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Review of Canadel's Gourmet Collection

March 21, 2022

Review of Canadel's Gourmet Collection

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Dining room furniture looks different all around the world.

If you were to look at a European dining room compared to a North American dining room, you might think they look the same. However, there are some key differences that can distinguish where a dining room set originates. 

Everything from design details to room layouts, to even the way kitchen utensils are placed on the table, is different between these continents. 

Although there are notable differences among dining rooms globally, the main purpose of a dining room is to … well, dine! And that’s what Canadel’s dining room collection, Gourmet, is all about!

Before creating the Gourmet Collection, Canadel travelled all around the world for inspiration, creating the result of friendly and welcoming dining room furniture.

Michelle MacLellan,  an interior designer at La-Z-Boy and Canadel expert, says that Canadel’s Gourmet collection is “a collection with many looks to it; perfect for anyone looking for an entry-level price for dining room furniture.”

But is the Canadel Gourmet collection right for your dining room?

This article will cover everything you need to know about Canadel’s Gourmet collection including unique features, options & customizations, cost, and warranty. 

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In This Article…

  1. Brief Description of Canadel
  2. Gourmet Style & Unique Features
  3. Gourmet Dining Furniture Selection
  4. Options & Customizations
  5. Cost
  6. Warranty
  7. Is the Gourmet Collection Right for You?



Brief Description of Canadel Custom Dining

Canadel is a Canadian furniture company that has been in business for over 30 years. They are experts in making quality crafted dining room furniture, and specialize in custom dining room furniture.

One thing La-Z-Boy customers may not know is that Canadel furniture is a part of our dining selection at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston, with a flagship Canadel showroom attached to the  La-Z-Boy Kanata showroom. 

Much like La-Z-Boy, Canadel prides itself on selling high-quality furniture. In addition, they provide extensive customization options, made easier with the Canadel UDesign tool, which provides the online customer with over 9 million furniture combinations and options to choose from.

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Canadel offers a variety of dining room styles that are characterized by six main collections: Canadel, Champlain, Loft, Downtown, East Side, and of course, Gourmet.

Each collection offers its own unique twist on traditional dining room sets, taking on stylish and eye-catching appearances. Whether you live in a modern downtown flat or a traditional family home, there is a Canadel collection to meet each and every taste or preference.

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About Canadel's Gourmet Dining Collection

Style & Unique Features

All Canadel Dining Furniture is handcrafted in North America. The Gourmet Collection, like all other collections, is custom-made with Canadian birch and eco-friendly hevea wood. Each piece of dining furniture is made based on each customer's customization choices. 

Staying true to its namesake, Gourmet elevates the traditional style of furniture by having a complex and tasteful combination of different design styles.

A more popular product featured in Canadel’s Gourmet collection, according to Michelle, is the multi-purpose kitchen island. This item in particular is a zestful and versatile product that other Canadel collections do not have.

Moreover, Gourmet’s kitchen island offers extra counter space for those more complex recipes; it also offers extra storage space so that your inner chef always has somewhere to put their cooking materials. 

Gourmet Dining Table

Dining Furniture Selection

There are many different dining furniture pieces featured in Canadel’s Gourmet collection. Within the collection, Gourmet has 13 different styles of seats, as well as 6 stools, 2 benches, 5 storage units, and 1 kitchen island

There are also many table options available, which you learn more about in the options and upgrades section.

In Canadel’s Top Picks for Gourmet, they showcase light and playful colours, with elegant designs for their benches, chairs, and tables. You will also notice uniquely shaped back designs on the dining chairs. Most Gourmet designs are made out of wood, but there are upholstery and faux-leather options available as well.

Options & Customizations

It is important to note that all available options and customizations to the Gourmet dining collection can be explored on Canadel’s UDesign tool, which is easily accessible on the Canadel website.

Dining Tables

Other than Canadel’s flagship and Downtown collections, Gourmet has the most versatility in terms of customization options available.

Gourmet’s dining tables, for example, have four options to choose from, which are:

  • Round;
  • Rectangular;
  • Oval;
  • and Square

Dining table leg options are only available with rectangular and square tables, whereas pedestal options are only available with round and oval tables.

Gourmet Dining Table Edges

Gourmet’s dining tables also have four table edge options to choose from, so make sure to keep an eye out for little details like this! 

Dining tables are also offered in a variety of top and body colours, which not all collections have. This offers more colours to include within your dining set if you choose to do so. 

An array of dining table height options are also available. Customers can choose between a regular height table or a bar height table, which perfectly suits Gourmet’s bar stools. The bar height tables also come with four table edge options.

As you consider pairing a stool with the height of your dining table, take a look at the Guide to Choosing the Right Stool Height: Measuring Bar Stools, Counter Stools, and Table Stools.

