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How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

October 12, 2020

Are you looking to enhance your living space? It may be time to upgrade that traditional sofa and replace it with an inviting sectional sofa.


With big plush cushions and extra seating options, a sectional can bring everyone in your home together comfortably. Whether it be for hosting a wine and cheese night or gathering the whole family for a movie marathon, a sectional sofa raises the bar on home comfort. 


But not only is a sectional sofa big … it’s a big investment too


The cost of a new sectional sofa will play a critical role in your final purchase decision. 

So you may be wondering, how much does a La-Z-Boy sectional cost? 


At La-Z-Boy, we offer a wide selection of sectionals in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. The cost of our sectionals varies depending on your preferences. 


Generally speaking, our sectionals fall within the mid to high price range category. You can be assured that the final cost of a La-Z-Boy sectional is ultimately reflected in the level of quality and comfort provided. 

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Read on for a more detailed explanation of what you can expect to spend on your new La-Z-Boy sectional. This article will provide an outline of the sectionals we offer in a variety of price ranges. Further, learn about additional factors that may affect the final cost of your sectional.

What we Offer at La-Z-Boy


Choosing a sectional is not always an easy task. A sectional is a large piece of furniture and has the ability to define your living space. 


In order to accommodate all living rooms, we offer different types of sectionals in a variety of shapes and styles. 

Types of Sectionals


The intended use of a sectional in your home will drive your purchase decision. You may want a stylish and formal stationery sectional meant for hosting guests or you may be looking for a cozy reclining sectional that provides the utmost comfort. 


At La-Z-Boy, we offer several types of sectionals meant for different purposes.

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?


Our stationary sofa configurations range from two to ten pieces. If you prefer a non-reclining sectional, a stationary sectional portrays a contemporary lifestyle and is perfect for entertaining guests. 


How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?


A reclining sectional provides additional seating with added comfort. In a reclining sectional, you can kick back with soft support to your head, neck, and lumbar region. 


How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?


Our power sectionals allow you and your loved ones to recline comfortably at just the touch of a button. 


How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?


A sleeper sectional allows you to maximize your living space while simultaneously making extra room for overnight guests. Our La-Z-Boy sleeper sectionals pull out into a full-size innerspring mattress while offering an elevated headrest. 


How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

Sectional Shapes


Whether you plan to put your sectional in a cozy basement or an open concept living room, the shape of your sectional will determine the layout of the room you place it in. 

To accommodate rooms of all models and sizes, our La-Z-Boy sectionals are offered in a variety of shapes.


An L-Shaped sectional resembles the letter L as one side of the sectional is longer than the other.

This shape fits well in a large room with lots of wall space.

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?


A U-Shape sectional resembles the letter U although sometimes one side may be shorter than the other. 

The U-shape is great for inclusivity and filling a large space.

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

Sectional with Chaise

A sectional with chaise is essentially a sectional with an added chaise lounge at the end. 

This option is a great statement piece while also allowing for lots of room to spread out comfortably.

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

Curved Cuddle Corner

The curved cuddle corner is a great shape that can be added to any sectional. This shape offers a round corner or a 90-degree option for any sectional.

A curved cuddle corner is a perfect way to get close to a conversation or cuddle with a loved one.

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

Right-Facing vs. Left-Facing

Depending on where you intend to place the sectional in your room, you have the option between a right-facing sectional vs. a left-facing sectional. 

If you have chosen an L-Shape sectional or a sectional with a chaise, the longer end of the sectional can either be placed on the right or left side.

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

To learn more about the best way to place a sectional in your home, take a look at the article Top Considerations for Arranging your Sectional Sofa.

Sectional Styles


While there are many practical considerations involved in choosing a sectional, it is also important to ensure that the sectional you choose fits seamlessly with your home’s style and decor. 


At La-Z-Boy, we offer stylish sectionals designed to appeal to a variety of tastes. Our sectionals are designed to fit three main styles: Family Favourites, Comfortably Casual, and Modern Retreat.

Family Favourites


Our Family Favourites collection is designed to provide comfortable and versatile recliner chairs. This style appeals to the look of natural elements, bringing the outdoors inside. With this, Family Favourite sectionals are typically offered in leather or in neutral colour pallets.


How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

Comfortably Casual


The Comfortably Casual collection is designed by combining the richness of the past with the clean styles of the present. Our comfortably casual sectionals embody both modern and traditional style elements in a combination of textures, rich colours, and strong patterns. 


How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

Modern Retreat


Our Modern Retreat collection emphasizes clean lines and accessory-free spaces. Recliners designed for this line are offered in a variety of textures but appeal to an uncluttered and functional space. 


How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

To learn more about identifying your design style while choosing a sectional, let one of our designers at La-Z-Boy help you …

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost


Now that you have a better understanding of what sectionals we offer in terms of type, shape, and style, let’s look deeper into how much they cost.


In general, a La-Z-Boy sectional can range anywhere from $3,900 to $25,000. The cost is dependent on the size and quality of the model, upgrades, fabric or leather chosen, the number of seats and configurations you choose. 


For example, the smallest and most basic sectional configuration at La-Z-Boy starts at about $3900 


 Larger configurations with select upgrades will result in a higher cost. For example, a left and right-sitting loveseat connected by a corner piece would have a starting cost of around $4400.  


