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Top 5 La-Z-Boy Recliners for Small Spaces

July 9, 2021

Condo and apartment living have many redeeming qualities! Enjoy beautiful views of the city, hands-off garbage disposal, and a shovel-free winter season. 


With this, you may find some difficulties enjoying a smaller space. As you optimize your storage space and plan your minimalist furniture arrangement, the one thing that you should not have to downsize is comfort!  


Before you sacrifice the comforts of a recliner chair, consider purchasing a recliner suited for smaller spaces. 


Although many recliners have big, bulky, and plush features, there are alternatives to this traditional model. In fact, there are many quality, stylish, and small recliners on the market that can provide you with relaxation without occupying too much space. 


As the inventor of the iconic recliner chair, our clients at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston often ask us about recliners for smaller spaces. 


This article will outline the characteristics to look for when shopping for a small recliner, tips on how to properly measure your space, and a list of the top 5 recliners at La-Z-Boy for small spaces.

Characteristics of Recliners Suited for Small Spaces


As you sift through the wide variety of recliner options available, there are certain features to look out for as you seek a recliner ideal for your small space. 


  • Slim Arms
  • Narrow Frame
  • Wall Recliners (non-rocking) – can place this recliner mere inches from a wall and still have the ability to recline

Average Dimensions


Besides the characteristics listed above, look for recliner measurements within a few inches of these smaller recliner average dimensions.

Body Depth: 36.5


Body Height: 40.0

Body Width: 31.0

Seat Depth: 20.0


Seat Height: 19.0

Seat Width: 21.0

Recliners for Small Spaces

Don’t Forget to Measure your Space


Finding a quality, stylish, and small recliner chair is only half of the equation. 


Every small space is unique and it is important you ensure that the recliner you choose is ideal for YOUR small space. 


As such, it is a good idea to measure your room before shopping for a recliner. With detailed measurements in hand, you will have a much better idea of the space you are working with and the room you can afford to allocate to a recliner chair.  


While taking room measurements may seem like a daunting task, it is very manageable once broken down into simple steps.

Step One – Gather your Tools


To measure your space, you will need a tape measure, paper, a pencil, and a handy helper.


Step Two – Make a Rough Outline of the Shape of the Room


From a bird’s eye view, make a simple sketch of your room. Don’t worry about producing straight lines. You can polish this sketch at a later time. 


If you prefer, you can opt to transfer your drawing and measurements to a 3D online room planner. 


Step Three – Wall Measurement 


With your measuring tape, measure the length of each wall from corner to corner. Write down the measurements on the corresponding wall drawn on your sketch. 


Next, repeat this step except measure and record the height of each wall.


Step Four – Include Doors, Openings, & Window Measurements 


Now you will indicate where the doors, doorways, windows, or any other openings in the walls are located.


Measure and record the height and width of each feature. 


Step Five – Document Additional Details


Finally, don’t forget to account for additional details in the room:


  • Ceiling fixtures or fans
  • Fireplace details/hearth
  • Light switches
  • Outlets
  • Ductwork
  • Floor or wall vents
  • Radiators
  • TV


For more detailed instructions, take a look at the article How to Measure a Room for Furniture


With this sketch of your room, make note of the space that is currently occupied, and take note of how much space you have left for your new recliner. Measure this leftover space and use it as a parameter for the dimensions of your chair. 


*Don’t forget to account for the space between furniture


While you are now equipped to choose a recliner of the right size, you also want to ensure that you are not sacrificing quality. To ensure that your chair still offers excellent comfort and longevity, look out for the following characteristics:


  • Construction
  • Reclining Mechanism
  • Functionality
  • Fabric Durability
  • Cushion Density

To learn more about choosing a recliner, take a look at our in-depth Recliner Buyers Guide.

Top 5 La-Z-Boy Recliners for Small Spaces


At La-Z-Boy, we take pride in our vast selection of recliner chairs. We offer something for every style, budget, and space … including small spaces. 


