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Popular Bedroom Furniture at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

November 7, 2022

Popular Bedroom Furniture at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

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When you think of bedroom furniture stores to shop at, your mind doesn’t initially think of La-Z-Boy. For over 90 years, La-Z-Boy has been famously synonymous with the modern recliner. 

That said, over the decades, we have grown into a company that isn’t just known for our recliner. Not only do we sell living room items, but we also sell bedroom furniture as well. 

Mary Lee Smyth, an interior designer at La-Z-Boy Kingston, says, “Our bedroom furniture might look limited, but it’s mighty!”

So, what kind of bedroom furniture does La-Z-Boy sell? And what are some of our popular bedroom furniture items? This article will answer all of these answers and more!

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Bedroom Furniture Selection at La-Z-Boy

First, it is important to note that La-Z-Boy does not manufacture bedroom furniture. However, because our subdivisions were acquired in 2015, we can sell bedroom furniture. 

Kincaid and American Drew manufacture and sell bedroom furniture under the La-Z-Boy brand. If you want to learn more about those two brands and the third subdivision, Hammary, check out their review articles.

Out of all our bedroom furniture, we sell main furniture items like bed frames, dressers/chests, and nightstands, as well as decor items like mirrors.

The bedroom furniture from Kincaid and American Drew is below heirloom furniture pieces, according to Mary Lee. This is “because they will last a very long time. Some of these pieces might even become family heirlooms one day.”

It is important to note that these heirloom furniture items will be more expensive than regular bedroom furniture items on the market. To learn more about if La-Z-Boy Furniture is Expensive, look at this article.

Bed Frames


Bed frames are the most essential pieces of furniture you’ll need in a bedroom. After all, you wouldn’t want to be sleeping on just a mattress!

 At La-Z-Boy bed frames, our bed frames are made with handcrafted wood, upholstery and metal designs. Among this selection, you can choose bed frames of all sizes ranging from twin to California king.

Further, there are many different styles to choose from.

Dresser & Chests

BedroomDressers and chests both have the same functionality, which is why they are often confused with one another. Bedroom dressers tend to be shorter and wider in size, while a chest of drawers is more narrow and taller.

Both American Drew and Kincaid have a wide selection of dressers and chests to choose from while maintaining high-quality wood construction with natural and unique finishes.

What’s unique about some of these furniture pieces is that they include dovetail joints. Dovetail detailing is a specific handcrafted method of connecting drawers that requires high-quality craftsmanship. This contrasts with how drawers are normally constructed with nails and screws connecting everything.



Kincaid and American Drew build their drawers with a silk stocking quality finish, according to Mary Lee.

This means that wood-crafted drawers will not tug on any loose threads your clothes may have. “You could put the silkiest, most delicate linen fabric in your drawer, and it wouldn’t get tugged,” she says. 

You can either get these furniture pieces within a set or purchase them as a standalone piece.


For practical reasons, it is always important to think about adding nightstands to your bedroom. 

Whether it is to place a glass of water next to your bed at night or to store some of your cherished belongings, nightstands can be used for anything.

Mary Lee says that La-Z-Boy’s nightstands also come with dovetail joints for that high-quality craftsmanship you see with the chests and dressers. 

Among the array of classic, eclectic, and modern designs, La-Z-Boy’s nightstands also feature solid wood construction, handcrafted details, and a variety of finishes to help complete your bedroom.



Additionally, bedroom mirrors are also available as an add-on to your bedroom. These striking accent mirrors help reflect your style with clean and streamlined designs

Whether adding your mirror on top of a dresser or hanging it up on a wall, La-Z-Boy carries various shapes, sizes, and styles to add to any space. Mirrors are available in solid wood, metal framing, unframed and more.

 In addition to our mirror selection, there are many other Home Decor Selections to add to your La-Z-Boy bedroom, which you can learn about in this article.

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Popular Bedroom Furniture Sets at La-Z-Boy

Now that you’re familiar with our bedroom furniture selection, what are some of our most popular bedroom furniture sets? 

Mary Lee breaks down our top 3 bedroom furniture sets that many people enjoy. Remember that the furniture in these bedroom sets can also be purchased individually. To learn more about the Cost to Furnish a Bedroom, check out this article.

1. Canton Panel Bed

bedroom furnitureThe first product on our list is part of the West Fork finish collection from American Drew. The Canton Panel Bed features a tall headboard with barnyard X patterns on each end of the frame.

Mary Lee says the tall headboard is 5’4”, which is “a very tall headboard.” This type of headboard, however, is perfect for those who like to sit in bed while doing some sort of leisure activity. “You can put pillows around you and make a little nest,” she says.

Like the rest of the West Fork collection, this bedframe features flat-cut elm wood grain with a calming taupe finish

The Canton Panel Bed is available in a queen, a king, or a California king. You can pair this bed with the Baker or Harrison Nightstand, the Parks Dresser, the Greer Chest, and the Parks Mirror.

2. Cherry Park Panel Bed

bedroom furniture

Next on our list comes from the Cherry Park Collection by Kincaid. Cherry Park’s Bedframe is another panelled headboard, which is coloured in a traditionally styled cherry wood finish

“This bedframe is perfect for anyone looking for a very traditional-looking set,” Mary Lee emphasizes.

This bedframe features simple lines, smooth, rounded edges, radius-tapered legs, and matching raised panels in the headboard and footboard, which can be converted into a footboard with storage.

The Cherry Park Bed is available as a queen, king or California king. From the collection, you can pair the Cherry Park bed with its matching dressers, nightstands, chest, and portrait mirror.

3. Longview Upholstered Bed

Bedroom Furniture

Lastly, with a contemporary design, is the Longview Upholstered Bed from Kincaid’s Modern Forge Collection. 

Longview features a leather upholstered headboard, which is not very common in traditional bedframes. “This is why it’s contemporary,” says Mary Lee, “because it crosses the borders of how bedframes should be made.”

The medium-toned wood finish brings a rustic feel to this bedroom collection, known for its clean lines and wood detailing

The Longview is available as a queen-sized bed, a king, or a California king. You can also pair the Longview with other Modern Forge products, like the Amity Drawer Dresser, the Henderson Mule Chest, the Smithville Nightstand, and the Landscape or Woven Mirror.

What's Next?

After reading this article, you now have more knowledge about La-Z-Boy’s bedroom furniture selection in general, as well as some popular bedroom furniture choices.

With this new knowledge in mind,  visit a local showroom to learn more about our bedroom selection and the specific products you are interested in. 

Although we do not feature much bedroom furniture on our showroom floor, a design consultant can show you the Kincaid and American Drew Catalogue for a full selection of bedroom furniture. They can answer any questions you may have and place an order for the furniture of your choice. 

Visit any of our La-Z Boy Ottawa & Kingston stores today or schedule a visit online before coming in. 

Our design consultants are always eager to lend a helping hand. Take advantage of our complimentary interior design services to see how our bedroom furniture and decor could fit in your home.

La-Z-Boy also sells Sleeper Sofas. To learn more about our Sofa Bed Selection so you can easily turn your living room into a guest bedroom, take a look at this article.

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