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How Much Does a Sofa Cost at La-Z-Boy?

November 8, 2020

How Much Does a Sofa Cost at La-Z-Boy?

Are you looking for new ways to get comfortable? If so, upgrading your home’s most coveted seating, aka your sofa, is likely at the top of your wish list.


Short of finding such an item under the Christmas tree from Santa (ok, more realistically beside the tree), how much a sofa costs plays a crucial role in your buying decision.


Not only is choosing the right sofa for your home a big decision, but it is a big investment too!  


Your living space is multi-faceted – part sanctuary, work zone, home theatre, and playroom.  By extension, your sofa will have different functions. It should reflect the many sides of your life.

It’s called a living room for a reason. That’s why for over 90 years, La-Z-Boy has built custom sofas designed for actual life. We offer a wide selection of sofas in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. The cost of our sofas varies depending on your preferences. 


At La-Z-Boy Ottawa and Kingston, we are obsessed with helping our customers find the perfect furniture for their homes. We have outfitted thousands of living spaces with a sofa centrepiece capable of multitasking and meeting the household’s demands. Our design consultants know it is critical to not only understand your needs but work within your budget when helping you choose the right sofa.  

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Like anything that is custom-built or ordered, the cost of your new sofa can vary. We have several different collections that provide you with assorted price options. The size, shape, materials, and options will all play a part in the final cost of a La-Z-Boy sofa. 


Our selection falls within the mid to high price range of sofa costs in the market. If you are looking for customized comfort, read on for a more detailed explanation of what you can expect to spend on your new La-Z-Boy sofa. 


In This Article...


  1.  What We Offer at La-Z-Boy
  2.  How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sofa Cost?
  3. Options & Upgrades That Affect Cost
  4. Additional Costs After Purchase


What We Offer at La-Z-Boy

Style is a choice. Great design? Well, that is on us too. As inventors of the reclining chair back in 1927, you can rest comfortably knowing our sofa collections possess over
90 years of innovative design experience. 


Whether your style is modern, sophisticated, or all about home entertainment, the sofa you choose defines your space. La-Z-Boy has designs to suit your home and lifestyle with a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. 

Sofa Construction and Quality

Quality you can see.


Our commitment to rich, wear-tested fabrics, on-trend styling, and meticulous attention to detail provides furniture that will elevate any room’s aesthetics.


Beautiful furniture that isn’t built to last won’t be able to withstand the demands of your household for long. It certainly isn’t worth the withdrawal to your bank account.


That’s why we offer quality-crafted frames consisting of kiln-dried hardwood and furniture-grade laminates engineered for lasting durability and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


For more information on La-Z-Boy Quality and guarantees, check out the articles Is La-Z-Boy Furniture Good Quality? and  Are La-Z-Boy Recliners Guaranteed for Life?


Comfort you can feel.


You shouldn’t have to compromise on taste to stay cozy and cradled in comfort. High-grade foam seat cushions maintain their comfort and appearance. 


With a choice of over 800 fabrics and leathers, you’ll inevitably discover a tactile sensory experience sure to envelop and relax.

Sofas Sizes


Whether you are looking for a sofa for a small space like an apartment or require something that can fit the entire family, our sofas come in various sizes to meet your needs and maximize your space.


Our sofa sizes include:

➊ Chair and a Half (46 – 54 inches wide) – technically, this can fall in the chair family
➋ Loveseat (54 – 79 inches wide) – usually only have room for two adults to sit
➌ Apartment Sofa (69 – 74 inches wide) – compact size for when space is at a minimum
➍ Standard three-seater sofa (77 – 92 inches wide)
➎ Sectional (varying widths depending on the number of seats or chaise)


In this article, sofa sizes and costs will include loveseats, apartment sizes, and three-seaters. To learn more about what you can expect to pay for our sectionals check out the article How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost.


Types of Sofas

When it comes to making sure the sofa you choose fits you perfectly, it helps to have choices. That’s why we offer several types of sofas that provide unique features.


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How you and your family intend to use your sofa along with your top priorities will influence your purchase decision.




If your idea of beauty goes beyond good looks alone, then consider our Premier stationary sofas. For added comfort and optimal firmness, they come standard with ComfortCore ® cushions and custom details that can help you create a look that’s all your own.


