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Top 5 Accent Chairs to Pair with Your Sofa at La-Z-Boy

December 17, 2021

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Creating the perfect furniture arrangement, including pairing an accent chair with your sofa, is like a balancing act. There are many factors to consider, such as assessing your available space, choosing a focal point, allowing for comfortable conversation, and ensuring there is smooth traffic flow.

More specifically, when creating a furniture arrangement, you must choose a combination of pieces that coordinate in harmony with each other. A common living room arrangement consists of a sofa and an accent chair, centred around a coffee table and television. 

At La-Z-Boy, we sell a wide variety of quality and comfortable living room furniture, including a huge selection of sofas and chairs. This selection consists of both stationary and reclining pieces, with an array of customization options and upgrades, offering something for everyone.

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Further, our expert interior designers are experienced in creating seamless living room furniture arrangements that suit each individual client. In turn, our clients at La-Z-Boy often ask our advice on the best accent chairs to pair with a sofa. 

Mary Lee Smyth, the interior designer at La-Z-Boy Kingston, has suggested five accent chairs, some stationary and some reclining, that pair beautifully with a sofa. She even suggests La-Z-Boy sofas that partner well with each recommended chair. 

Read on for 5 perfectly paired La-Z-Boy chairs and sofas to gather inspiration for your own living room!

In this article ...

  1. Roxie Chair & Colby Sofa
  2. Draper Chair & Petra Sofa
  3. Finley Chair & Finley Sofa
  4. Paxton Chair & Paxton Sofa
  5. Greyson Recliner & Paxton Sofa


1. Roxie Chair & Colby Sofa

The first accent chair that comes to mind is the Roxie Swivel Chair, says Mary Lee. In fact, the Roxie is one of the 5 Best Selling Accent Chairs at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

Though she may look casual, the Roxie Swivel Chair works hard to complement any décor. This versatile chair adds a stylish spin to any room, with a 360-degree swivel base to keep you at the center of attention. The Roxie is also offered as a Swivel Glider Chair, that sits on a 360-swivel base while also gliding back and forth.

Rolled arms and a deep T-seat cushion, all with welt trim, give Roxie definition and structure, allowing it to mix easily with any existing sofa. 

Moreover, Mary Lee says the size of the Roxie fits a variety of people with many different body types, only adding to its versatility. 

It is also important to highlight that the Roxie is built with La-Z-Boy’s Premier Construction. To put it simply, Premier construction includes quality-crafted frames padded to enhance the style’s design lines. This includes ComfortCore® cushions that provide optimum support for a long or short sit. 

Roxie Chair

According to Mary Lee, the Roxie Swivel Chairs pairs perfectly with the Colby duo Reclining Sofa. She says that the style of the Colby matches the sophisticated look of the Roxie while offering the unexpected ability to recline. 

Part of our duo®series, Colby features graceful rolled arms, decorative wood legs, padded outer arms, and a padded outer back. Colby’s versatile frame can be dressed up for a formal setting, or dressed more casually for a family room. The Colby also features Premier Construction and Patented ComfortCore® seat cushions. 

Colby Sofa

By pairing the Roxie Chair and Colby Sofa, you can create a stylish and versatile living room arrangement, with both stationary and reclining comfort.

2. Draper Chair & Petra Sofa

The next accent chair Mary Lee suggests is the Draper Chair. 

The Draper Chair makes a bold statement in any room. Rich leather, a t-shaped cushion, and angular, modern arms combined with a cozy seat and attached blown fiber back with lumbar cushion will drape your room in comfort and style! Mary Lee says the leather selections for this chair is "gorgeous, especially in the caramel leather, which creates a stunning accent piece."

It is also one of the better options for someone looking for a mid-century modern inspired style of furniture. To learn more about Mid-Century Modern Styles at La-Z-Boy, check out this article.


To compliment Draper's look, Mary Lee recommends pairing it with the Petra Stationary Sofa, another mid-century modern inspired furniture frame. 

The Petra is a clean and informal sofa that features kidney pillows with the option to accent them. It also has contrasting welt, and deeps seats for a relaxed appearance. With both of these combinations, not only will you have a major mid-century modern vibe in your living room, but they're also perfect examples of two furniture pieces mixing well with fabric and leather.

S13b_PETRA_640-67D_C186451 1-4


3. Finley Recliner & Finley Sofa

If you are looking for a stylish accent chair with full reclining capabilities, Mary Lee suggests the Finley Recliner. The Finley is considered one of our Most Modern Recliners at La-Z-Boy.

