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10 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022

November 22, 2021

10 Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in 2022


As we ease out of 2021, a heavy year consisting of fear, uncertainty, confinement, and change, we now look towards 2022 with optimism and hope.



We gear up for cocktail parties and jet-setting, while realizing that many new ways of life that emerged from the pandemic have changed for good. Primarily, the newfound appreciation for our home and enhancing its interior design, which is here to stay. 

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The home has evolved into a multifunctional space that delicately balances family, work, and play. In 2022, the home will continue to be considered a sanctuary, continuously evolving to better reflect our unique lifestyle and design personalities. 

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Moreover, in 2022 we will see a shift in values and priorities in response to current events of the year past. More than ever homeowners are incorporating sustainability into their way of living to combat the growing concern for climate change. 

As the inventors of the iconic recliner chair, at La-Z-Boy we pride ourselves on innovation. This includes staying up-to-date with emerging lifestyles and interior design trends. 

This awareness is reflected in the quality and style of our furniture selection, as well as our complimentary design services

Combined, our expert designers have centuries of experience designing homes and adapting to ever-evolving trends. Read on as they reflect on the last year and highlight interior design trends that will take root in 2022.


Keep an eye out for these interior design trends in 2022 ...

  1. The Year of Green
  2. Soothing Spaces Inspired by Nature
  3. Natural, Organic, & Sustainable Materials
  4. Appreciation for Antiques & Heirlooms
  5. Unleash Your Unique Design Personality
  6. No More Matchy-Matchy, Go Bold
  7. Embracing Curves
  8. Global Infusion
  9. Practical Furniture & Multifunctional Spaces
  10. A Year for Home Office Renovations

Colour of the Year: The Year of Green

Historically, in times of uncertainty, colour trends switch to hues that are relaxed, quiet, natural, and familiar. These colours ground us when the world is tugging us in every direction.

In turn, 2022 is the year of green!

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The colour green represents nature. It is calming and refreshing. 


Further, the theme of green encapsulates the majority of other design trends anticipated for 2022. We will see an emphasis on well-being, soothing spaces, appreciation for the environment, and renewable resources, all reflected in home design. 

Sherwin Williams has officially announced Evergreen Fog as the colour of the year 2022.

Evergreen FogEvergreen Fog in Room Design

This calming green colour is perfectly paired with warm neutrals, such as Shoji White, Urbane Bronze, Accessible Beige, Uber Umber, Woven Wicker, and Bakelite Gold.

Warm Neutrals

Sue Wadden, Sherwin Williams Director of Marketing, describes this colour palette as “natural and effortless”. 

Similarly, La-Z-Boy has prioritized a range of greens and blues, a colour palette representative of the earth and sky. Prominent greens are sage, mint, emerald, hectare, and a grey-based olive. Emerging blues are navy, cobolt, cerulean, misty aquas, and warm teals.

Soothing Spaces Inspired by Nature

As indicated by the colour green, in 2022 we will see the popularity of soothing spaces inspired by nature. This trend of bringing the outdoors in is referred to as biophilia, “the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings”.

According to the University of Minnesota, nature is known to reduce feelings of anger, fear, and stress, while amplifying more pleasant feelings. After a tumultuous year being locked indoors, we are appreciating the soothing benefits of nature now more than ever. 

In turn, many homeowners are incorporating natural elements into their home design. Specifically, authentic greenery. Popular plants, such as the sweetheart plant, fiddle leaf fig tree, monstera, palm, and snake plant, are taking root in home design.

Home Design with Nature

Among many other mental health benefits, it has been found that caring for plants and watching them grow contributes to a deep sense of joy and fulfillment. This goes hand-in-hand with a flourishing emphasis on wellbeing and making the home a place of self-care and comfort. 

In addition to indoor plants, natural materials, such as exposed wood, wicker, and leather, are also being highlighted in home design.


Natural, Organic, & Sustainable Materials

It should be no surprise that natural, organic, and sustainable materials will be prioritized in home design in 2022. 