Below is a list of our top 5 recliner chairs suited for smaller spaces.

1. The Wall Casey Recliner


The Casey Wall Recliner combines contemporary style with classic reclining comfort falling within the family favourites style at La-Z-Boy. It features clean, modern lines, so it’s ideal for smaller spaces and contemporary decor. Casey’s chaise seat and leg rest, multichambered back, and gently flared and rounded track arms cradle your body in comfort without a big, bulky silhouette.  


Casey Dimensions:

Body Depth: 36.000000


Body Height: 40.500000

Body Width: 33.0

Seat Depth: 20.000000


Seat Height: 19.000000

Seat Width: 22.000000

Recliners for Small Spaces
Recliners for Small Spaces

2. The Harbor Town Wall Recliner


Designed for smaller rooms, the Harbor Town Wall Recliner gives you the comfort of a recliner with a lighter silhouette and a sleek, stylish frame that’s truly transitional. It features a channel-stitched back, a cushioned headrest, and decorative bentwood arms topped with pillow-like padding. 


To learn more, take a look at the Review of the Habor Town Recliner


Harbor Town Dimensions:

Body Depth: 37.000000


Body Height: 41.000000

Body Width: 30.0

Seat Depth: 19.500000


Seat Height: 19.000000

Seat Width: 23.000000

Recliners for Small Spaces
Recliners for Small Spaces

3. The Scarlett High Leg Recliner Chair


The Scarlett is comfortably casual! With its fresh, clean silhouette, our new Scarlett High Leg Reclining Chair gives you unlimited possibilities to create the perfect room. This versatile chair features casually tapered arms and tall wooden legs. Not only is the Scarlett fitting for smaller spaces, but its stylish look also features the unexpected ability to recline. 


Scarlett Dimensions:

Body Depth: 37.000000


Body Height: 39.000000

Body Width: 33.0

Seat Depth: 21.000000


Seat Height: 19.500000

Seat Width: 21.000000


Recliners for Small Spaces
Recliners for Small Spaces

4. The Norman Wall Recliner


The Norman Recliner is a part of the inspired, updated, and modern European collection. With a slim frame, tall back, curved metal arms, and unique stitching, the Norman stands out in any home, yet fits seamlessly in small spaces. The long handle is hard to miss, allowing you to recline with ease. 


To learn more about the Norman, take a look at the Review of the European Collection


Norman Dimensions:

Body Depth: 36.0


Body Height: 41.0

Body Width: 30.0


Recliners with Small Spaces

5. The Kimberly High Leg Recliner Chair


The Kimberly High Leg Recliner is known as a secret recliner as it is stylish with the unexpected ability to recline. It is a great choice for small spaces. With a new spin on a classic look, the Kimberly combines timeless style with modern reclining technology.


Simply push back to enjoy two positions of instant reclining comfort. With its softly-tailored wing-back, padded-rolled arms, and graceful cabriole legs, Kimberly can be dressed up for traditional décors or go casual for a more laid-back look. 


Kimberly Dimensions:

Body Depth: 37.500000


Body Height: 41.000000

Body Width: 29.5

Seat Depth: 20.500000


Seat Height: 19.000000

Seat Width: 20.500000

Recliners for Small Spaces
Recliners for Small Spaces

What’s Next?


With characteristics to look for, tips on how to take measurements, and 5 excellent options to choose from at La-Z-Boy, you are now well equipped to find the perfect recliner for your small space. 


As you shop for your new recliner, keep in mind that it is also important that your chair fits YOU! Our consultants at La-Z-Boy will not only help you find a small recliner that meets your needs and preferences, but they will also fit you for a recliner that is best for your unique body shape


Suppose you are looking at incorporating your new small recliner into an existing space or are redecorating an entire room. In that case, you may also consider taking advantage of our complimentary design services. Our skilled interior designers will ensure that the recliner you choose suits the style and size of your space. 


Visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy showroom or plan ahead by scheduling your visit online. 


We look forward to helping you find your ideal small La-Z-Boy recliner!


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