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Thinking about downsizing?

September 5, 2017

Thinking about downsizing?

Five Helpful Tips for a Smooth Downsizing Transition:

By Magaly del Castillo (Hunt Club Location)


Bravo! You have made the decision to move, and this time you have decided to go smaller rather than bigger.  There are a few things that can make the transition smoother, here are some suggestions.

1. Take only what you need & absolutely love:

Yes you’ve had it forever, but if the piece will not work in your new home, it will make your move difficult & more complicated. Repurpose, donate, or gift the piece to someone that will enjoy it.

2. Scale down to appropriate sized furniture:

Choosing smaller dimension pieces, like an apartment sized sofa, will make the room look airier and more spacious.  Opt for upholstery with legs as opposed to a sofa that goes right to the floor. This will give you the impression of more room and still give you comfortable seating. Check out our smaller scale furniture & loveseats.

3. Make a little room for overnight guests:

A sofa bed is a great idea when you don’t have an extra guest room. A sleep sofa in the den or office can quickly transform the space into a cozy bedroom for friends & family.

4. Dual purpose furniture:

Consider using lift tables or nesting tables when eating in front of your tv. An Ottoman that doubles up as seating and may even offer storage. A TV console that has an electric fireplace in it. You get the idea.

5. Get a professional to help:

The professional will help you put together a cohesive look, and design a room specifically for you. The colours and function, the scale and proportion, will be specific to your use of the space. The goal is to have the finished look mirror your taste and style.

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