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Top 5 Reading Chairs at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

June 22, 2023

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Did you know reading is a powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety? Not only that, but it can also lower blood pressure and delay early onset stages of age-related mental issues. Did I find out this information by reading? I sure did!

Reading is an important part of our lives and can be done in several ways. Whether you’re scrolling through news stories on your phone, casually reading a book or seeing a road sign while driving, reading is everywhere you go.

If you enjoy reading books for a long period of time, you might be looking for a comfortable spot to get cozy. Mary Lee Smyth, the interior designer at La-Z-Boy Kingston, says, “I love reading, and I know I need a comfortable chair that suits my hobby.”

As you may know, La-Z-Boy has a large catalogue of chairs and recliners available for any hobby you please. But what are the best reading chairs at La-Z-Boy? 

This article will explore the top five reading chairs, providing bookworms with the perfect cozy retreat to indulge in their favourite pastime.

In This Article…

  1. Factors to Consider
  2. The Paxton Chair & a Half
  3. The Kennedy Chair
  4. The Riley High-Leg Recliner
  5. The Greyson Recliner
  6. The Astor Recliner
  7. The Scarlett High-Leg Recliner (HM)

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Factors to Consider When Looking for a Reading Chair

Before we get into our top five list, there might be some things you may not know to look out for when looking for a proper reading chair. Mary Lee highlights some factors to consider when choosing a chair for all those book enthusiasts out there.

One of the first things to consider is ensuring the furniture is comfortable. Now, this might sound like a no-brainer, but making sure you feel comfortable in a furniture piece for a long period of time matters. “This is especially true when you’re someone who likes to read for a long time,” she says.

The more comfortable you feel, the less you’ll shift around in your seat, trying to find a new comfortable position.

But how do you figure out if a furniture piece will be comfortable for a long time? It’s not like you can bring in your book from home and test it out for hours in a furniture store.

The best way to determine if a furniture piece is comfortable is by sitting on it. Of course, this is an obvious answer, but make sure your feet touch the ground and that your legs are positioned at a 90-degree angle.

Now, you might not sit upright when sitting in a chair, but this type of sit test can help determine if this chair will make you look too small or too big in a frame, which is not ideal. Mary Lee also says that this sit test helps with figuring out if the furniture is providing enough firmness and support in your lumbar region.

Lastly, while this might not be on everyone’s mind, ensuring your reading chair has comfortable armrests can also be a considerable factor. After all, you might feel the need to rest your arms somewhere after holding a book for so long.

To learn more about How to Determine if a Recliner is the Best Fit For You, take a look at this article.


Top 5 Reading Chairs at La-Z-Boy

Now that we have these factors in question, let’s take a look at some of the better reading chair options at La-Z-Boy.


1. The Paxton Chair & a Half

paxton Reading Chair & a Half

The first chair on our list is the Paxton Chair & a Half. The Paxton is a casual, relaxed seating arrangement that invites you to kick back and get cozy. Featuring clean lines, crisp welt trim, and a deep T-shaped cushion, it provides a neat and structured silhouette.

Regarding the cushions, Paxton’s seats are possibly the deepest out of all other cushions at La-Z-Boy, sinking you comfortably into the frame. 

Moreover, Mary Lee notes that because this is a chair & a half, it can also be used as a cooperative reading chair. “Instead of it being used for just yourself, this chair would be perfect for story time with your child, and you two could share the seat while you read them a story.” 

The Paxton is also available as a loveseat, a sofa, a sectional, and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Paxton Furniture Family with this review article.

2. The Kennedy Chair

Kennedy Reading ChairNext up is the Kennedy Chair, which is much smaller and narrower than the Paxton. Sitting at a petite scale, this chair looks great in either large or small spaces. Its combination of clean lines, narrow track arms, welt trim and decorative wood legs give it a classic, understated style.

Mary Lee mentions how traditional the Kennedy is. “It’s definitely a formal library-style chair,” she says. This means that if you have a reading nook or a room associated solely with your books, the Kennedy can fit quite nicely with the aesthetic you may be looking for.

It is also sympathetic to height, being able to sit comfortably for shorter and taller individuals, according to Mary Lee.

The Kennedy is also available as a loveseat, a sofa, an apartment-sized sofa, a sleeper sofa, and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Kennedy Furniture Family with this article.

3. The Riley High-Leg Recliner

Riley Reading ChairMoving on, we have the Riley as our third entry. The Riley High-Leg Recliner is described as an artful, sculptured chair with a sophisticated flair. Not only can it pair well with multiple different styles, but it can also look good entirely on its own.

The Riley also features more curves than the other pieces mentioned before, as well as luxurious cushioning, a semi-attached back, and decorative tall wood legs.

Best of all, this chair is a high-leg recliner, which means it appears as a stationary chair, but when you sit down and push back on the arms of the chair, it reclines in two different positions

The Riley High-Leg Recliner is also available in power.

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4. The Greyson Recliner

greyson reclinerThe Greyson recliner is the first true recliner to be featured on this list. Also recommended for the same reason as a great addition to a home theatre room, the Greyson is perfect for relaxing in for long periods of time.

From the midpoint to the back, continuing down towards the feet area, it has stuffing channels. This means that the two outer channels actually push your body into the centre channel and hold it in place, surrounding you in comfort

Greyson also features bucket seats, meaning you will sink right into this comfortable furniture effortlessly. 

The Greyson Recliner can come as either a rocking or wall recliner and can be upgraded to Power with Headrest & Lumbar Support.

The Greyson is also available as a reclining loveseat and reclining sofa. You can learn more about the Greyson Furniture Family with this article.

5. The Astor Recliner

Astor ReclinerWrapping up our top 5 is the comfortable and tall Astor Recliner. The Astor brings relaxation to new heights! Known as the tallest recliner at La-Z-Boy, the Astor features a deep, wide seat and comes standard with a tall base.

The pillowed back is the most distinctive feature of this chair and features three separate cushions that can adjust to your body’s contours.

Mary Lee suggests this recliner might be better for those with a heavier build. “The bigger fellows who have broad shoulders and thick legs,” she says. This allows the user to have optimal elbow support to hold their book or e-reader.

The Astor Recliner can come as either a rocking or wall recliner and can be upgraded to Power. The Astor is also available as a Platinum Lift Recliner.

6. The Scarlett High-Leg Recliner - Honourable Mention

Scarlett Reading ChairAdditionally, Mary Lee squeezes into her personal favourite reading chair, the Scarlett. “I have it in my house and I can speak from experience that it is comfy,” she says.

With its fresh, clean silhouette, the Scarlett High Leg Reclining Chair gives you a versatile shape to fit in any home. This stylish chair features casually tapered arms and tall wooden legs. Choose your favourite colour or pattern to make a personalized style statement. 

Best of all, this chair is also a high-leg recliner, which means you can also sit and push back to recline. “What separates this chair from the Riley is that the Scarlett is better for smaller users such as myself,” she says.

You can learn more about the Scarlett High-Leg Recliner with this article.

What's Next?

We hope this list has guided you in the right direction for choosing your next reading chair for your home. 

If you still have doubts about these selections, why not visit our store and see them for yourself? La-Z-Boy has these chairs and others available to try out at any of our local Ottawa & Kingston locations. You can also schedule an appointment online before coming in.

Our design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand, so do not hesitate to ask any questions while in-store. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to utilize our interior designers, who can assist you in creating a design project that harmonizes seamlessly with the rest of your home.

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