With so many options and upgrades available, sectionals at La-Z-Boy can cost up to $25,000 or more. 


To give you a better idea of what types of sectionals we offer and at what price, below are examples of popular La-Z-Boy sectionals in three price range categories: least expensive, mid-range, and high-end.


*All La-Z-Boy prices listed in this article are subject to change. We aim to update all cost-related articles twice per year. This article was last updated on March 2022. Please visit and select an Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy store location to view the most up-to-date pricing. 

Least Expensive: $3900 +


At La-Z-Boy, the least expensive sectionals cost starts at $3900+.


An example of an introductory sectional, in its smallest configuration, is the stationary Dillon Sectional. The Dillon has a mixable, transitional style that pairs easily with existing decor. Part of our Comfortably Casual series, Dillon features clean, thin arms, a button pull back, and decorative wood legs. 


Further, the reclining Devon Sectional is also considered affordable in its smallest configuration. Generously scaled, it features casual pillow-top seats, ultra-plush pillow backs, and padded curved arms that make it perfect for family use. 

Mid-Range: $4700+


Within this price range is the stationary Meyer Sectional as a 2-piece configuration.  The Meyer features simple style elements like track arms, decorative wood legs, and welt trim complement any room. But it’s the deep, wide seats people love most. 


Additionally, the reclining Reese Sectional as a 2-piece configuration is considered mid-range in terms of cost. Adorned with single-needle topstitching on the arms, leg rest, seat and back, the Reese sectional has a casual design that brings family-sized comfort to any room.

High-End: $5000 or More

For example, the cost of the stationary Paxton Sectional in a 3-piece configuration is considered high-end. Ideal for entertaining guests or relaxing on your own, Paxton is the comfortably casual sectional with clean lines and crisp welt trim for a look that’s neat and structured. 
Finally, the stationary Alani Sectional in a 3-piece configuration also falls within the high-end price range at La-Z-Boy. This clean-lined, casual design looks at home in any space with our popular rolled arms, welt trim, and decorative wood legs for just enough detail. 


Options & Upgrades Available for a Sectional and How it Affects Cost 

Given that a sectional is such a significant investment, you want to ensure that the sectional you purchase is perfect for you. Luckily, every sectional offered at La-Z-Boy is completely customizable to specifically meet your preferences when it comes to size, shape, and style. 


With this being said, any customization or upgrade to your chosen model will often increase the final price of your sectional. These additional costs vary depending on how extensive the upgrade or customization may be.


You have the option to …


  • Choose specific upholstery (upgrade fabric to high-performance specialty fabrics or leather): $100 – $3,000 
  • Customize wood finish or welt trim: $75 – $300
  • Add more seating
  • Upgrade with additional reclining options: $50 – $200 extra
  • Upgrade to power: $200 – $1,000 / per seat
  • Add power headrests: $250
  • Add a console for storage & beverages
  • Add a cuddle corner
  • Cushion upgrade: $300 – $600
  • Add decorative pillows: $50 – $400
  • Turn your sectional into a sofa bed: $300

Other Factors that Affect the Sectional Cost After Purchase

Additional Warranty


As you can see by now, purchasing the perfect sectional chair is a significant investment. That is why it is important to protect that purchase and ensure that your chair is covered by a warranty plan. 

La-Z-Boy products are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers 1-3 years of damage caused by manufacturer error or workmanship.


At an extra cost, you may consider purchasing La-Z-Boy’s additional comprehensive service protection plan that covers up to 5 years of accidental damage.

Learn more about the furniture protection plan offered by La-Z-Boy in the Ottawa/Kingston area.




While you may be ready to sink into a new sectional today, you may want to check with your pocketbook first. In order to afford the cost of a sectional, it is quite common for customers to finance this purchase and pay it off over time. 


Financing is a great way to enjoy the comfort of a sectional now while taking off the strain of having to pay right away. Depending on the financing plan you choose, and how long you take to pay it off, this option could result in additional fees.


To learn more about furniture financing, check out the article Furniture Financing: Everything you need to know


Delivery Costs


Finally, large sectionals often require delivery service. With this, expect an additional charge for the final delivery of your purchased sectional.


At La-Z-Boy, we offer a traditional white glove delivery service. Local Ottawa & Kingston delivery costs $129.99 and out-of-town delivery costs $169.99.


We provide an all-encompassing delivery service that includes the delivery and set-up of furniture as well as the removal of any waste.


Take a look at this video to know what to expect when it comes to La-Z-Boy delivery …

 Ready to Find your Perfect Sectional?

After reading this article, you should now have a good understanding of what sectionals we offer at La-Z-Boy and how much you can expect to spend on this addition to your home.

With your budget set and your pocketbook prepped, it is time to start shopping!


To get started, take a look at our Top 5 Selling La-Z-Boy Sectionals


Then when you are ready, come visit us at one of our local Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy locations. If you prefer, you also have the option to book an appointment with a personal consultant. 


We look forward to helping you find the perfect sectional that will fit comfortably and seamlessly into your home. While it is a big investment, we will make sure it is an investment that you can feel confident about.

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

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