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What Are the Most Affordable Sectionals at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston?

January 10, 2023

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Sectionals are the perfect spot for anyone with a large family to have enough seats for everyone in the living room. It can also be ideal for those who love to host large gatherings and are looking for a more social seating arrangement.

When describing La-Z-Boy furniture, we remark that our furniture is high quality and that it can be costly.

While the higher price tag is evident when comparing La-Z-Boy to some other furniture retailers, the cost is dependent on factors such as product origins, the materials used, and the construction methods to make the furniture.

We realize that our products are not for everyone. But if you're looking to invest in a comfortable sectional that will withstand years of use, we offer a variety of stationary and reclining sectional styles.

What are the most affordable sectional sofas at La-Z-Boy? This article will cover our three most affordable stationary and reclining sectionals, giving you a better idea of what to expect from our selection!

*All La-Z-Boy prices listed in this article are subject to change. We aim to update all cost-related articles twice per year. This article was last updated on December 15th, 2022. Please visit and select an Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy store location to view the most up-to-date pricing. 

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In This Article…

  1. 3 Most Affordable Stationary Sectionals
    1. The Montrose Sectional
    2. The Collins Sectional
    3. The Meyer Sectional
  2. 3 Most Affordable Reclining Sectionals
    1. The James Sectional 
    2. The Maddox Sectional
    3. The Trouper Sectional
  3. Furniture Financing at La-Z-Boy


3 Most Affordable Stationary Sectionals

Beginning with our stationary selection, here are three sectionals you can find on our floors at any Ottawa & Kingston location. It is important to note that adding customization options and different modular configurations can affect the price of your sectional.

Also, keep in mind that the price for each sectional consists of the same three-modular configuration to keep things simple. 

The configuration includes a 90-degree corner sandwiched between the left and right-sitting loveseat. Smaller configurations are available for each sectional style, but this setup includes standard modular pieces, which are available for each.


1. The Montrose Sectional


The first sectional on our list is the Montrose Sectional, which is our most affordable stationary sectional coming in at $4,999 for a 4-piece configuration.

The Montrose Sectional offers sophisticated style, casual comfort and versatility. It features smooth, simple lines for the style you crave with the comfort and functionality you need.

What's interesting about the Montrose is the fact that its modular selection is only limited to three pieces, the fewest of any sectional La-Z-Boy offers. While there are only three pieces to choose from, you can still create an exceptional seating arrangement with less choices, which is great for a minimalist approach.

Further, if you decide to move and your Montrose isn't able to suit your new living room, you can use the pieces independently, without keeping them together. This is because the connectors are hidden underneath the frame, making it look complete without any other pieces next to it.

Like the other stationary sectionals on this list, the Montrose also features ComfortCore cushions and Premier Construction, providing just the right amount of support for a long or short sit.

The Montrose Sectional has the following modular pieces:

  1. Armless Chair
  2. 90-Degree Corner
  3. Storage Ottoman

You can learn more about the Montrose Sectional with this review article.


2. The Collins Sectional

Collins Sectional

Next up is our second most affordable sectional, the Collins Sectional! The Collin’s three-piece sectional starts at $5,300, only $400 more than the Kennedy.

Known for being one of La-Z-Boy’s Top Selling Sectional Sofas, the Collins is another more formal-looking furniture piece that looks great in any room. The Collins has a more formal appearance due to its over-scaled rolled arms, which traditional sofas are known to have.

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The Collins also features semi-attached pillow backs and box seat cushions with welt trim, which you can customize to have a contrasting welt trim for subtle accents.

The Collins Sectional has the following modular pieces:

  1. Armless Chair
  2. Left/Right Arm Sitting Chair
  3. Left/Right Arm Sitting Chaise w/ Storage
  4. Left/Right Arm Sitting Cuddler
  5. Armless Loveseat
  6. Left/Right Arm Sitting Loveseat
  7. Armless Full Sleeper Sofa
  8. Rounded/90-Degree Corner

The Collins is also available as a chair, a loveseat, a sofa and a matching ottoman. To learn more about Collins Sectional, take a look at this article.


3. The Meyer Sectional

Meyer Sectional

Fittingly so, the Meyer follows the Collins on our list of affordable sectionals. With a starting price of $5,300 for the standard three-modular configuration, there is no difference from the Collins.

Inspired by the popular sofa and its loveseat counterpart, the Meyer Sectional delivers quality, comfort and durability for years of enjoyment.

The Meyer offers a simple contemporary style, including elements like track arms, decorative wood legs, and welt trim that compliment not only its appearance but the room it occupies. The Meyer also features deep, wide seats, which people tend to notice the most from its design.

You can assemble your Meyer Sectional with the following modular pieces:

  1. Armless Chair
  2. Left/Right Arm Sitting Chaise
  3. Left/Right Arm Sitting Cuddler
  4. Left/Right Arm Sitting Loveseat
  5. Rounded/90-Degree Corner

The Meyer is also available as a chair, a loveseat, a sofa and a matching ottoman. You can learn more about the Meyer Sectional by checking out this article. 