Dea Attar, the interior designer at La-Z-Boy Hunt Club, says we are seeing the use of raw and unfinished organic materials such as natural wood, wicker, leather, exposed metals, and opaque glass. “Home design is also incorporating more textured and sun-bleached fabrics,” says Dea.

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Showcasing sustainable living in the home serves multiple purposes. As previously mentioned, natural materials impact a clear mind and a positive sense of wellbeing. On the other hand, sustainable materials encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle, something that will be of great importance in the year to come.

Speaking of sustainability, there is also a growing appreciation for the quality of hand-crafted materials that have a local artisan appeal. This support for small, energy-efficient businesses is considered sustainable as compared to mass-producing global manufacturers. 

These organic materials and sustainability initiatives are showcased in the very popular design style, Organic Modern Farmhouse. This style is characterized by clean lines and farmhouse architectural styling, combined with warm natural woods and other organic elements. Fabrics are textured and have a hand-made artisan appeal.

Modern Farmhouse Design

Finally, sustainability is prioritized in the 2021 CHEO Dream Home as it was built and designed with an energy-efficient design, including solar panels.

Caraway Solar Panels

It is important to note that La-Z-Boy continues to be vigilant with regard to the environment by integrating sustainable business practices to reduce the impact of our operations both locally and globally. 

In recent years, La-Z-Boy has found a way to value sustainability without sacrificing comfort by introducing Conserve Fabric. This eco-friendly fabric is made entirely from recycled water bottles.

Appreciation for Antiques & Heirlooms

The early pandemic reminded us of our own creativity, forcing us to shop within our own home to refresh our space. Further, it is arguable that the last year made us more open to imperfections, seeing the beauty in the simple things. 

With on-going supply chain issues, antiques and heirlooms have transcended beyond a quarantine project and are becoming focal points in home design. In fact, younger generations are showing an appreciation for antiques by seeking out one-of-a-kind items at second-hand furniture stores. If not second-hand, many homeowners are seeking furniture with a certain lived-in appeal. 


Not to mention, this new appreciation for antique furniture and decor is keeping in line with the theme of sustainability. Antiques are starting to be celebrated as the ultimate “green resource” in the furniture industry.  

In 2022 we will see homeowners choose quality over quantity in home design. We will see a preference for unique pieces that tell a story. Something to surround yourself with for decades. 

Do you have furniture in your home that you would like to breathe new life into? Consider reupholstering your furniture for a fresh and updated look.

Unleash Your Unique Design Personality

Heading into 2022, we are tired of seeing bland spaces that avoid personality. More specifically, we are uninspired by the same cookie-cutter aesthetics that have been populating our Pinterest boards for far too long.  

In the new year, home design will begin to get personal, reflecting the real interests and lifestyles of the homeowner. 

Home design will be all about reinvention, vibrance, and making a statement that is true to you. This new trend is solely based on self-expression and individuality, so anything goes! 

Design Personality

Instead of following the mainstream, homeowners will be encouraged to choose design elements that are soul-serving. This includes joyful colours that focus on warmth, earthy pallets, and jewel tones. 

Similarly, ultra-modern interiors will be abandoned for more youthful, casual, and livable spaces, featuring plush furniture with clean lines. 

No More Matchy-Matchy, Go Bold

As we feel free to unleash our design personality, 2022 will also see a shift towards more creative combinations of colour, patterns, and textures. The days of matchy-matchy are behind us!

We are used to seeing simple designs with neutral colour palettes. Perhaps with one safe accent colour showcased on a throw pillow or lampshade. 

Well, forget about one accent colour! Home design is now incorporating an array of bold colour pallets. Even black is becoming a popular accent colour. 

Mixing Patterns/Colours

This incorporation of colour isn’t being showcased in traditional ways that we are used to. We are now seeing colourful accent doors, painted trim, colourful cabinetry, and vibrant artwork.

