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5 Best-Selling Accent Loveseats at La-Z-Boy

December 26, 2022

Accent Loveseat List Featured Image

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A loveseat sofa is the perfect furniture piece for anyone looking for furniture that’s not too big, not too small, but juuuust right!

One of our La-Z-Boy Ottawa sales consultants, Racha Pharaon, says that “Loveseats are the perfect furniture to put in a small space, and for people who are looking for something that is not as big as a sofa.”

But what is an accent loveseat? You might have heard of accent chairs in a room, but an accent loveseat? 

Well, thanks to this article, you will find out everything you need to know about accent furniture pieces other than chairs, through our La-Z-Boy loveseat selection. Each loveseat sofa was uniquely chosen to showcase the different accents you can have in a room.

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In This Article…

  1. What is an Accent Loveseat?
  2. The Draper Loveseat
  3. The Piper Loveseat
  4. The Paxton Loveseat
  5. The Colby Loveseat
  6. The Bexley Loveseat Sofa Bed
  7. The Meyer Loveseat (HM)
  8. The Mackenzie Loveseat (HM)



What is an Accent Furniture?

Now, you might wonder, what makes a furniture piece accent furniture?

According to Racha, accent furniture “is like any other furniture piece, but the big difference is how it looks compared to the rest of the room.”

Much like accent chairs, or accent walls, accent furniture makes a statement in a room by adding a nice pattern, a bold colour, or even a different texture.

Racha also adds that the placement of the furniture pieces also matters. “You want to make sure that this accent furniture piece is one of the main focal points when someone enters this room,” she says.

One of the better ways to place an accent loveseat in a room is either next to your sofa if you have an existing sofa or in between two chairs. “The two chairs in between the loveseat show how different your other furniture is compared to the accent piece,” she says.


Top 5 Accent Loveseats at La-Z-Boy

With all of the previous considerations in mind, the accent loveseats below should tell you what to expect from our selection at La-Z-Boy loveseat to narrow down the right choice for you!

1. The Draper Accent Loveseat

Accent Loveseat

Possibly one of the bolder accent furniture pieces at La-Z-Boy, an accent loveseat list cannot exist without the Draper Loveseat. 

This La-Z-Boy loveseat has an interesting look that's quickly increasing its popularity. The Draper boasts a clean and angular look, with its loud caramel and grey select leather loveseat colours that can turn a room into a dynamic statement.

Racha says that it can mix well with fabric furniture pieces, and is great for those looking for a deep cushion. "It also looks great in offices, with its mid-century modern look," she says.

The Draper is also available as a chair, a sofa, a sectional and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Draper Furniture Family with this article.


2. The Piper Accent Loveseat

Piper Loveseat

Next is the Piper Loveseat, which is considered an entry-level loveseat sofa for any La-Z-Boy shoppers on a budget, according to many Sales Consultants, including Racha.

“Not only is the sofa with chaise a great option for a small loveseat,” Racha says, “The loveseat sofa is also a really great option when paired with a bold striped pattern.”

Piper’s sleek, streamlined design makes it the perfect small loveseat for any kind of room you want, which is why it is considered one of our Top Selling Stationary Loveseats. It also features Premier Construction seats, elegant modern arms, and decorative wood legs.

The Piper is also available as a sofa, a sleeper sofa, a sofa with a chaise, and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Piper Furniture Family by checking out this article. 


3. The Paxton Accent Loveseat

accent loveseat

The next accent furniture piece on this list is the Paxton Loveseat, which Racha calls “a cute and best-selling loveseat.” Another modern loveseat with clean lines for casual comfort, the Paxton has a cozy, supportive chamber filled back with a detached back and loose seats.

The Paxton also features deep seats, which are great for those looking for a long or short sit.

The Paxton is also available as a chair & a half, a sofa, a sectional and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Paxton Furniture Family with this article.


4. The Colby Duo Accent Loveseat

Colby Accent Loveseat

The Colby Loveseat is another interesting modern loveseat that is on this list. Not only does it go well with any bold pattern, according to Racha, but it also has a secret yet chameleon-like ability that will still turn heads.

This reclining loveseat is part of our Duo Collection. If you’re familiar with this collection from La-Z-Boy, you’ll know that these La-Z-Boy loveseat recliners also have the secret ability to recline while looking like a stationary furniture item.

“This modern loveseat is perfect for those who want a recliner that will blend in with their stationary furniture, and keep guests on their toes with excitement,” she says.

The Colby also features graceful rolled arms, decorative wood legs, and padded outer arms and back. Simply use the subtle side-mounted control panel on the outside arms to recline.

The Colby is available as a recliner chair, a reclining sofa, and a sectional. You can learn about the Colby Duo Furniture Family by checking out this article.


5. The Bexley Loveseat Sofa Bed

Bexley Accent Loveseat

Last but not least is the Bexley, which is one of the more versatile small loveseats in terms of accent pieces. 

Since this La-Z-Boy loveseat was formerly part of the Urban Attitudes Collection, the Bexley can be paired well with most upholstery covers at La-Z-Boy. “Whether you choose to put leather, fabric, or velvet on it, the Bexley will look good,” Racha says.

The Bexley is also considered a modern furniture frame, which means it can blend well with any furniture style. It also features box-border seats, key-shaped arms, and clean lines for that versatile look.

The Bexley is also available as a sofa and a loveseat sleeper. You can learn more about the Bexley Furniture Family with this article.

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6. The Meyer Accent Loveseat - Honourable Mention

Meyer Accent Loveseat

Racha also points out some honourable mentions for people who are looking for accent furniture pieces. 

The Meyer, for example, is considered one of La-Z-Boy’s Best Selling Sofas. Because the modern loveseat is the same design, people might enjoy what this loveseat has to offer.

Racha says that the Meyer can look good with most of the fabrics offered at La-Z-Boy. “I’d say you can put a nice velvety purple on this loveseat to really make it pop,” she says.

The Meyer is also considered to be one of the wider loveseats that La-Z-Boy has to offer, meaning it can fill an open space nicely. 

The Meyer is also available as a chair, a sofa, a sectional, and a matching ottoman. You can more about Meyer Furniture Family by checking out our comparison article.


7. The Mackenzie Accent Loveseat - Honourable Mention

Mackenzie Accent Loveseat

Lastly, the Mackenzie is the most classical-looking small loveseat on this list. 

Timeless and on-trend, the Mackenzie Loveseat Sofa features rolled, pleated arms, foam back, and ComfortCore® cushions that deliver just the right amount of comfort and support for a short or a long sit. 

Racha says that most of the time, people see Mackenzie as a leather loveseat, which she thinks would make a great accent furniture piece if you pair it with any fabric furniture pieces in your home.

To learn more about how to Mix and Match Fabric and Leather Furniture, check out this article.

The Mackenzie is also available as a chair, a sofa, and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Mackenzie Furniture Family through this article.

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What's Next?

After reading this article, you have now gained more knowledge about how to incorporate accent furniture, like a loveseat sofa, into your living room. Our list of best-selling accent loveseats should help you get started with your furniture shopping!

If you are interested in La-Z-Boy loveseat recliners, check out the Best-Selling Reclining Loveseats at La-Z-Boy as well.

So, now that you have read about some of our loveseats why not try them out yourself? La-Z-Boy has a lot more loveseat styles to choose from. 

Make sure to discover your next furniture piece by doing a sit test at any of our furniture stores in Ottawa & Kingston Locations. You can also schedule an appointment online.

Our interior design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand. Take advantage of our interior design services to see how our loveseats could fit in your home. 

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