The Meyer and the Collins mentioned above are often compared. Check out this comparison article to learn more about both the Collins and Meyer.


3 Most Affordable Reclining Sectionals

Moving on from our affordable stationary selection, here are our most affordable reclining sectionals for those who love to recline in style. 

Like our stationary selection, these sectionals can be found at any store location. The price can change depending on the custom options, upgrades and sectional configurations you use.

The prices listed are for the same standard configuration consisting of a rounded corner (there is no 90-degree corner option) and two arm sitting reclining loveseats.

1. The James Reclining Sectional

affordable sectional sofa

Coming in as our most affordable reclining sectional is the James sectional, which has a starting price of $5,350. This price is around $400 more than the Kennedy, our most affordable stationary sectional.

Known for being one of our Best-Selling Reclining Sectionals, the James Sectional exudes a casual design that brings family-sized comfort to any room.

The James is one of our shorter-scaled sectionals and features ultra-comfortable pillow top arms and a tall pub-style back that provides ample support for your head and neck. What’s more, you can find single-needle topstitching on the arms, legrest, seat and back on the leather sectional option.

The James Sectional has the following modular pieces:

  1. Armless Chair/Recliner
  2. Left/Right Arm Sitting Recliner
  3. Left/Right Arm Sitting Reclining Chaise
  4. Left/Right Arm Sitting Reclining Loveseat
  5. Rounded Corner
  6. Storage Console

The James is also available as a rocking, wall, and lift recliner, a reclining loveseat and a reclining sofa. To learn more about the James Furniture Family, take a look at this article.


2. The Maddox Sectional

affordable sectional sofa

Next up is the Devon Sectional, which jumps to a $5,560 starting price.

As stylish as it is comfortable, the Maddox is our newest sectional and is one of our wider sectionals mentioned on this list. The Maddox is a bold and modern style, which features strong, simple lines and a spacious design with fresh, contemporary energy.

The Maddox also features tall and streamlined blown fibre split backs, chunky track arms, flat flange welt trim detailing and roomy waterfall chaise seats for a more refined appearance.

The Maddox Sectional has the following modular pieces:

  1. Armless Chair/Recliner
  2. Left/Right Arm Sitting Recliner
  3. Left/Right Arm Sitting Chaise
  4. Rounded Corner
  5. Storage Console


3. The Trouper Sectional

Trouper Sectional

Finally, breaking into our third affordable reclining sectional position, costing an additional $300, the Trouper Sectional sits at $5,880. It ranks as our most expensive item on the list.

For those familiar with its Best-Selling Recliner family member, Trouper sectional also provides the right amount of comfort… multiplied by the number of seats you configure! Featuring sculpted bucket seats and split back cushions, the Trouper nourishes support for your head, neck and lumbar region.

Not only is it perfect for social gatherings, the Trouper’s reclining pieces, paired with the storage console, make it ideal for a relaxing movie night with the family.

The following Trouper modular pieces are available to configure your sectional:

  1. Armless Chair/Recliner
  2. Left/Right Arm Sitting Recliner
  3. Left/Right Arm Sitting Reclining Chaise
  4. Left/Right Arm Sitting Reclining Loveseat
  5. Rounded Corner
  6. Storage Console

The Trouper is also available as a rocking & wall recliner, a reclining loveseat, and a reclining sofa. Check out this article to learn more about the Trouper Sectional.


Furniture Financing at La-Z-Boy

Although these sectional prices may be affordable to some, for others, they may fall outside of their allocated furniture budget. At La-Z-Boy, we understand that purchasing furniture with us or anywhere else can be costly.

That is why there is a payment option called furniture financing. This allows customers to pay off the cost of their furniture item over time instead of paying the total price upfront. If you’re in a pinch with finances, this payment option might benefit you more. 

The process of financing furniture is done through a third-party institution. At La-Z-Boy, for example, we partner with Flexiti Financing to provide furniture financing options for our clients.

Flexiti offers the benefits of instant approval and easy monthly payments. Once your application is approved, you can shop and finance with Flexiti anytime. 

Other financial institutions that other furniture retailers use are Fairstone and Paybright.

Take a look at this article If you want to learn more about Furniture Financing.

Also, if you’re looking for the best time to buy a sectional, there is actually a time of the year when you should buy furniture. To learn more about When Is the Best Time to Buy Furniture, take a look at this article.


What's Next?

Now that you better understand the most affordable sectionals at La-Z-Boy, you know which sectionals to look out for if you’re ever in one of our stores! With that being said, why not shop for one of our sectionals today?

Visit us at a local Ottawa & Kingston La-Z-Boy location to view our selection in person and take a sit test. You can also schedule an appointment online.

If you’re looking for more examples of sectional at La-Z-Boy, you might enjoy reading about our Top-Selling Sectional Sofas instead.

Our interior design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand. Take advantage of our interior design services to see how an affordable sectional could fit into your home design. 

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