General Price Range*:$1,999 –$3,800

Signature Leather Sofas: $3,800 – $5,000




La-Z-boy reclining sofas raise the bar on comfort by letting you elevate your feet. Lean back in one of our reclining couches to find the perfect position for watching movies, reading or a sneaky afternoon nap.


General Price Range*: $1,899 – $6,000



The real power is at your fingertips! Most of our reclining sofas are available with power controls that offer smooth, effortless reclining at the touch of a button. You can also upgrade your experience with powered headrests and lumbar support for the ultimate in personalized comfort with select models.


General Price Range*: $3,679– $6,799 ($4,159 with headrest options)


Sleeper Sofa


La-Z-Boy sleeper sofas allow you to maximize your living space while simultaneously making extra room for overnight guests. We offer three pull-out sofa bed sizes, including twin, queen or full, which all come standard with a luxurious innerspring coil mattress and offer an elevated headrest.


General Price Range*: $2,649 – $4,179


Sofa Styles

While there are many practical considerations involved in choosing a sofa, it also needs to fit seamlessly with your home’s style and décor. Whether you love the classics, live for the latest trends, or are all about comfort, we make it easy to find a look that’s uniquely yours. 


La-Z-Boy sofas fit four main design styles: Family Favourites, Casual, Modern, and Classic. Explore these collections but don’t be afraid to mix things up; the looks are meant to inspire!

How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sofa Cost

Now that you have a better understanding of what sofas we offer in terms of type, shape, and style, let’s look deeper into their costs.

In general, a La-Z-Boy sofa (loveseat, apartment, or three-seater sizes) can range anywhere from $2,459 to $7,449+. The cost is dependent on the size, model type, features, and upgrades you choose. 


To give you a better idea of what types of sofas we offer at what price points, below are examples of top-selling La-Z-Boy sofas in three price range categories: least expensive, mid-range, and high-end. 


Please note that La-Z-Boy prices listed in this article are subject to change without notice. Information is current as of May 31, 2023. Contact your local Ottawa or Kingston location by phone or in person for up-to-date pricing.

Least Expensive


Stationary sofas and some reclining styles fall within our least expensive price bracket in select fabric covers. Suppose you want to customize your stationary sofa with a unique higher grade fabric, leather or available options. In that case, the additional cost can push your sofa purchase into a higher price bracket.

Meyer Stationary Sofa 


The Meyer sofa is one of La-Z-Boy’s top-selling styles and falls within the least expensive price category starting at $2,799


Whether you’re designing a whole new room or adding a sofa to existing pieces, Meyer blends right in. It has contemporary straight lines, and you can dress it up or dress it down depending on your choice of fabric, pillows and accessories. Welt detailing enhances the crisp but casual look of Meyer’s box border seats and backs, as well as its updated track arms.



Reese Reclining Loveseat


The Reese is a motion reclining model, and the loveseat made La-Z-Boy Ottawa and Kingston’s top five best sellers list. It brings comfort and versatility to your contemporary décor and has a starting price of $2,979


With single-needle topstitched detailing, the Reese features a high-quality pub-style back and pillow top arms to create the ideal spot for relaxing or cozy conversations.





Leather stationary, power reclining, and sleeper sofas make up this mid-range price bracket.  

Bexley Sofa


Make the most of your space with the style and versatility of the Bexley sofa. Its clean lines and casual styling complement any décor while adding an unexpected edge. Slightly flared, key-shaped arms frame its two box-border seats for a unique yet uncomplicated silhouette.


The Bexley sofa has a starting price of $2,759.



Trouper Power Reclining Sofa


Starting at $4,999, the Trouper Power Reclining Sofa is a motion model in the mid-price range category.


With dual-sided reclining power, sculpted bucket seats, and full-support legrests, our Trouper sofa provides personalized comfort. Plus, each two-button power controller includes a built-in USB port to keep your favourite devices charged.



Sofas in the high-end price bracket have top-of-the-line power features such as headrest and lumbar support customized in high-end fabrics or leather.

Finley Power Wall Reclining Sofa with Headrest & Lumbar


 The Finley Power Wall Reclining Sofa with Headrest and Lumbar fits the bill with modern lines, sleek track arms and a tall foam back that gives it a neat and structured look. The ultra-plush chaise seat and legrest cradle the body in a continuous zone of comfort. 