Colour aside, between an area rug, window coverings, and wallpaper, it is becoming common to see multiple patterns within one room

In fact, wallpaper is a significant new trend in its own right. According to Dea, wallpaper is having a major resurgence in the world of home design. Incorporating an accent wall of patterned or floral wallpaper is trending for 2022.

A combination of rich textures will also make a statement in the new year. More specifically, keep an eye out for tanned leather and bright velvet textures.

For expert designer tips, take a look at How to Mix & Match Furniture and How to Mix & Match Wood Furniture

Embracing Curves

Curves will be embraced in 2022 home design. 

Rounded edges and softened forms are comforting in the home. They create a sense of freedom and romance compared to rigidly structured spaces. This growing appreciation for curves in-home design goes hand-in-hand with our emphasis on comfort and well-being.

We will see these rounded edges, arches, and soft lines in home architecture, cabinetry, furniture, and decor. Dea says she is seeing an increasing demand for rounded nesting tables as they perfectly combine form and function.

Curvey Furniture 

Tanya Collins, the interior designer of the CHEO Dream Home, portrayed this trend by incorporating many circular, half-moon, and arched motifs into the decor of this year’s home. 

Caraway Decor

Global Infusion

As the pandemic subsides and travel becomes safe, home design will be re-inspired by cultures around the globe in 2022. These exotic influences will mainly shine through in our selection of accents and home decor, such as artwork, area rugs, and light fixtures. 

In fact, we have already seen Bohemian, Moroccan, Scandinavian, and Japanese influence design trends. For example, the 2020 CHEO Dream Home, the Bohemian, was largely inspired by Bohemian culture and design. This 2021 CHEO Dream Home, the Caraway, was inspired by Moroccan and Scandinavian culture and design.



Caraway 2

The global influences will continue to influence home design trends in 2022.

Practical & Multifunctional Spaces

As an extension of the 2021 Design Trends, this year will see an increased sense of practicality. Especially after a year spent at home, single-use spaces are a time of the past and homes are becoming multifunctional spaces. 

This means that people are finding a multitude of opportunities for every room, and every nook and cranny for that matter. With this, home design will begin to incorporate more shelving and unique organization. 

Dea says we will also see furniture with dual purposes, also referred to as smart furniture. This may be as simple as a pull-out sofa bed or as complex as a sculptural storage, multi-cornered couches, and speakers that double as decor. 


It is not a question that technology will continue to be incorporated into furniture in 2022. For instance, accent tables with hidden speakers, remote-controlled shelving, and power reclining furniture with USB charging ports. 


The Year of Home Office Renovations

In the advent of zoom, working from home, and hybrid work schedules, setting up at the kitchen counter is no longer cutting it.

There is a heightened interest in creating the ideal home office in 2022. Whether it is a cozy nook or a room of its own, many homeowners are investing in home office spaces of all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, there is an emphasis on making this space beautiful to enjoy the flexibility of working from home.

Home Office

Be sure to find a quiet location, use efficient storage for organization, and calming colours for focus. 

What's Next?

You now know what to expect when it comes to the values and trends that will influence interior design in 2022. With this in mind, you can begin considering which trends you will incorporate in your upcoming home decor projects. 

As you gather design inspiration, you may benefit from other design-focused topics found in our Learning Center. This collection includes tips from expert designers, stylish furniture recommendations, and a showcase of interior designer in-home projects

When you are ready, our design consultants and interior designers would be happy to help you bring your unique design vision to life. At La-Z-Boy, you can choose from a wide range of quality and comfortable furniture that keeps up with current design trends. Further, our inventory of accessories and decor is continuously evolving to meet our clients preferences. 

In the spirit of unleashing your unique design personality, a major design trend for 2022, furniture at La-Z-Boy is customizable to be uniquely yours. We have over 800 fabrics and leathers to choose from, as well as an array of stylish finishes. 

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Visit us at a local Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy location, or if you prefer, plan ahead by scheduling a visit

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