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5 Best Selling Power Recliners at La-Z-Boy Ottawa
April 2, 2024
Are you treating yourself to the luxury of shopping for an electric La-Z-Boy recliner chair at our Ottawa furniture stores, but...
Long Live the Lazy: What’s New at La-Z-Boy in 2023
August 10, 2023
Est. Reading Time: 6 Mins It's incredible to think that 2027 is just four years away. This milestone year will mark La-Z-Boy's 100th...
A Review of La-Z-Boy’s Chair and Sofa Seat Cushions
December 22, 2021
Yikes! It’s true – Canadians spend almost 10 hours daily of their waking time being sedentary (not including sleep). That is a...
Review of La-Z-Boy’s Twilight Sleep Chair Bed & Sleep Sofa Bed
October 29, 2021
***Please note that the Twilight Chair and Sofa Beds are currently discontinued. If you like this review, go to for all the latest...
Open Concept Kitchen, Dining & Living Room: 3 Helpful Tips
October 27, 2021
By Dea Attar Remember when our homes were divided into small rooms, and there was no question what the purpose of each room was?...
Where to Find a Sofa Bed Sectional In Ottawa, Ontario
October 22, 2021
A sectional sofa offers spacious comfort to be enjoyed together by friends and family. But, what could be better than getting a sofa bed in...
Dining Buyers Guide: Learn How to Furnish a Dining Room From Scratch
October 15, 2021
The Costs & Considerations Involved in Furnishing a Dining Room The dining room is one of the most special rooms in the home. Free of...
Richmond Design Story: Open Concept Custom Design
October 13, 2021
The First Meeting at La-Z-Boy Vickie and Stan were building an open-concept bungalow in Richmond Ontario when they visited La-Z-Boy in...
Secret Recliners! Recliners That Don't Look Like Recliners
October 13, 2021
Recliners that Don’t Look Like Recliners By Mary-Lee Smyth, In-home designer La-Z-Boy: Kingston, Ontario When you hear...
Sofa vs. Couch: What is the Difference?
October 9, 2021
To-may-to or To-mah-to? Po-tay-to or Po-tah-to? Cutlery or Utensils? Dinner or Supper? The English language is a funny one, or one may say...

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