Offering reclining comfort in contemporary styles, the Finley Recliner features modern lines, sleek track arms and a tall foam back that gives it a neat and structured look. The ultra-plush chaise seat and leg rest cradle the body in a continuous zone of comfort. 

The Finley Recliner is offered as a Wall Recliner or a Rocker Recliner. These recliners can also be upgraded to power for reclining comfort at just the touch of a button. In power, the Finley can be upgraded further to include an adjustable headrest & lumbar.  

Finley Recliner

Pairing nicely with the Finley Recliner is the Finley Wall Reclining Sofa. The Wall Reclining Sofa has the ability to recliner mere inches from the wall.

Mary Lee says “don’t underestimate the power of choosing a furniture arrangement from within the same furniture family”. Placing Finley pieces together creates symmetry in a living room, she adds.

Like the Finley Recliner, the Finley Reclining Sofa can be upgraded to power, with another option to include adjustable headrest or headrest and lumbar support.

Finley Sofa

Mary Lee says the Finley Recliner and Sofa are perfect for those who want the ability to recline but don’t like the look of traditional, plush recliners. The Finley products, especially in leather, create a very sleek living room arrangement, says Mary Lee. 

For more information on the Finley Recliner and the Finley Sofa, take a look at the Review of the Finley Furniture Family

Finley Furniture

4. Paxton Chair & Paxton Sofa

The Paxton Chair & a Half is another great accent chair, recommended by Mary Lee. In fact, the Paxton is one of the Best Selling Chair & a Half’s at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston.

The Paxton Chair and a Half is the casual and relaxed seating that practically begs you to kick back and get cozy. But, its clean lines and crisp welt trim give it a neat and structured silhouette. Paxton features a deep, T-shaped seat cushion, low-profile wood legs, and a chamber-filled back cushion that maintains its shape and support over time. 

You may also consider purchasing the matching Paxton Ottoman for leg support.

Paxton Chair

Paired with the Paxton Sofa, Mary Lee says this is the “power house combination”. 

The Paxton Sofa has the same look and feel of the Chair & a Half, but instead, it features two long seat cushions offering the option for shared comfort. 

Paxton Sofa

Both the Paxton Chair & a Half and Paxton Sofa are stationary pieces. They feature La-Z-Boy’s Premier Construction with Patented ComfortCore® seat cushions.

If you love the look of the Paxton, you may also be interested in the Paxton Sectional as it is one of our Best Selling Sectionals at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston.

Paxton Furniture

5. Greyson Recliner & Paxton Sofa

Finally, Mary Lee suggests the Greyson Recliner for someone looking for an accent chair with big, plush, reclining comfort. 

Perfect for a man cave furniture arrangement, the Greyson offers exceptional comfort and exceptional detailing. The Greyson Recliner features pillow top arms and an extra-deep chaise seat and legrest that create a continuous zone of comfort in the reclining position. 

Further, the Greyson is a large scale recliner, comfortable for tall individuals between the height of 5’10” and 6’2”. In fact, the Greyson is one of the Best Recliners for Tall People at La-Z-Boy.

The Greyson Recliner is offered as a Wall Recliner and Rocking Recliner, with an option to upgrade to power. Further, the Greyson can be upgraded to include an adjustable headrest and lumbar support

Greyson Recliner

Mary Lee says the Greyson also pairs nicely with the Paxton Sofa. Especially for a family, the Paxton offers deep, comfortable seat cushions, perfect for kids to cuddle up on. Meanwhile, Mary Lee says the Greyson Recliner is the perfect place for Dad to kick-back and relax as well. 

Further, the stationary style of the Paxton Sofa coordinates well with the Greyson Recliner. If you would prefer a more symmetrical look, you may prefer to pair the Greyson Recliner with the Greyson Sofa instead. 

Paxton Sofa

For more information on the Greyson Recliner and Greyson Sofa, check out the Review of the Greyson Furniture Family.

What's Next?

After reading this article, you should be full of inspiration for a furniture arrangement for your living room. Thanks to Mary Lee, you have five stylish and comfortable accent chair and sofa combinations to choose from!

Keep in mind that each piece of furniture suggested is completely customizable to suit your unique needs and preferences. With over 800 fabrics and leathers to choose from, it is popular to choose a patterned fabric to make your accent chair stand out. Alternatively, you may choose a chair and sofa in the same fabric to help them blend together. 


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If these recommendations do not interest you, not to worry because there is much more where that came from. By taking advantage of our complimentary interior design services, an interior designer at La-Z-Boy would be happy to give you a personalized recommendation based on your unique space, style, and comfort preferences. 

To get started, visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston location, or if you prefer to plan ahead, schedule a visit online.

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