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Top 5 Best Recliners to Sleep in at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

May 16, 2023

5 recliners to sleep in

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As you know, sleeping is a fundamental part of everyone’s daily routine. In fact, almost a third of our lives is spent sleeping, regaining the energy we desperately need to continue our day-to-day lives.

However, while sleep is normally a habit in the bedroom, some people like to restore their energy levels outside in their living rooms. 

Maybe you were passing the time with a hobby and decided it was too much effort to go to bed or you got too comfy in your seat in the afternoon and fell asleep… which is totally fine!

Whether you swear by taking naps during the day or not, everyone is looking for a comfortable furniture piece to lay down on or relax in after a long day. Perhaps you’re even looking for the best recliner to sleep in.

At our furniture stores in Ottawa and Kingston, there are many comfortable La-Z-Boy recliners to choose from in many different furniture styles. According to Racha Pharaon, a sales consultant at La-Z-Boy Kanata, she says “depending on how you use it, La-Z-Boy furniture can be used for anything like sleeping or napping.”

So, if you love your daytime naps, La-Z-Boy has you covered! This article will list the 5 best recliners for sleeping, handpicked by Racha and other La-Z-Boy staff.

In This Article…

  1. What to Look for When Choosing Comfortable Furniture to Nap In
  2. The Jay Recliner
  3. The Trouper Recliner
  4. The Lennon Recliner
  5. The Finley Recliner
  6. The Rheeves Recliner


Is Sleeping in a Recliner Better Than Sleeping in a Bed?

Before we get into our list, there are a couple of things to discuss when sleeping in a recliner. For instance, is it overall better to sleep in a recliner or an actual bed? Or does it matter which one to sleep in over the other?

Well, recliners have shown great health benefits that can improve and reduce certain health issues, such as sleep apnea and acid reflux. 

However, it may not be the most ideal place to sleep every day. Yes, it is a comfortable place to nap every once in a while, but a bed has many other health benefits for long-term health problems than recliners ever will.

Sleeping in a bed is generally better than a recliner for overall health and sleep quality. Beds offer proper support and alignment, promoting better rest, whereas recliners may lead to discomfort, stiffness, and disrupted sleep patterns.

If you want to learn more about the Benefits of Sleeping in a Reclined Position, take a look at this article.

Even though sleeping in a reclined position might not always be great, it is still great to do now and then. So, when looking for a comfortable sleep recliner, you want to ensure it suits your needs.

One of the main things you should look out for is the fit of the recliner. This means ensuring that you feel comfortable sitting and lying down on it. After all, you wouldn’t want an uncomfortable furniture item. To learn more about How to Get the Best Recliner with the Right Fit, take a look at this article.

Racha says you should also look out for the seat's firmness, specifically if the cushions are too deep or too stiff for you. “If you have a hard time getting up, you might not want cushions that are too deep since they do not provide as much support.”

Another factor to consider is the type of upholstery you want. Are you a fan of fabric or leather? When choosing fabric, Zeina Badawi, the interior designer at La-Z-Boy Kanata, explains that “fabric feels softer than leather, whereas leather can sometimes feel cold and slippery.”

While this is true, some individuals may find that fabric upholstery can become uncomfortably warm, whereas the cooler texture of leather can be quite pleasant. Additionally, leather adjusts to your body temperature relatively quickly, meaning it can conform to your shape and temperature within minutes of sitting down.

To learn more about the difference between Fabric and Leather, take a look at this article.

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Top 5 Best Recliners for Sleeping at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

Now that we’ve gotten these considerations out of the way, let’s take a look at 5 of the best sleep recliners and reclining furniture families to look out for if you want a quick snooze.

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1. The Jay Recliner

Jay Reclining Sofa

The Jay is a great option for those who prefer a transitional style and a casual, family-friendly look, thanks to its detailed flange stitching. Its pillow-soft seats and chaise legrests make it an inviting place to kick back and relax.

Racha explains that this recliner is one of the only reclining furniture families that does not have a bucket seat, which means the framing is flatter, allowing you to sleep horizontally or any way you like. Arguably, this makes the Jay the best chair to sleep in at La-Z-Boy.

The Jay is available as a wall or rocking recliner,  loveseat and sofa. You can learn more by looking at our review of the Jay Furniture Family.

2. The Trouper Recliner

Trouper Recliner

Next is the Trouper reclining sofa that is similar to the Jay, but with deeper cushions. This sofa easily brings comfort and versatility to your contemporary decor. 

The Trouper is designed with intricate single-needle topstitched detailing on the inside arms, legrest, seat and back, giving it a stylish look that will make you feel sophisticated while relaxing or napping in it.

The Trouper also features bucket seats and pillow top arms that are “very cushiony to the touch and nice to lay your head on,” says Racha. It is also one of those furniture frames that can look good as a faux leather piece. What’s more, due to its puffy cushioning, the trouper might be the best recliner for the elderly to sleep in, giving them the support they need.

The Reese is available as a rocker and wall recliner, as well as a loveseat and a sectional. To learn more about the Trouper Sofa, take a look at this article.

3. The Lennon Recliner

Lennon reclinerA relatively newer addition to the La-Z-Boy family is the Lennon, which is already popular with its comfort and design. This makes it one of the best recliners for sleeping at La-Z-Boy.

The Lennon Wall Reclining Sofa offers a bold, contemporary style with tall backs, track arms and smoothly contoured comfort. Side handles allow you to raise the legrests and recline the backs on either end. 

And, because it is a wall recliner, you can put it mere inches from a wall without worrying if it’ll touch. This is a unique design that is not usually featured on anything but solo recliners. 

The Lennon is available as a rocking or wall recliner,  loveseat, and sofa. You can learn more about the Lennon Furniture Family by checking out this article.


4. The Finley Recliner

Finley ReclinerThe Finley is another furniture frame that is similar to the Lennon. This slim-fitting recliner includes sleek track arms and a tall foam back that gives it a neat and structured appearance. 

The ultra-plush chaise seat and legrest cradle the body in a continuous comfort zone for reading, relaxing or watching TV.

Not only is this one of the best recliners to sleep in, but Racha mentions that this one is especially better for taller users who need a place to crash for a bit. 

The Finley is available as a rocking & wall recliner, wall reclining loveseat, and wall reclining sofa. You can learn more about the Finley Furniture Family with this review article.

5. The Rheeves High-Leg Recliner

Rheeves reclinerLast up is a different entry from the other frames on this list. The Rheeves is a recliner, but not how you would picture it. While the appearance of the Rheeves is stationary, it has the secret ability to recline when you push back on it!

Michelle MacLellan, another design consultant at La-Z-Boy Kanata, tells us that the Rheeves is a great choice for taking a daytime snooze in because it has “a taller back, which can make it better for taller users.”

What’s more, the Rheeves is a great choice for anyone looking to sleep in a semi-reclining position.

The Rheeves is a high-leg recliner that features decorative wood legs, welt trim, and a foam back for added comfort. It is also available in power.


What's Next?

We hope this list provides insight into choosing the best recliner to sleep in at La-Z-Boy. If you’re looking for a more traditional way of sleeping with your furniture, check out our list of Best Selling La-Z-Boy Sofa Beds.

If you’re interested in any of the products mentioned, you can start shopping by visiting one of our local furniture stores in Ottawa or Kingston. You can also schedule a visit online before coming in.

Our sales consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand. Take advantage of our interior design services to see which furniture item would suit your space and complement your home design.  

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