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6 Common Problems with Lift Recliners at La-Z-Boy (& Solutions)

March 14, 2023

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If you have mobility issues or muscle pain, you might have had the opportunity to purchase a lift recliner. 

Along with the ability to recline effortlessly at the touch of a button, power lift recliners offer additional comfort than regular power recliners. They are designed to lift you up from a seated position.

At La-Z-Boy, while we are known for our high-quality selection of Lift Chairs, we also realize we are not perfect. This is why we must acknowledge that problems will inevitably happen with any furniture piece.

While not a regular occurrence, customers have expressed issues with their lift recliners to Storm Shields, the head supervisor of La-Z-Boy's Service Department.

Along with Storm’s helpful advice, here are some of the problems that may occur with lift recliners in general, as well as solutions to these problems for any lift chair at La-Z-Boy.

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In This Article…

  1. Power Lift Recliners Are Expensive 
  2. Power Mechanism
  3. Lift Chair Remote
  4. Fabric Wear and Tear
  5. Lift Chair Height Issues 
  6. Weakens Your Muscles


1. Power Lift Recliners Are Expensive

Addressing the elephant in the room, some customers shopping at La-Z-Boy have shown concern about power lift recliners being too expensive. “When I was working as a design consultant there were some customers concerned that they couldn’t afford what they were hoping to purchase,” Storm says. 

A price difference of $1,500 separates La-Z-Boy's lift recliners from their regular recliners, which could be a considerable expense for some customers and not an ideal one to bear.


Lift reclinerHowever, there is a solution to this problem. In general, lift recliners will be more expensive than regular recliners because of the difference in power mechanisms involved in creating these pieces. 

These power mechanisms are meant to last a long time since those using them will rely on their functions for, in some cases, the rest of their lives.

If you cannot pay for a lift chair upfront, some furniture stores offer financing options, which allow you to pay for larger prices in a set number of smaller increments. At La-Z-Boy, we have furniture financing options thanks to Flexiti Financing.

La-Z-Boy’s lift recliners, along with the rest of our furniture, are made with high-quality materials that are meant to last a long time.  If you’re looking to invest in one of our lift recliners, it is important to know which one is best for you. 

Our power lift recliners are divided into 4 different tier lists, each with various functionalities. These include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. With each functionality added, the more expensive your lift recliner will be. So, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, our series of bronze power lift recliners might be right for you.


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2. Power Lift Recliner Mechanism Won't Work

S80i_MILLER_2BL-792_Q194072Similar to some situations with our regular Power Recliners, Storm has had customers express concerns about the power mechanisms failing on their power lift recliners. “This is the most common issue I hear about needing replacements,” She says.

Though it may not always happen, some power mechanisms can malfunction over time. When referring to power mechanisms, Storm mentions the lift motor and the power recline feature not working for some people. 

Some have even complained about their power recliners sounding too noisy, with lift chairs having the most noise to them due to their many functionalities. In rare cases, Storm states that some customers have even said there is a “shaking sensation” when the recliner lifts them up.

This could either be from the motor working overtime or because the feature has weakened after a certain point.


Because the motor of a power lift recliner is a key component, this would make it a priority for La-Z-Boy’s service team to have easy replacement solutions.

Although covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty for an initial 3 years, most key components to furniture pieces are also covered under La-Z-Boy’s 5-Year Extended Protection Plan.

This, fortunately, includes any power reclining mechanisms and power lift motors that may need replacing. If you are not protected under this warranty and would need a power motor replaced, it is still possible, but you will need to spend a little bit extra. 

Storm says that a new power motor can cost around $100-$300, depending on the power lift series.


3. Power Lift Chair Remote Stopped Working

S8k_CLAYTONLIFT_1HM-562_D160454Power remotes are the key to using your power lift recliner’s full capabilities. How else would you be able to recline, use the adjustable headrest and lumbar or the lift function?

Like the electronic mechanisms malfunctioning, Storm says that power remotes are a common issue that she hears needing replacement. “Sometimes it’s just one button not working anymore but other times it can be the whole remote that stops completely,” she says.

This can happen for several reasons, one factor being most likely the batteries dying. 




The first thing we recommend before contacting our service team is to check whether the issue requires new batteries. If this is not the case, the solution is similar to the last one. If you’ve bought the extended protection plan from La-Z-Boy, you can ask for a replacement if your remote has stopped working in any way.


4. Fabric Wear and Tear On Power Lift Recliners

Wear and tear are common on most furniture pieces, but maybe more so with power lift recliners. Since those using power lift recliners may use this furniture piece for a stretch of hours, you might notice your fabric wearing out faster.

