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Review of Canadel's Loft Collection

April 1, 2022

Review of Canadel's Loft Collection

Review of Canadel’s Loft Dining Collection

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As companies continue to create dining room furniture with new styles and designs, there’s always something new to bring to the table … much like a delicious new recipe!

With so many emerging home design trends, everyone is looking for new ways to create an aesthetically pleasing dining room.  This is what Canadel’s dining furniture collections do so well. 

Each Canadel collection has something unique and special to offer those interested in high-quality furniture. Loft, specifically, is not a stranger to this at all. With a heavily industrialized and modern approach to furniture, Loft awakens the eye for design by bringing two distinct styles together so flawlessly.

Michelle MacLellan, an interior designer at La-Z-Boy and Canadel expert, says that the Loft collection is “a through and through industrial and modern design, keeping up a great balance between the two styles; it truly stands in a league of its own.”

Though the Loft dining room set is a unique collection style-wise, is it the right collection for you?

This article will cover everything you need to know about Canadel’s Loft collection, including unique features, options & customizations, cost, and warranty. 

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In This Article…

  1. Brief Description of Canadel
  2. Loft Style & Unique Features
  3. Loft Dining Furniture Selection
  4. Options & Customizations
  5. Cost
  6. Warranty
  7. Is the Loft Collection Right for You?

Loft Kitchen Island & Barstools

Brief Description of Canadel Custom Dining

Canadel is a Canadian furniture company specializing in making high-quality and custom dining furniture. 

The dining furniture company has been in business for over 30 years and is actually a part of our dining selection at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston, with a flagship Canadel showroom attached to the La-Z-Boy Kanata showroom

Much like La-Z-Boy, Canadel prides itself on selling high-quality dining furniture. In addition, they provide extensive customization options, made easier with the Canadel UDesign tool, which provides the online customer with over 9 million furniture combinations and options to choose from.

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Canadel offers a variety of dining room styles characterized by six main collections: Canadel, Downtown, Champlain, Gourmet, East Side, and of course, Loft.

Each collection offers its unique twist on traditional dining room sets, taking on stylish and eye-catching appearances. So, whether you live in a modern downtown flat or a traditional family home, there is a Canadel collection that meets every taste or preference.

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About Canadel's Loft Dining Collection


Style & Unique Features

All Canadel Dining Furniture is handcrafted in North America. Like all other collections, the Loft Collection is custom-made with solid Canadian birch and eco-friendly hevea wood. 

More specifically, in Loft’s dining room set, the collection is made with heavy attention to detail. Customers interested in Loft will notice the clean lines and rustic finishes to the furniture, giving off a well-balanced mix of industrial and lived-in styles.

Speaking of the two styles, the industrial look is inspired by the factories and workshops of the industrial revolution, whereas the rustic look is similar to cottage or lodge furniture. 

Loft brings a cutting-edge style to any space. Some people may compare it with Canadel’s East Side Collection since Loft includes wooden and metal accents in their furniture. However, Loft is more modern than East Side, meaning they have two very distinct designs, emphasized by Michelle.

Moreover, Loft also has modern lines within the materials used, making it so different from Canadel’s Champlain collection, which is characterized as french country rustic. The dining tables are also thicker, giving them more weight visually and physically.

Overall, the Loft dining collection elevates historical-looking furniture pieces into a new world, creating a trendy, yet timeless, feel to any warm and inviting space.


Dining Furniture Selection

There are many different dining furniture pieces featured in Canadel’s Loft collection. Loft has 7 different chairs, about 7 tables, 6 stools, 4 benches, 5 storage units, and 2 kitchen islands within the collection. 

Many table sizes are available, which you learn more about in the options and upgrades section. 

Loft also has living room furniture featuring occasional tables and media units.

Canadel’s Top Picks for Loft showcases round and rectangular dining tables made with wooden and metal materials. In addition, they have uniquely designed chairs and tables, as well as bulky wooden benches, similar to the Canadel collections. 

Options & Customizations

It is important to note that all available options and customizations to the Loft dining collection can be explored on Canadel’s UDesign tool, which is easily accessible on the Canadel website.

Dining Tables

Loft Dining Room Table

Loft’s dining tables have multiple sizes and two height options available. In addition, customers can choose between round and rectangular table options with either a glass tabletop or a wooden finish. Note that glass tabletops do not come in round versions.

According to Michelle, the solid wood tabletop is almost 3 inches thick, meaning it is a bulkier option for a table.

Dining tables also have the option to have legs or pedestal options. In fact, Loft is also the only Canadel dining collection to have double pedestal features, meaning extended dining tables have two pedestals that appear on both ends of the dining table.


Dining Seating

Loft Dining Benches

As for dining chairs, stools and benches, these all have the option to be upholstered or unupholstered. In addition, dining chairs can either have different seating and back materials or they can be coordinated to match. The same thing also applies to stools, should they have an optional back within their design.

It is important to mention that Loft is the only dining collection to feature metal and wooden stools in their collection. The stools can have an iron base with a wooden back, should customers choose this design.  

