Boy Power Furniture: How to Use the Control Panel & Remote

Additionally, all power upgrades also have the option to be cordless, thanks to our rechargeable battery pack. This allows you to use your power recliners anywhere without having to worry about plugging them into an electrical outlet.

If you would like to learn more about battery packs, read this review of the rechargeable battery pack offered at La-Z-Boy.

Easton Power Control Panel

Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar Support

Moreover, the Easton power recliners, power loveseat, and power sofa can be further upgraded to include adjustable headrest support. 

With this, you can adjust the headrest with a power tilt to cradle your head and neck for an ultimate reclining experience. 

Adjustable lumbar support is only offered in Easton wall and rocking recliners. In this case, the lumbar support can expand or deflate to perfectly match the unique curvature of your lumbar spine. 

What’s more, the recliners each have two memory settings that allow you to save any of your favourite relaxing positions. This way, you can easily recline back to the position you favour quickly and accurately. 

To learn more about the headrest & lumbar upgrade, check out the Review of La-Z-Boy Power Recliners with the Headrest & Lumbar Feature.

Heat & Massage Upgrade

Something that sets the Easton rocking recliner apart from its wall counterpart is an additional option to upgrade your power recliner with Heat & Massage.

Customers can enjoy this incredibly comfortable chair that includes two heat settings and three massage speeds. PowerReclineXR® is also included in this upgrade, which lets the user experience full reclining comfort in any position, thanks to an independently operating back and legrest.

To learn more, check out a Review of the Heat & Massage Upgrade at La-Z-Boy

Optional Console (Loveseat)

Specifically to the Easton loveseat is the option to include a console in the middle of the seat. 

This handy centre console adds extra storage to put anything you wish inside of the loveseat. 

Plus, cup holders are included, meaning you can sit back and relax without having to get up to get a drink. Further, the console offers an interior electronic charging input instead of the ports being on the outside of the loveseat.

If the console is something that interests you, you can also add the Headrest upgrade to enhance your Easton loveseat into a truly comfortable experience.

Easton Loveseat w/ Console


In terms of cost, Easton’s products fall within the mid to high price range at La-Z-Boy. 

While the cost of the Easton furniture is considered quite standard at La-Z-Boy, it is important to note that La-Z-Boy furniture is considered expensive in the market. This cost is reflected in the quality of materials and craftsmanship of our products. With this, the investment tends to be worthwhile if you are looking for long-lasting furniture. 


Easton Rocking Recliner

Easton Wall Recliner

Easton Loveseat

Easton Sofa


Starting at


Starting at


Starting at


Starting at



Starting at


Starting at


Starting at


Starting at


*All La-Z-Boy prices listed in this article are subject to change. We aim to update all cost-related articles twice per year. This article was last updated in October 2022.  Please contact a design consultant at La-Z-Boy Ottawa or Kingston for an accurate and up-to-date quote for the product(s) you are interested in.


The Easton furniture family is covered by La-Z-Boy’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers the repair or replacement of the frame, spring systems, and the mechanism, given that they are quality-crafted and built for long-lasting comfort.

While still quality-crafted, other aspects of the product, such as fabrics, leather, and cushion, are not meant to last a lifetime. However, these parts are still covered by the La-Z-Boy Manufacturer’s Warranty for a given time.

To learn more about the warranty at La-Z-Boy, take a look at the article Are La-Z-Boy Recliners Guaranteed for Life?

To further protect your purchase, La-Z-Boy offers an extended warranty plan at an additional cost.

Customer Reviews

The Easton Furniture Family is enjoyed by many La-Z-Boy customers. This table shows how our customers have rated each piece of furniture out of five.

Easton Rocking Recliner

Manual: 4.6

Power: 4.9

Easton Wall Recliner

Manual: 4.7

Power: 4.5

Easton Reclining Loveseat

Manual: 4.8

Power: 4.9

Easton Reclining Sofa

Manual: 4.8

Power: 4.8

Star ratings can only tell you so much. Here are some reviews from satisfied customers …

Customer Review 1

Customer Review 2

Customer Review 3


Is the Easton Furniture Family Right For You?

Now that you know everything you need to know about the Easton furniture family, is it the right furniture for you? When making this decision, you will want to consider Easton's cost, functionality, and style.

As previously mentioned, the Easton furniture is high-quality with a mid to high price tag. This is ideal for someone who is looking to make a significant investment in long-lasting furniture. Alternatively, the cost of the Easton furniture may not be ideal for those looking for temporary furniture on a limited budget. 

In terms of functionality, the Easton is a great choice for those looking for reclining furniture. While reclining furniture is exceptionally comfortable, the Easton is not the right choice for those seeking stationary furniture pieces. 

Further, Barbara mentions the height of the seats plays a big factor in terms of comfortability. As described in the Size & Dimensions section of this article, this furniture family mostly compliments people around 5’4 up to around 5’9. Anybody taller or shorter might not find the Easton products as comfortable. 

Speaking of the look, Easton is comfortably casual and modern, making it an ideal choice for any open concept family room or theatre. It is also perfect for any family that enjoys lounging.

Barbara also mentions women prefer this furniture family to men, “possibly because of the cleaner lines and design to the furniture,” she says. With this, the Easton might be a great addition to a Woman Cave.

What's Next?

Now that you have a better understanding of the Easton furniture family, why not discover this furniture family in person?

You can start shopping online for the Easton at or go to any one of our showrooms located in Ottawa or Kingston. You can also schedule a visit online before coming in.

Our design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand. Take advantage of our interior design services to see how the Easton furniture could fit in your home. 

If the Easton isn’t what you were looking for, take a look at our other furniture families by browsing these articles below.

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