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10 Timeless Home Decor Trends

July 3, 2018

10 Timeless Home Decor Trends

by Mary Lee Smyth (designer, Kingston location)

There are some home decor trends that never go out of style. Colours, comfort, balance & harmony have always been considerations. When creating your perfect room, you can incorporate beauty into the space while keeping your look timeless throughout the years. Sure, some textures may have to be switched out; pillows, a throw or even the rug but the larger, more expensive pieces can endure. Layer in trends you love from time to time but the overall look remains timeless.


These 10 design trends will ensure your space never goes out of style and remains classic for years to come.


Colours have an ebb and flow of popularity. Hot pink and yellow were the rage when Peter Max ruled the poster world in the 60’s.  The dark brown of the ever present UPS trucks was called “Pullman Brown” and was the most sought after colour at the time of that company’s founding In the early 1900’s.  However, the Steady Eddie of the colour pallet will always be the colours commonly called neutral. Think beige, taupe, grey, mushroom, bone, and cream. Texture is introduced to the room to add “punch” and visual interest.

Wood Floors
Wood floors will always have a place in our hearts and homes. This includes the newest addition to the wood family, laminated hardwood and bamboo. Oak, maple, hickory, pine, elm, ash,  all of the traditional floorings are a desired and welcome element into a room. They add warmth, colour and visual interest to any space.


Dining Spaces

Ever since our primitive ancestors gathered around the cooking fire, we have celebrated the sharing of food. Dining spaces have expanded and contracted over the years. We’ve moved from isolated chambers into casual multi-tasking tables but we still gather to enjoy good food with family and dear friends.


The human animal will always crave physical and emotional comfort from their surroundings. Living rooms that cocoon us and protect us from the outside world while we relax and get away from the day’s stresses, are considered the heart of the home.  We create comfortable spaces with furniture that supports our body at rest and accessories that captivate the eye and provide emotional comfort.

  1. Natural Light

Natural sunlight in rooms is such a valued element that laws have been passed to govern the accessibility of natural sunlight to existing buildings.  South light (here in Canada) is welcomed for its warmth and brilliance. Colours respond to direct light and rooms are perceived as warmer and bigger with natural light. North light in the northern hemisphere is valued by artists because of its lack of shadows and kindness to fragile artwork.

  1. Putting on the Ritz

We’ll always have the desire to show off to our guests. Our living room, no matter how ordinary will always reflect our treasured items and valuables. We may have a casual comfortable living room but there will be some effort to elevate it and bring a bit of “bling’ into the space. 

  1.  Family Spaces

Special rooms for the family to gather after a weekday meal or during a special occasion has stood the test of time. Specific furniture pieces, for members of the family are common such as ‘Dad’s Chair’. It is a place where people gather to share their lives, or events. It is inviting, welcoming to newcomers and comforting to everyone.

  1. Form Follows Function

No matter what style or period, furniture will reflect the function needed by that item. Chairs made during the time of immense hoop skirts were made with a wide front edge and no intruding arms to allow the lady ample space for her voluminous attire. Many pieces of furniture today can multitask. We see some pieces offering storage, side table and ottoman, in one efficient form.

A touch of the exotic 

We love to add small (or large) reminders of exotic lands to our spaces. Paintings of the Eiffel Tower or a gorgeous carpet made in India might adorn a room found in downtown Kingston Ontario. These pieces remind us of our travels, or our heritage,  or simply our appreciation and fascination with other cultures.


Balance and Harmony

The design ascetics of Balance and Harmony are pervasive throughout time. We have an innate understanding of these honoured principals.  A good Interior Designer will channel the customers own preferences into a coherent plan. Good design and comfortable rooms are the result.

By Mary Lee Smyth

In-Home Designer

La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Decor (Kingston)


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