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Decorating your home for fall - 2019

September 10, 2019

Decorating your home for fall – 2019

Can you believe it’s September already? September marks the beginning of the school year in the Ottawa/Kingston areas and of course the beginning of autumn. Yes, once again fall is upon us, when the days are shorter and the weather is cooler. T’is the season of falling leaves, pumpkin lattes and warmer clothing.  Dare I say this season passes quickly, soon it will be time to check your furnace, clean the eavestroughs etc. 

It’s the season to give thanks!

For many of us, it’s our favourite time of the year because of festivities like Thanksgiving and Halloween. On Thanksgiving we celebrate by gathering at home with loved ones being grateful for everything that’s good in our lives. Preparing your home for this lovely season is part of an annual ritual.  It can be fun but also challenging to find the right décor for your space. In this blog I’m going to help you with your decorating quest. I’ve put together some ideas that should take some of the creative burden off your shoulders. 

Don’t be limited by colours when decorating for fall

You don’t have to go with “fall” colours or earthy tones, there are so many other possibilities. Don’t worry about your colour pallet, If your living room is blue, you can stick with blues. Nowadays, it is possible to find great fall décor in different colours and textures that will give your room a lot of personality. You can add seasonal colours with pillows, rugs and throws.   First things first: clear out your current décor and start from scratch. Secondly, keep only those pieces you’d like to use for your fall decorating. 

What about your dining table?

Your dining table can be the perfect place to set up a sophisticated fall display. You can use leaves and have fun with pumpkins, vases, jars and baskets. In addition, linens cozy up, and add textures to the table. 

…Or Fireplace?

The best place to be when the weather gets cold is in front of the fireplace. Fireplaces are great focal points, it’s worth it to invest some time and creativity on your mantel with fall décor. You can create a statement announcing “cooler weather is approaching” with wreaths and garlands made of warm coloured dry leaves. 


If you have an accent chair, bring it close to the fireplace and add some layers, always respecting the traffic flow of the area and your colour pallet. Similarly, poufs or ottomans are a good idea if you would like to add something cool and colourful. Combined with tall vases, throws and pillows it all gives a welcoming feel to the room. 

Other Areas to Decorate for Fall

Don’t forget the other areas in your home you can decorate, like coffee tables, front entrances and the kitchen. Keeping a cohesive look using colours and layers between rooms is important. Candleholders, flowers in vases and bowls with fruit work well.  In addition, fruits from the season; apples, figs, pomegranate and pears, look great on a kitchen or coffee table. 

Fall Decorating Do it yourself projects (DIY)

Do it yourself projects can be a lot of fun. You just need the right items and some inspiration. A garland and some berry twigs would look great by your fireplace or stairs. Try this small project that doesn’t demand a lot of expertise and looks great with your fall décor. Get some spray paint from the local art store and cover mini pumpkins with your favourite colour.

In conclusion, these projects can also be meaningful when done with family and friends around the table. What a pleasant experience, let’s get our hands dirty and have some fun! When you’re all set, go online and find a great recipe for an apple pie. Invite your family and friends over for dessert and a cup of coffee and enjoy the fall!

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