After a certain time, fabric is known to wear out, creating Fabric Pilling as well as stains from spills and, unfortunately, incontinence issues.

Storm says, “Because lift chairs are a motion furniture piece, upholstery wear and tears happen naturally since the material is moving around, creating friction.” 

Common friction points include in between the back and seat cushions, as well as typical touch points like arms and leg rests. This would mean that these places are more susceptible to wear and tear.

So, why not go for leather? After all, leather is known to be more durable, flexible and sustainable than fabric. Even though leather is available, it is not recommended for lift recliners at La-Z-Boy. 

This is because leather creates more of a slippery surface, causing users to potentially harm themselves when lifting up.

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Storm says that the reason why users may experience more frequent wear and tear in their lift recliners is that they use them more frequently than their other furniture. However, preventing this problem is the same as any regular recliner.

Because lift chairs are meant to last a long time, the type of fabric used to create lift recliners can be at a higher grade. This means that the fabric used will last longer than regular recliners.

What’s more, some furniture stores offer specialty fabrics that can help enhance the feel and durability of your furniture. At La-Z-Boy, there are many specialty fabrics to choose from, including…

  • Stain Resistant Covers: Innovative iClean Technology surrounds each fabric and leather fibre, creating a barrier that repels spills before turning into stains.
  • Pet-Friendly Fabric: Tested and formulated to withstand the scratches and wear that a pet can cause to ensure a durable and easily washable fabric.
  • Antimicrobial Covers: Antimicrobial properties surround each fibre to protect against mould, mildew, and odour-causing bacteria.
  • Performance: Superior stain and fade resistance properties make fabrics easy to clean and incredibly durable.
  • Eco-Friendly: Conserve Sustainable Fabrics are soft, durable and made from recycled water bottles.
  • Energy Restoration: Restore by Nanobionic® features a mineral-based fabric coating that transforms natural body heat into energy using infrared technology.

Every La-Z-Boy fabric is covered under the standard warranty for 1-3 years, depending on the type of fabric. If your lift recliner does experience fabric wear and tear, you can always reupholster your furniture.


5. Lift Chair Height Issues

Beyond the scope of normality, in terms of common problems, some users may complain that their lift recliner might not be able to lift high enough for their liking.

Although considered a rare complaint, some users may feel as though they are too short or too tall for their furniture after a couple of sits. Perhaps your legs are dangling off the ground, or your head reaches over the headrest of your chair?

If this is the case, your furniture might not compliment you correctly. 


Even though Storm has never encountered this problem herself, she does have a preventative measure in mind. A physical measurement, to be exact!

At La-Z-Boy, we recommend a sit test before purchasing your desired furniture. The main goal of this test is to guarantee that your furniture best complements your body type

Our design consultant makes sure that your legs reach the floor and that your head is at the appropriate spot on the back seat. 

With recliners, you can also test out how far out the leg rest goes and where your feet lie. And with lift recliners, you can make sure that your feet are always on the ground when being lifted up.

To learn more about Finding the Right Recliner Size For You, take a look at this article.

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6. Lift Recliners Can Weaken Your Muscles

The last problem we will cover is the argument that lift recliners have a tendency to weaken your muscles. 

Although lift recliners are meant to help with mobility, some people think that using one might make things worse.

Since you’re not using certain muscles as much, those parts of your body start to weaken over time because you are relying on your furniture to do the work for you.

 So, are lift chairs actually bad for you, or is that just a mistaken idea some people have?


While you may think lift recliners can weaken muscles, this is actually not the case. The relation between weakening muscles and using your lift chair often is unrelated to health conditions.

Lift chairs actually help encourage users to lift themselves independently up from their furniture without any pain or difficulty. Depending on the medical issue, some people may need a lift chair because they feel winded from getting up too fast. 

Further, some doctors even recommend lift chairs to their patients, helping them cover some of the cost. Lift chairs can be Tax Deductible, which you can learn more about in this article. 

What's Next?

Whenever there’s a problem with your furniture, there is always a solution out there. Be sure to check out any resource possible to see what you can do if a problem occurs.

If you ever have a problem with your La-Z-Boy lift recliner or any furniture item we sell, do not hesitate to contact any of our Ottawa & Kingston Locations. Our Service Department can always lend a helping hand.

If you have a problem with other furniture items, here are some other helpful articles with solutions:

Additionally, our design consultants are eager to assist you in finding the ideal furniture for your home. If you are furnishing a new room, consider taking advantage of our interior design services by coming in-store or by scheduling an appointment online.

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