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Top 10 Reclining Sofas at La-Z-Boy Ottawa/Kingston

October 19, 2021

Top reclining Sofas at La-Z-Boy

What could be better than kicking up your feet and easing back into a reclined position? Sharing the experience of comfort with your loved ones!

Reclining sofas are ideal for shared comfort. Instead of one person sprawling across the entire length of the sofa, a reclining sofa allows two to three individuals to recline back simultaneously. Perfect for watching a movie or taking a nap. 

At La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston we have a wide selection of comfortable sofas, including plenty of reclining sofas to choose from.

As you begin looking for your ideal reclining sofa, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down your choice from such a large selection. To that end, this article will highlight the top 10 reclining sofas at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston.

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Enjoyed by many of our clients, you may find a reclining sofa on this list that is perfect for you too! Keep in mind the most of these reclining sofas are available in manual and power. They are also customizable to suit your unique preferences.

Table of Contents

1. Trouper

2. Edie

3. Norris

4. Brooks

5. Pinnacle

6. Colby

7. Reese

8. Makenna 

9. Finley

10. James


1. The Trouper Reclining Sofa

Turn casual evenings at home into cozy family nights with our Trouper Reclining Sofa. Sink into one of the three sculpted bucket seats as the split back cushion provides soft support of your head, neck and lumbar. Dual-sided reclining allows both the right and left arm seats to recline with a simple latch release. Adjust the back and chaise leg rest for personalized reclining comfort, or lean back without raising your feet. Perfect for movie nights and more, Trouper has plenty of comfort to go around.

Upgrade to power for reclining comfort at just the touch of a button.

For more information, take a look at the In-Depth Review of the Trouper Sofa.

If the Trouper suits your style and preferences, it is also available as a recliner, loveseat, and sectional.


2. The Edie duo® Reclining 2-Seat Sofa

Understated style and unexpected power describe the Edie duo® Sofa. Part of the duo® furniture collection, the Edie has clean lines and a casual design featuring padded outer arms, a padded back, tapered wood legs, and welt trim. Beyond style, however, is the unexpected power to recline. In fact, the Edie is only available in power, not manual. ComfortCore® cushions and 18” accent pillows enhance the comfort of the Edie. Simply use the side-mounted 2-button control panels to recline and raise the legrests. 

The Edie is also available as a chair & a half and sectional.


3. The Norris Reclining Sofa

Sink in and enjoy the Norris Reclining Sofa. Its padded arms and chaise seats and legrests envelop you in comfort and luxury as you stretch out to watch TV or catch some Z’s. And, Norris has a clean, streamlined style that looks great in any room. A convenient latch releases on the outside arms allowing you to easily adjust the left and right backs and legrests for personalized comfort.

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Upgrade to power for reclining comfort at the touch of a button.

The Norris is also available as a recliner and a loveseat.


4. The Brooks Reclining Sofa

The Brooks Reclining Sofa offers a casual blend of comfort and function, with an updated look that’s cleaner and less overstuffed than you’d expect. A thinner back and smaller arm posts give Brooks a modern, tailored silhouette that blends well with a variety of room styles. Convenient latch releases on the outside arms allow you to easily adjust and recline for supreme comfort. You can even recline without releasing the legrests.

Upgrade to power for more effortless comfort.

The Brooks is also available as a recliner or a loveseat.


5. The Pinnacle Wall Reclining Sofa

The Pinnacle Wall Reclining Sofa has an easygoing style that’s just right for resting and relaxing. Sink in and enjoy its plushy pillowed tall back and padded rolled arms. The chaise seats and legrests cradle your body in a continuous zone of comfort. Simply use the convenient handles on the outside arms to raise the legrest and recline back. Best of all, you can place the sofa mere inches from the wall.

The Pinnacle Sofa can be upgraded to power for a reclining motion at the touch of a button.

The easygoing Pinnacle is also available as a recliner, lift recliner, and loveseat.


6. The Colby duo® Reclining Sofa

Take a close at the Colby duo® Reclining Sofa and you’ll find this casual favorite has the unexpected power to recline. Part of our award-winning duo series, Colby features graceful rolled arms, decorative wood legs, padded outer arms, and a padded outer back. Colby’s versatile frame can be dressed up for a formal setting, or dressed more casually for a family room. Dual controllers on the outside arms let you recline and raise the leg rests with ease. Enjoy the ComfortCore® cushions and accent pillows for enhanced comfort. 

The Colby is also available as a chair and loveseat.


7. The Reese Reclining Sofa

The Reese Reclining Sofa brings comfort and versatility to your contemporary decor. Designed with single-needle topstitched detailing on the inside arms, legrest, seat, and back, Reese features a pub-style back and pillow top arms to create an ideal spot for relaxing. A convenient latch release transports you to a reclined position.

Upgrade the Reese to power to achieve reclining comfort at the touch of a button.

The Reese is also available as a recliner, loveseat, and sectional.


8. The Makenna duo® Reclining Sofa

Like other models from the duo® collection, look closely at the Makenna duo® Reclining Sofa and you’ll find this sophisticated piece has an unexpected ability to recline. The Makenna is cleanly tailored, with padded out arms, a padded outer back, and decorative wood legs. Its track arms feature welt trim and a slight dip. On the outside arms, dual controllers let you recline with ease. With patented ComfortCore® cushions and two 18” accent pillows, the Makenna is a cozy place for relaxing.

The Makenna is also available as a chair and a loveseat.


9. The Finley Power Wall Reclining Sofa

Looking for reclining comfort with contemporary style? The Finley Wall Reclining Sofa fits the bill with modern lines, sleek track arms, and a tall foam back that gives it a neat and structured look. The ultra-plush chaise seat and leg rest cradle the body in a continuous zone of comfort. Simply use the convenient 4 button controls on the outside arms to raise the legrests for reading, relaxing or watching TV. Moreover, you can place this sofa mere inches from a wall. 

The Finley style is also available as a recliner and a loveseat. Check out a Review of the Finley Furniture Family.


10. The James Reclining Sofa

The James Reclining Sofa is comfortable, cool, and laid back, James makes relaxing look as great as it feels. With inviting bucket style seats and chaise leg rests that cradle you in support while stitched pillow back styling and pillow top arms pamper you in softness. 

Upgrade the James to power for a more effortless reclining experience.

The James is also available as a recliner, loveseat, and sectional.


What's Next?

You are now familiar with 10 of the most popular reclining sofas that we offer at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston. Of course, we also sell comfortable stationary sofas for you to enjoy. 

Our team of consultants are here to ensure that you find the right sofa for your space, style, and comfort preferences. They will help you choose between a manual or power reclining sofa, as well as ensuring that you are getting a sofa of the right fit

We also offer interior design services to ensure that your new sofa compliments your current home decor. 

Visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston location today to meet us and browse our sofa selection in person. If you prefer to plan in advance, schedule a visit online to meet with a design consultant. 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the perfect sofa to kick back and recline!

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