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Top 5 Wall Recliners at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

July 6, 2023

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Recliners can be a mixed bag of comfort and inconvenience. While we can't speak for all recliners, we understand that even La-Z-Boy's renowned products can occasionally pose challenges when it comes to their size and space requirements.

Some recliners can be too bulky or they take up too much space, which can make some customers hesitant to purchase a comfortable item that they’ll enjoy. However, what if there was a way for your recliner to not take up as much space and still have the added puffy comfort?

Wall recliners (also referred to as wall-away or wall-hugging recliners) have the same comfort as a rocker or gliding recliner, but the special thing about them is that they can be placed about 4-6 inches away from a wall, without needing to be pushed back while reclining. 

The reason why wall recliners are able to do this is because the base of the frame allows them to slightly move forward while the recliner leans back. This gives you the benefit of reclining as far back as you wish, without hitting the wall behind you!

So now that you’re aware of wall-hugging recliners, what are some of the wall recliner examples that are available at La-Z-Boy presently? This article will be taking a look at our best-selling wall recliners, as well as some honourable mentions, to help give you an idea of what we have in-store for you!

In This Article…

  1. The Pinnacle Wall Recliner
  2. The Finley Wall Recliner
  3. The Rowan Wall Recliner
  4. The Trouper Wall Recliner
  5. The Astor Wall Recliner
  6. The Morrison Wall Recliner - Honourable Mention
  7. The Soren Wall Recliner - Honourable Mention



1. The Pinnacle Wall Recliner

S67b_PINNACLE_010-512_LB174578-1The first on our list, as well as the best-selling wall recliner currently at La-Z-Boy, is the Pinnacle Recliner. The Pinnacle Wall Recliner has an easygoing style that’s just right for resting and relaxing. 

It is also known for its puffy features, allowing you to sink into its frame and enjoy its pillowed tall back and padded rolled arms. 

The Pinnacle also features a chaise seat and legrest, which cradles your body in a continuous zone of comfort. 

The Pinnacle is also known for being not only one of the best-selling recliners at La-Z-Boy but also one of the oldest products in our showrooms, with some design consultants calling it the “grandfather of La-Z-Boy recliners.”

Further, as with every other recliner in this article, this wall recliner is available in power, which includes an adjustable headrest and lumbar support, to make your seating experience more relaxing.

The Pinnacle is also available as a rocking/gliding recliner, a power lift recliner, a rocking or wall reclining loveseat, and a wall reclining sofa. You can learn more about the Pinnacle Furniture Family with this review article.

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2. The Finley Wall Recliner

S26b_FINLEY_010-747_C181286_H1Up next is another well-known recliner at La-Z-Boy, the Finley Wall Recliner. This recliner may not be as puffy as the Pinnacle, but it certainly knows its way around feeling comfortable to users.

Slim in shape, the Finley fits the bill with its modern lines, sleek track arms and tall foam back, which gives it a neat and structured appearance. Contemporary in style, the Finley also features an ultra-plush chaise seat and legrest that keep your body feeling relaxed and comfortable for long periods of time

Because the Finley is slim in shape, it makes it a great option for small spaces

The Finley is available as a rocking/gliding recliner, a wall reclining loveseat, and a wall reclining sofa. You can learn more about the Finley Furniture Family with this review article.


3. The Rowan Wall Recliner

S85b_ROWAN_010-765_LB174654Third on our list is the Rowan Wall Recliner. This recliner is known for its winged back, which extends from the outer parts of the frame, creating a more contemporary look.

The Rowan features clean, split back cushioning that separates the top and bottom part of the back, which is perfect for that adjustable headrest and lumbar upgrade. It does look more sleek than other recliners, but do not let this fool you. 

Maximizing the seating area with its flared arms, the Rowan recliner showcases a bigger seat, accompanied by exquisite accents like welt trim on the back, arm posts, and chaise. For added safety and comfort, the Rowan also features a 3-position locking legrest, ensuring a truly indulgent lounging experience.

The Rowan is available as a rocking and gliding recliner. You can learn more about the Rowan Recliner with this article.


4. The Trouper Wall Recliner

S48g_TROUPER_016-724_D126772Next up, the Trouper Wall Recliner is an updated silhouette with a modern look to it. Complete with slightly flared arms and a sleek tall back, the Trouper has a fresh and top stitched design that gives it the best-accented details on this list.

Top stitching is normally done with our leather selections at La-Z-Boy. However, even though the Trouper does have select leather choices, it is better known for its faux leather selections, which is perfect for those who love fabric but are looking for a different texture.

The Trouper features a sculpted bucket seat which cradles you in softness, while the padded split back provides great head and lumbar support. 

The Trouper is available as a rocking recliner, a reclining loveseat, a reclining sofa, and a reclining sectional


5. The Astor Wall Recliner

S42b_ASTOR_010-519_LB159079_altLast on our main list is the Astor Wall Recliner, one of the largest recliners and also the tallest. Designed specifically for larger users, the Astor brings relaxation to new heights. 

Its tall pillowed back features three separate cushions that can adjust to your body’s contours, while the chaise seat and padded flared arms provide the right amount of comfort for any kind of relaxation.

Along with the Randell and the Redwood, the Astor is unofficially part of our Summit Series, which has all the tall enhancements of a La-Z-Boy recliner, without the added cost. The reason why the Astor isn’t officially there is because it’s the smallest out of the three but is still associated with them due to its tall back.

The Astor is available as a rocking recliner and a power lift recliner.

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6. The Morrison Wall Recliner - Honourable Mention

A62b_Morrison_016-766_C162586Additionally, there are two other recliners worth mentioning on this list, one of them being the Morrison. This wall-hugging recliner is a family favourite and is designed for comfort and durability.

The Morrison features a tufted back and chaise seat, plus amply padded arms to cradle you in comfort. 

Its channelled seats are not like others on this list, due to the fact that they go vertically on the lower half. This makes it easier for your body to feel centred in the frame, while this furniture item surrounds you in comfort.

The Morrison is available as a rocking recliner, a loveseat and a sofa. You can learn more about the Morrison Furniture Family by checking out this article.


7. The Soren Wall Recliner- Honourable Mention

S65b_SOREN_010-773_D176232Last but not least on our list is the Soren. This wall recliner is a modern version of a billowy classic, which refers to a traditional-looking furniture piece that has a puffy look to it.

With its modernized appearance, the Soren is able to stand out from its traditional predecessors and help appeal to a younger audience.

The Soren also features bucket seats, which allows you to easily sink into this furniture item. These bucket seats are spacious and cozy, which lets the user have lots of elbow room to rest on the squared-off rolled arms.

The Soren is available as a rocking recliner. You can learn more about the Soren Recliner by checking out this article.

What's Next?

We hope this list has guided you in the right direction for choosing your next recliner for your home. 

If you're still contemplating the perfect recliner for your home, don't let yourself feel cornered! Visit any of our stores and see them for yourself! La-Z-Boy has these chairs and others available to try out at any of our local Ottawa & Kingston locations. You can also schedule an appointment online before coming in.

Our design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand, so do not hesitate to ask any questions while in-store. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to utilize our interior designers, who can assist you in creating a design project that harmonizes seamlessly with the rest of your home.

If you’re still interested in learning more about wall recliners, take a look at our comparison on Rocker vs. Wall Recliners.

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