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How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

February 25, 2022

How Much Does a Mattress Cost?

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We don't think about it often, but mattresses are essential to our everyday lives. Providing the perfect amount of comfort for sleeping or relaxing, mattresses can sometimes be considered our best friends, giving us the support and rest we need during stressful times. 

So, what happens when it becomes time to replace that big piece of cushion when it's no longer doing a good enough job? Time to buy a new mattress! 

If your current mattress has done its job right, it has likely been a long time since you have purchased a new mattress. With this, you are likely wondering what you should expect to spend on this new addition to your bedroom.

Although we do not sell mattresses at La-Z-Boy, we do offer a range of bedroom furniture. In turn, our clients often ask us about the cost of a mattress to accompany their bedframe. To answer this question, we have written an article discussing the cost of a mattress and factors that affect the cost of a mattress. 

Consider these helpful tips on how to properly spend your money on your perfect mattress.

In this Article…

  1. Factors Affecting Cost
  2. Price Ranges
  3. Questions to Ask Yourself
  4. What's Next?

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Mattress

Many factors can affect the cost of a mattress, such as size, the materials used, and the overall quality.

Size of a Mattress

As you know, mattresses come in various shapes and sizes, each with different cost ranges. 

Before you go out and purchase any mattress, you'll want to consider who this mattress is for. Is it for just yourself? You and someone else? A child? 

After all, you wouldn't want to spend money on a King size mattress for a small child. 

Mattresses usually come in four main sizes: Twin, Double/Full, Queen, and King.

1. Twin: A Twin is the smallest mattress you can get out of the four main mattress sizes. They are usually 38" x 75", making them perfect for any child, young or older. 

2. Double/Full: Whether you call it a Double or a Full, these mattresses are usually 54" x 75", making them perfect for any adult who does not typically share sleeping space with anyone else. 

3. Queen: Queen mattresses are usually 60" x 80", making them perfect for anyone sharing a bed. 

4. King: A King mattress serves the same purpose as a Queen mattress, but larger. They are usually 16 inches wider than Queen mattresses, giving sleepers more wiggle room. Buying a King is more expensive than a Queen; however, this doesn't necessarily matter if you have the extra space in your bedroom and are willing to spend a little extra cash. 

5. Other Sizes: non-conventional sized mattresses like XL versions are more expensive than traditional mattresses because they aren't in high demand. An Olympic Queen and a California King are possibly the most costly mattresses you can purchase because they are the most enormous sizes out there and use a lot of materials to make. Smaller options like Cribs and Small Single mattresses are cheaper because they take the least amount of materials to make.

Mattress Sizes & Dimensions


Mattress Materials (Types of Mattresses)

When purchasing a mattress, it is also crucial to know what materials were used when making them. Some materials are more expensive than others and might be considered luxury items, which we will talk about very shortly.

When referring to types of Mattresses, there are plenty to choose from. However, there are four notable types that people usually go for Innerspring, Foam, Latex, or Hybrid. 

Innerspring Mattress

An Innerspring Mattress is the most traditional design of mattresses. 

Given that they are made with steel coils, they are considered to have more bounce than other mattresses, such as All-foam or Latex. Further, Innerspring Mattresses hold a more firm shape and offer great support. 

However, though they are the traditional way of making a mattress, they, unfortunately, have a shorter lifespan than other types of mattresses out there. 

Innersprings are also made out of foam, wool, or cotton, making it difficult to distinguish them between Hybrid mattresses since their build is almost similar.

Foam Mattress

Foam Mattresses have been around for quite some time and have only grown in popularity as the years go by. 

This is because of the versatility of the foam material you can choose from. There are many different types of foams out there, which is important to consider when choosing this type of mattress because each additional material can significantly affect your mattress's price. 

It's also important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types of foam mattresses. For example, polyfoam is a type of foam considered very supportive for sleepers. However, this type of foam has a low density than other foam mattresses, making it less comfortable faster over time. 

A very popular foam that most people look at is memory foam. Believe it or not, memory foam was developed by engineers from NASA to help astronauts stay comfortable during missions and landings. It is moldable to the touch and can conform to any body type, helping alleviate pressure and specific pain. 