Finally, upholstered dining benches can come in either fabric, velvet, faux leather or you can opt for just a plain wooden finish as a seating option.

Dining Buffets

The Loft dining collection does not feature any bookcases within its buffet selections but does have extensive storage options. This is also another difference it has to East Side’s collection.

The buffets in the Loft collection feature charcoal metal and wooden elements to accentuate the industrial look. 

Aside from the buffet selection, the Loft collection also includes kitchen islands which provide a surface and storage space like a buffet would. Loft’s islands are also complimented by coordinating barstools with a dark metal option.

With that being said, the Loft kitchen islands do not have their own customization section on the UDesign tool because the selection of the island is not as extensive as those featured in Canadel’s Gourmet collection

Occasional Table Selections

The Loft living room selection has three occasional tables to choose from. These options include a coffee, end, or sofa table. 

Further, the Loft collection has media units to choose from, which are usually storage units made for holding larger TVs. Media units have almost the same design as the dining buffets.

Wood Finish, Glass & Upholstery Options

Among all the Loft dining furniture, there are many different colours and finish options that the collection offers. 

The Loft collection has about 10 wood finish colours and many different fabric options to choose from, leaving this collection with minimal restrictions. 

Should customers decide on glass options, there are 7 clear glass colours to choose from and 6 frosted glass colours.

Moreover, upholstered dining seating options, such as chairs, benches, or stools, are offered in a massive array of fabric and velvet options to choose from. Loft also features faux-leather options.


According to Michelle, the cost of dining furniture from the Loft collection falls within the middle range in comparison to the other Canadel dining collections. 

With this being said, the Loft collection still falls within the mid-high price range on the market.

This price is reflected in the high-quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as unique features such as the thickness of the dining tables and pedestal options. These features tend to be more expensive given that they require more materials to be made. In general, pedestal options will always be more costly than leg options by a significant amount. 

It is important to note that no specific price is assigned to any Canadel product until you customize and personalize your chosen furniture. Once you have selected your customization options, a design consultant at the Canadel store will be able to tell you the exact cost of your furniture.

The final cost depends on the materials used within each piece of furniture. Therefore, all Canadel prices are subject to change depending on the options and customizations you choose.


The Loft Collection is covered by Canadel’s 1-year warranty, which covers the repair or replacement of chair frames, tabletops, fabric tearings, or any unforeseen circumstances that would be covered under Canadel’s warranty. 

Given that each piece of furniture is quality-crafted and built to last a long time, Canadel also offers an extended 5-year warranty plan at an additional cost. 

This not only goes to further protect your purchase, but it is also transferable when you purchase new Canadel Furniture if you are looking to replace old additions.

Is the Loft Dining Collection Right For You?

The Loft collection may be described as stylish and unique, but is it the right choice for your dining room? The answer to this depends on your budget, lifestyle, and design preferences.

Given that furniture from the Loft collection falls in the middle of the pack in terms of cost, it may be a great compromise for many budgets. 

However, it is important to note that high-quality and custom furniture is an investment, meaning Canadel furniture will still be considered expensive compared to other entry-level retailers, such as IKEA. The final cost of your Canadel furniture selection will depend on your customization choices and you must decide if this falls within your budget.

With this investment, you can depend on the longevity of your furniture!

In terms of style, Loft is a dining collection that is a union of rustic and industrial, so anyone who loves a rustic or an industrial aesthetic, but with a twist, will love this collection. Michelle says, “Anyone who loves the rustic look but is indifferent to slight design alterations will love Loft.” 

Now, it is important to acknowledge that the term “rustic” can take on many meanings. Those who prefer Champlain’s cottage-rustic appearance may not appreciate Loft’s rustic appearance because it is more modern, with cleaner and less distressed lines than the latter.

On the other hand, the term “rustic” may scare some people away entirely if they prefer a modern or edgy design. Given that Loft is a modern rustic collection, showcasing wooden elements of a cottage aesthetic while incorporating modern elements into its design, these homeowners may actually love Loft! In fact, those who are seeking urban design may gravitate towards Loft given that industrial design is currently on-trend.

This popularity may come as a downfall to some as the loft/industrial look is widely used in the design style of metropolitan homes. Those who are looking for a distinct look that isn’t overdone, may not find what they are looking for in the Loft collection. 

What's Next?

After reading this article, you have learned everything you need to know about Canadel’s Loft Dining Collection. So, why not check it out for yourself? 

Canadel has an intuitive tool to help you discover what each collection has to offer, thanks to their UDesign platform. Make sure to check out the UDesign tool so you can find Loft and other Canadel dining room collections in detail.

If you require assistance navigating the UDesign tool, check out this helpful article for a step-by-step tutorial.

La-Z-Boy also offers design assistance on all things Canadel custom design. By visiting an Ottawa or Kingston showroom, or the Canadel Kanata showroom, you can receive one-on-one assistance in selecting and custom designing your Canadel dining furniture. 

You can also book an appointment with our interior design experts for any burning questions you may have. 

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