Dining Seats

Dining chairs and stools in the Gourmet collection all have unique designs to them, especially Gourmet’s back options. Each design brings in a different style, giving your dining room a truly personalized feel. Chairs and stools are also offered either upholstered or unupholstered.

It is important to note that benches are the only products in the Gourmet collection that have faux-leather upholstery options. 

Kitchen Island

Gourmet’s island is the most versatile island to be offered in any collection, which is what makes this collection stand out from the rest. 

Not only can this island be stationary, but it also has the option to come with wheels. "This way," says Michelle “homeowners with the kitchen island can either leave it inside or bring it outside for barbeques and parties in the summer.”

The island also has great storage, due to its optional mobility.  

Additionally, Gourmet’s kitchen island has different countertop options available. Customers can choose between either a full wooden top or half butcher block and stainless steel. There is also a bar edge customers can choose to add with matching barstools, giving it the functionality of a true island.

Gourmet Kitchen Island


Only adding to the appeal of the Gourmet collection, kitchen accessories are available as well.  Customers can select a coordinating wooden cutting board or a wooden knife rack. 

The wooden finishes on these accessories only come in one colour, meaning they are not customizable.

Leaf Extensions

Dining tables within the Gourmet collection can be upgraded to have a leaf extension. Rectangular tables can have one self-storing leaf if it has legs and not a pedestal, meaning the leaf appears in the middle of the table when it is presented.

Pedestal options do not have self-storing leaves, meaning they appear on the sides of the table. 

Wood Finish, Glass & Upholstery Options

There are many different colours and finish options that the Gourmet dining collection offers. 

The Gourmet collection has 20 wood finish colours available, displaying either light or dark tones. If you opt for a dining table with a glass top, the glass options include 6 types of clear glass, as well as 5 frosted glass options. 

Moreover, upholstered dining seating options, such as chairs, benches, or stools, are offered in a huge array of fabrics to choose from. Fun fact, Gourmet’s fabric options come from the same booklet as East Side’s collection, making their upholstery selection very similar. 

Please note that customizations from the Gourmet collection do not feature any leather options, but rather faux leather for benches. 


According to Michelle, Gourmet is one of the less expensive collections that Canadel has to offer, along with the East Side collection.

There is no specific price assigned to any Canadel product until you customize and personalize your chosen furniture. Once you have selected your customization options, a design consultant at the Canadel store will be able to tell you the exact cost of your furniture.

The final cost depends on the materials used within each piece of furniture. All Canadel prices are subject to change depending on the options and customizations you choose.


The Gourmet Collection is covered by Canadel’s 1-year warranty, which covers the repair or replacement of chair frames, tabletops, fabric tearings, or any unforeseen circumstances that would be covered under Canadel’s warranty. 

Given that each piece of furniture is quality-crafted and built to last a long time, Canadel also offers an extended 5-year warranty plan, at an additional cost. 

This not only goes to further protect your purchase but it is also transferable when you purchase new Canadel Furniture if you are looking to replace old additions.

Is the Gourmet Dining Collection Right For You?

The Gourmet collection may be described as stylish and delicious, but is it the right choice for your dining room? The answer to this depends on your budget, lifestyle, and design preferences.

According to Michelle, the Gourmet collection is one of the less expensive collections offered at Canadel, which might peak the interests of families with a small budget. 

It is important to note that Canadel is high-quality furniture, meaning it might be more expensive than some other furniture retailers, but can also mean it is a great investment down the line if you want your furniture to last a long time.

Michelle also mentioned that, because of Gourmet’s kitchen island option, this collection might entice any home cooks looking for optimized kitchen space to make more complex recipes. Everyone needs a place to cook, so why not let your inner chef shine?

The Gourmet collection also has one of the most bountiful when it comes to customization options available at Canadel. Unlike other collections at Canadel, Gourmet offers a feast of options to choose from, being able to suit any style of the house, from country to traditional, to modern.

What's Next?

After reading this article, you have learned everything you need to know about Canadel’s Gourmet Dining Collection. So, why not check it out for yourself? 

Canadel has an intuitive tool to help you discover what each collection has to offer, thanks to their UDesign platform. Make sure to check out the UDesign tool so you can discover Gourmet and other Canadel dining room collections in detail.

If you require assistance navigating the UDesign tool, check out this helpful article for a step-by-step tutorial.

La-Z-Boy also offers design assistance on all things Canadel custom design. By visiting an Ottawa or Kingston showroom, or the Canadel Kanata showroom, you can receive one-on-one assistance in selecting and custom designing your Canadel dining furniture. 

You can also book an appointment with our interior design experts for any burning questions you may have. 

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