Though this is an advantageous material to own when sleeping, memory foam is considered a luxury item, making its mattresses more expensive than other mattresses out there. 

This is why it is essential to distinguish the type of foam used to construct a mattress and understand the implicated cost. 

Latex Mattress

Latex or Gel mattresses are also considered more on the expensive side of traditional mattress prices. 

Latex is a type of breathable material that, when aerated, becomes foamy enough to be used in making mattresses. It is just as bouncy as Innerspring and almost as foamy as any kind of foam, making it a great combination between the two.

The rise in popularity of these mattresses is because they are made out of a natural resource, which is built to last a long time. In addition, Latex Mattresses are also known to keep sleepers cool at night, making them a helpful selection for hot summer nights. 

Hybrid Mattress

Finally, Hybrid Mattresses combine two or multiple different types of mattresses in one. 

Hybrids can range in price considerably, ultimately depending on the combination of materials used to make one. Hybrid mattresses can include innerspring, latex, foam, or other materials used in less popular mattresses. It all depends on what you want to put in your Hybrid mattress. 

Each combination of materials come with their own pros and cons, so it's important to know each of them before you make a decision on which Hybrid mattress is right for you. 

Other Types of Mattresses

Much like unpopular sizes, unpopular mattress types will make things more expensive. 

Unconventional mattress types include waterbeds or pocketed coil mattresses. These, among plenty of others, do not have the same demand as the mattress types listed above. 

So, if you're thinking about purchasing a more non-traditional or unpopular mattress, be prepared to spend a little more than planned.

Mattress Quality

The quality of your mattress is a big factor to consider when purchasing a mattress. Considering all of the material listed above and the size, you'll want to make sure this is something that will last you a long time. 

It is important to note what is considered a good quality mattress vs. a bad quality mattress. Better-quality mattresses last longer, so mattresses with Luxury add-ons like memory foam or latex are within this category. Though they are more expensive than other mattresses, they last longer. With that in mind, it might be a better long-term investment if you are willing to pay a little bit extra than previously planned.

In contrast to good quality mattresses, bad quality mattresses will not last as long as other mattresses out there. It is important to know where your mattress is coming from. Do you trust this brand? Is this mattress second-hand? How long ago was this mattress made?

Second-hand mattresses are a good investment if you’re looking for something cheaper, but they might not be as comfortable as other mattresses. Depending on how old the mattress is, some spots can feel lumpy or too hard. Remember, you are the one who will be sleeping on this mattress every day, so it’s important to consider where you’re getting it from.

Mattress Price Ranges

As mentioned before, mattresses can vary significantly in price, depending on the size and materials used. 

Mattresses can range from $200 to well over $3,000

Here is a breakdown of each type of mattress listed in this article and their typical price range so you can better grasp how each of them differs from one another.

Mattress Type

Low Price Range Average

Medium Price Range Average

High Price Range Average





All-Foam (not including Memory Foam)













It is important to note that this list does not include warranties or delivery & setup fees. 

Most mattress companies have some sort of warranty coverage should something happen to your mattress. These warranties and return policies can affect the overall cost. 

Delivery and setup fees are also a factor when purchasing a mattress. Delivery fees can range from $50 to $100, so make sure you're prepared to pay for extra costs if necessary.

You might be wondering if you should tip a furniture delivery person. If so, check this article on if you should or shouldn't tip a delivery person.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Mattress

What Kind of Sleeper Are You?

Are you a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper? Do you sleep on your back, your side, or your stomach? Believe it or not, the type of mattress you pick can significantly help with the type of sleeper you are.

For example, softer mattresses would best suit lightweight sleepers because they aren’t putting so much pressure on the bed, making it easy for them to fall asleep. 

Medium firmness mattresses are always a safe bet because it is considered an in-between option for a lot of sleepers; all sleeping positions excluding stomach sleepers can benefit from this type of mattress. 

Speaking of stomach sleepers, along with heavy sleepers, are best complemented with firm mattresses since it puts less pressure on the bed; if there’s too much pressure, it could jeopardize the alignment of your spine, which can cause certain health issues to arise down the road like chronic back pain or poor blood circulation. 