This high-end model with a convenient control panel to activate the backs and legrests, power headrests, and power lumbar supports has a starting price of $5,179. 


Finley fabric Power Sofa


Options & Upgrades that Affect Cost

Take some time to investigate your choices so that your new sofa doesn’t just suit your home; it suits your way of living.


La-Z-Boy offers many options and upgrades, so your new sofa is handcrafted to your specifications. With so many fabrics and leathers to choose from, and design details like nail heads, leg styles, wood finishes, and welt trims, you can make your sofa unique.


Any customization or upgrade added to your chosen model will often increase your sofa’s final price. These additional costs vary depending on how extensive the upgrade or customization may be.


You have the option to:


  •  Choose specific upholstery
    (upgrade fabric, leather, high performance iClean™): Up to $1,400
  • Customize wood finish $70
  • Welt trim pillows: $60-120
  • Contrasting welt on sofa $150+
  • Upgrade with additional reclining options: $70 – $350
  • Upgrade to power: $200 – $1,000 / per seat
  • Add power headrests: $500/ per seat
  • Add a console for storage & beverages: $20-$40
  • Seat cushion upgrade: $150 – $900
  • Add decorative pillows: $90 – $400
  • Turn your sofa into a sofa bed: $700
  • Upgrade your sofa bed supreme comfort mattress to a SlumberAir or Memory Foam mattresses: $700
  • Cordless freedom – optional rechargeable battery pack: $300 - $600
Additional Costs After Purchase

When it's all said and done, there are a few things you should keep in mind then just the cost of the sofa itself. 

Additional Warranty


Purchasing the perfect sofa is a significant investment. Reclining and power sofas especially have many moving parts. That is why it’s vital to protect that purchase and ensure that a warranty plan covers your new sofa. 


La-Z-Boy products are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty covering 1-3 years of damage caused by manufacturer error or workmanship. 


At an extra cost, you may consider purchasing La-Z-Boy’s additional, comprehensive service protection plan that covers up to 5 years of accidental damage.


The cost of the plan is contingent on furniture pricing. For example, if you paid between $1500-$2000 for your new sofa, the additional warranty would cost $199.


Learn more about the furniture protection plan offered by La-Z-Boy in the Ottawa/Kingston area.



While you may be ready to sink into your new sofa today, you may want to check your pocketbook first. To afford a new sofa, customers often finance this purchase and pay it off over time. 


Financing is a great way to enjoy the comfort of a sofa now while taking off the strain of having to pay right away. Depending on the financing plan you choose and how long you take to pay it off, this option could result in additional fees.


To learn more about furniture financing, check out the article Furniture Financing: Everything You Need to Know

Delivery Costs


Sofas just won’t fit in the back of even the largest SUV; therefore, they often require delivery service.  


La-Z-Boy offers a white glove delivery service that includes set up, assembly, rearranging furniture, and disposal of old furniture at an additional cost. 

At La-Z-Boy, local Ottawa & Kingston delivery costs $129.99, and out-of-town delivery costs $169.99. For an additional fee of $25 per furniture piece, we can assist with either moving out old furniture from different rooms or bringing it to the curb.

Additionally, we offer the option to dispose of any old furniture in a local landfill at an extra charge of $50 / per furniture seat. 

To learn more about delivery at La-Z-Boy, check out our delivery service page: La-Z-Boy Ottawa and Kingston Furniture Delivery Service.


Ready to Find Your Perfect Sofa?


There is no doubt buying a new sofa is a big decision and investment. After reading this article, you should now have a good understanding of what sofas we offer at La-Z-Boy and how much you can expect to spend on this essential living room centrepiece.


With your budget set and your pocketbook prepped, it is time to start shopping!


To continue your research and discover if a La-Z-Boy sofa is right for you, take a look at our sofa product page.


Once you are ready, visit us at one of our local Ottawa or Kingston La-Z-Boy locations to experience the sofas in person and test-drive our power options. If you prefer, you also have the opportunity to schedule an in-store appointment or video consultation.


Our knowledgeable design consults look forward to answering your questions and helping you find the perfect sofa that will fit comfortably and seamlessly into your home.

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