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Top 5 Rocking Recliners at La-Z-Boy Ottawa

October 3, 2023

rocking recliners

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Rocking in a chair can mean the difference between feeling stressed and feeling relaxed in your environment. In fact, studies show that rocking in a seated position can produce endorphins, which boosts your mood and even helps with sleep.

This is definitely great to know, but you know what’s even better than rocking in a chair for relaxation? Rocking in a reclining chair for relaxation!

At La-Z-Boy, we have many different rocking recliners to choose from. According to Ghada Shaheen, a design consultant at La-Z-Boy Hunt Club “We have recliners for people that are tall, short, old, young, you name it!”

But which rocking recliners in Ottawa are considered our best-sellers, and how do they compare to one another? This article will detail our top 5 rocking recliners as well as some honourable mentions, to get you started on your recliner-buying journey.

In This Article…

  1. The Finley Recliner
  2. The Pinnacle Recliner
  3. The Joshua Recliner
  4. The Morrison Recliner
  5. The Casey Recliner
  6. The Astor Recliner (Honourable Mention)
  7. The Brooks Recliner (Honourable Mention)



1. The Finley Recliner

Rocking ReclinerThe first on our list, as well as the best-selling wall recliner currently at La-Z-Boy Ottawa, is the Finley Rocking Recliner. 

With a neat and structured appearance, the Finley is known for its slim shape, which makes it work well for a number of contemporary or modern rooms. This reclining chair features modern lines, sleek track arms, and a tall foam back. It also features an ultra-plush chaise seat that keeps your body in a continuous zone of comfort.

Because the Finley is slim in shape, it makes it a great option for downsizing and for small spaces

Further, as with most recliners in this article, this rocking recliner is available in power, which includes an adjustable headrest and lumbar support, to make your seating experience more relaxing.

The Finley is available as a wall/gliding recliner, a wall reclining loveseat, and a wall reclining sofa. You can learn more about the Finley Furniture Family with this review article.

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2. The Pinnacle Recliner

Rocking ReclinerThe Pinnacle Rocking Recliner in Ottawa has an easygoing style that’s just right for resting and relaxing. 

Known for its puffy appearance, it allows you to sink into its frame and provides optimal lumbar support in the manual option. It also features padded rolled arms, and ample legrest room so your feet don’t feel like they’re dangling. 

According to Ghada, she says the Pinnacle gives off a more feminine look. “I know a lot of people consider this a grandfather’s chair, but I think because of the curves and the size, it works well for women too, especially if you pair it with a masculine recliner for his & hers style of seating.” .

The Pinnacle is also available as a wall/gliding recliner, a power lift recliner, a rocking or wall reclining loveseat, and a wall reclining sofa. You can learn more about the Pinnacle Furniture Family with this review article.

3. The Joshua Recliner

Rocking ReclinerNext up, the Joshua Rocking Recliner can be that his & hers pairing you’ve been looking for, along with the Pinnacle Recliner!

According to Ghada, she thinks “It is a masculine chair and would work well with the Pinnacle.”

Basic yet classic, the Joshua is the recliner people imagine when they think of a La-Z-Boy recliner. Welcoming, puffy in all the right places and big enough to sink you right into its frame. There’s no wonder why it’s considered a family favourite!

The Joshua features sloping padded arms, a tiered back and an ultra-plush chaise seat to help support your body from head to toe.

The Joshua is also available as a wall recliner. To learn more about the Joshua Recliner, take a look at this article.

4. The Morrison Recliner

Rocking ReclinerFourth on our list is the Morrison. This rocker recliner in Ottawa is also considered a family favourite and is designed for comfort and durability.

The Morrison features a tufted back and chaise seat, plus amply padded arms to cradle you in comfort. 

Its channelled seats are not like others on this list, due to the fact that they go vertically on the lower half. This makes it easier for your body to feel centred in the frame, while this furniture item surrounds you in comfort.

The Morrison is available as a rocking recliner, a loveseat and a sofa. You can learn more about the Morrison Furniture Family by checking out this article.

5. The Casey Recliner

S225b_CASEY_010-767_C186086Last but not least on our main list is the Casey, the smallest recliner available in this article.

The Casey Rocking Recliner in Ottawa combines contemporary style with classic reclining comfort. It features clean, modern lines, so it’s ideal for smaller spaces and contemporary decor. 

Casey’s chaise seat and legrest, multi chambered back and gently flared and rounded track arms cradle your body in comfort without a big, bulky silhouette.

The Casey is the only recliner on the main list that is not available in power. However, it is also available as a manual wall recliner. You can learn more about the Casey Recliner with this article.

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6. The Astor Recliner (Honourable Mention)

Rocking ReclinerIn the first slot of our honourable mentions section is the Astor Wall Recliner, which contrasts the Casey as one of the largest and tallest recliners available. Designed specifically for larger users, the Astor brings relaxation to new heights. 

Its tall pillowed back features three separate cushions that can adjust to your body’s contours, while the chaise seat and padded flared arms provide the right amount of comfort for any kind of relaxation.

Along with the Randell and the Redwood, the Astor is unofficially part of our Summit Series, which has all the tall enhancements of a La-Z-Boy recliner, without the added cost. The reason why the Astor isn’t officially there is because it’s the smallest out of the three but is still associated with them due to its tall back.

The Astor is available as a wall recliner and a power lift recliner. To learn more about the Astor Recliner, take a look at this article.

7. The Brooks Recliner (Honourable Mention)

Rocking ReclinerAnother rocking recliner in Ottawa  is the Brooks Rocking Recliner, which offers a casual blend of comfort and function. 

A thinner back and smaller arm posts give Brooks a modern, tailored silhouette that blends well with a variety of room styles. The Brooks also offers an updated look on a traditional recliner. It looks cleaner and less overstuffed, but the surprise is how comfortable it still is.

Ghada also admires the equally separated headrest and lumbar support on the back of the frame. “Some people feel like the headrest is too small or there isn’t enough lumbar area. With this recliner, there isn’t one area that takes over the other.”

The Brooks is also available as a manual wall recliner, as well as a manual loveseat and sofa. You can learn more about the Brooks Furniture Family with this article.

What's Next?

We hope this list has guided you in the right direction for choosing your next rocking recliner in Ottawa. 

If you're still contemplating the perfect recliner, why not come into one of our showrooms? La-Z-Boy has these chairs and others available to try out at any of our local furniture stores in furniture stores in Ottawa. You can also schedule an appointment online before coming in.

Our design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand, so do not hesitate to ask any questions while in-store. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to utilize our interior designers, who can assist you in creating a design project that harmonizes seamlessly with the rest of your home.

If you’re still interested in learning more about wall recliners, take a look at our comparison on Rocker vs. Wall Recliners.

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