Do You Have Any Sleeping Concerns?

There are many other types of concerns people face when they sleep. For example, on a hot summer day, it might be difficult for people to feel cool when sleeping. If you are someone who sweats or overheats when they sleep, cooling mattresses, like latex mattresses, can easily help fix your comfortability.

Referring back to our previous example of back pain and poor blood circulation, if you already have these health problems, the firmness and softness of your mattress help to decrease these risks significantly. 

Studies have shown that the right mattress, depending on your body type and the type of sleeper you are, can improve up to 50-60% of your pain.

There are also certain materials made in mattresses, such as latex or certain foams, that can cause allergic reactions to certain sleepers. This is why it is important to know what your mattress is made of to avoid these kinds of issues.

If you’re concerned about if your mattress is eco-friendly, why not ask your mattress retailer for an eco-friendly mattress? It’s important to know what materials can be used as an organic substitute; for example, memory foam can never be organic. Organic mattresses that include innerspring materials or latex can be alternatively used with organic materials.  

What Size Mattress Do You Have Room For?

Before purchasing any kind of investment for your home, it is crucial to measure your space to ensure you have room for it. In this case, take careful measurements of your bedroom before determining the size of mattress you want to invest in. Measurements will always matter in the long run, so make sure you do that before placing something too big in a tiny room.

Does Your Mattress Fit Your Bed Frame?

Make sure your bed frame matches your mattress's size--it can become a big problem fast if they do not fit correctly. 

This may seem obvious, but believe it or not, standard mattress and bed-frame sizes may slightly vary depending on where you shop. For example, a King bed at IKEA is a slightly bigger size than a King bed elsewhere. 

A helpful tip to avoid this problem is to measure both the bed frame and the mattress to see if they match up or not. That way, you will not run into this kind of trouble.

Are You Buying In-Person or Online?

Something that may surprise you about purchasing a mattress is that it is more beneficial to buy them online than going in person to a mattress store. 

This is because some mattress stores have quite the markup on their prices, leading to a consumer report discovering that certain stores were selling mattresses at markups of up to 900%. 

This means that customers were paying $3,000 for a mattress that realistically was $300! Needless to say, in-person shopping for mattresses will always be more expensive than buying online.  

Mind you, some markups are not as noticeable or as extreme as the example above. Though it might be cheaper to buy online, there are also benefits to buying in-person. Some consumers enjoy the experience of laying down on a mattress and seeing if it is something they can sleep on for a long time–something you simply cannot do when shopping online. 

Making sure the comfort of your mattress fits your personal preferences is essential when looking for a new mattress. It is the difference between having a goodnight’s sleep or feeling uncomfortable in your own bed.

Complete Your Mattress with Bedroom Furniture from La-Z-Boy

Now that you know all of the factors that come into play with purchasing a mattress, you're able to invest in the perfect mattress that's right for you!

Unfortunately, La-Z-Boy does not sell any mattresses. However, we do offer many bedroom furniture items to choose from that will compliment your bedroom nicely. 

More specifically, American Drew and Kincaid, are two subdivisions of La-Z-Boy incorporated, that offer heirloom-quality furniture, including bedroom furniture. This includes bed frames, dressers, nightstands, chests, benches, and mirrors.

The cost of American Drew and Kincaid bedroom furniture falls within the mid to high price range of the market. This cost is ultimately reflected in the quality of materials and level of craftsmanship. 

Some American Drew and Kincaid bedroom furniture can be admired on the La-Z-Boy showroom floor.  But there is much more where that came from! If you are shopping for American Drew or Kincaid bedroom products, our design consultants would be happy to help you and show you the entire selection from the complete catalogues.

The design consultant can provide you with detailed information about the products that catch your eye, such as dimensions and material samples. 

Anything from the catalogue can be ordered and delivered to a local La-Z-Boy location.

Visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston location to get started today. If you prefer to plan in advance, schedule an appointment online.

We also offer complimentary design services at La-Z-Boy. Our expert designers can assist you

in designing your perfect bedroom, matching your exact tastes and preferences.  

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