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Review of Cyan Home Decor at La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston

December 14, 2022

Review of Cyan at La-Z-Boy

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Looking for home decor items that’ll help rejuvenate your home? Perhaps you already have some decor accessories that are perfect for your room. But, thanks to La-Z-Boy’s Home Decor Selections, we can help make your home look better than ever.

La-Z-Boy has many decor brands that you can browse in our stores. One of the decor brands, named Cyan, just so happens to be the subject of today’s article.

Not only does Cyan manufacture and distribute furniture, but they also offer a  wide variety of decor items that complement many different styles of furniture.

With that being said, what does Cyan manufacture in terms of decor, and what are the types of items you can shop for at La-Z-Boy?

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In This Article…

  1. About Cyan
  2. Cyan Home Decor Selections
  3. Where It Is Made
  4. Cost
  5. Warranty
  6. Cyan at La-Z-Boy


About Cyan

Cyan is an American-based home decor company that has been an industry-leading brand for over a decade. Known for its vast stock and innovative home accessories, Cyan creates uniquely bold designs at moderate prices. 

It is important to clarify that Cyan is a manufacturer of home furniture and decor that distributes its products to retailers like La-Z-Boy. With this, you can purchase Cyan products from select retailers but not from Cyan directly. 

Over the years, Cyan has expanded its home decor selections to include items that complement many different looks and tastes. Their intent since day one is to “Create beautiful objects for beautiful lives.”

Since Cyan is a leading interior design brand,  the company is known for creating designs for personal homes and commercial businesses.


Cyan Home Decor Selections

Home DecorEvery year, Cyan does its best to introduce new home decor and furniture-related products to help keep its eclectic styles distinctive and fresh.

Among some of the home decor products, Cyan’s main focus is centred on unique tabletop accessories that you can find on coffee tables or shelves to help liven up those areas of your room. 

You will also notice tall sculptures that can be put on display in any corner of your home. Each product contains unique materials that help complement the unique design of each decor accessory. Some of them even help complement niche designs that cater to specific tastes.

The list below shows the type of products Cyan carries. These products can be found at any of our La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston Locations:

  • Decor Accessories & Sculptures
  • Lighting (Lamps, Chandeliers, etc.)
  • Mirrors
  • Candle Holders (Lanterns, Sconces, Votives, etc.)
  • Artwork
  • Glass Art (Bowls, Spheres, Sculptures, Vases)

Some of the materials used in the design of the decor items include metal, ceramic, glass, pottery, and wood. These materials help diversify Cyan’s items to help cater to all sorts of tastes, such as mid-century modern, french country, traditional, contemporary, coastal, and transitional.

If you want to learn more about the different Furniture Styles at La-Z-Boy, take a look at this article.


Where It Is Made

Like La-Z-Boy, Cyan also uses high-quality materials to craft its furniture with high attention to detail. 

Since Cyan is an American-made brand, it is only fitting that its headquarters is in an American state. The current main offices and warehouses are located in Fort Worth, Texas, each with over 700,000 square feet of land

Cyan also has three showrooms located in Fort Worth, Dallas, and Las Vegas. These showrooms are not open to the general public but are available for those who are associated with a furniture retail partner.



In terms of price, Cyan products have original designs and are made with high-quality materials and construction methods. With this, Cyan products tend to supply high-quality furniture stores and carry a moderate price tag, as mentioned before. 

Since Cyan is a supplier, the exact price of its products will depend on the furniture retailer. 

At La-Z-Boy, our products also fall within this expensive price range due to the quality of craftsmanship and materials used to make our furniture. With this, the quality of Cyan decor items is a perfect fit for the La-Z-Boy selection.

To get a better idea of the cost of Cyan products sold at La-Z-Boy, check out the following price ranges: 

Decor Item



$400 - $3,000


$250 - $1,000


$350 - $1,200

Decor Accessories

$100 - $500



Similar to the cost of Cyan products, the warranty of Cyan home decor depends on the furniture retailer. Cyan products sold at La-Z-Boy fall under La-Z-Boy’s standard 1-year manufacturer warranty

This warranty covers any delivery damages and manufacturer defects, including wood damage, glass shatters, and lighting issues. 

Since Cyan works to transport these decor items from across the border from the U.S., Cyan’s suppliers deal with any service problems that their products may have.

To learn more about La-Z-Boy’s Service Department, take a look at our step-by-step process.



Regarding the delivery of Cyan home decor items at La-Z-Boy, the lead time will not take as long as furniture items. 

If the decor item is in stock at any of our Ottawa or Kingston showrooms, such as a vase, lamps, pieces of artwork, and other small items, you can purchase the item and take it home directly from the store.

However, if the product that you may have seen online is not in our showrooms, you may be out of luck in getting that item. 

According to La-Z-Boy’s merchandising team, American suppliers like Cyan only get ordered twice a year and get put into the La-Z-Boy showrooms afterward. 

If you’re looking to order products you cannot see in-store, Canadian brands like Renwil and Surya will have products that you can order using the in-store catalogues.

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Cyan at La-Z-Boy

Home DecorAs mentioned before, La-Z-Boy showcases many Cyan products in our Ottawa & Kingston Locations. This includes tabletop accessories, artwork, mirrors, lighting, and sculptures.

If you see a product that piques your interest, make sure to ask a Design Consultant or Interior Designer for assistance. They can answer your questions about any Cyan products found on the floor or help you browse the complete Cyan product catalogue. 

If you’re searching for home decor items specifically, we recommend taking advantage of our complimentary Interior Design Services

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La-Z-Boy’s interior designers share access to many different product catalogues, including Cyan’s product catalogues. With such a wide selection, an Interior Designer can help you find the perfect decor products that will suit your home and feed into your personal style.

To get in touch with an Interior Designer, make sure to book an appointment online or schedule a visit in-person. To learn more about La-Z-Boy’s Interior Design Services, take a look at our step-by-step process.

What's Next?

Now that you have more knowledge about Cyan as a company, as well as the products offered at La-Z-Boy, now is the time to explore those products for yourself!

La-Z-Boy has a variety of furniture products to choose from that will match your Cyan home decor selections. As mentioned before, take advantage of our interior design services to see how our home decor could fit into your home design. 

Visit any of our local Ottawa & Kingston locations or schedule a visit before coming in. We look forward to helping you out with your home decor and furniture needs!

To learn more about our La-Z-Boy furniture products, take a look at some of our best-selling products below: 

If you’re looking for more inspiration from Cyan, check out this year’s CHEO Dream Home Catalogue.

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